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There will be a General Election on Thursday 4 July. This means that Parliament has to be dissolved and that all parliamentary business – including petitions – will stop.

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1,411 petitions

  1. Immediate review and reform of the education system

    37 signatures

  2. Introduce Mandatory Identity Cards for Teenagers Aged 14 and Above

    21 signatures

  3. Create a voucher scheme for bras and breast prostheses

    381 signatures

  4. Withdraw guidance recommending ban on mobile phones in schools

    16 signatures

  5. Free Travel for Children Accompanied by Adults

    19 signatures

  6. Introduce specific penalties for middle and outer lane hogging on the motorway

    18 signatures

  7. Ban animal traps, snares and poison that injure or kill animals

    120 signatures

  8. Change the law on Cross Border Hire of taxis and private hire vehicles

    7,587 signatures

  9. Ban the use of farrowing crates

    19 signatures

  10. Review UK-Pakistan relations

    513 signatures

  11. Change the Civil Service Nationality Rules to cover Ukrainian Nationals

    8 signatures

  12. Remove Permitted Development Rights for all additional street infrastructure

    1,182 signatures

  13. Outlaw restrictions on prayer at work and in education

    15 signatures

  14. Ban local authorities from using education settings as polling stations

    19 signatures

  15. Reverse the decision to allow Ofsted one-word judgements to remain.

    755 signatures

  16. Require schools to allow students to have access to the toilet at any time

    62 signatures

  17. Fund improved care and support for individuals with FASD

    213 signatures

  18. Give parents/guardians a right to access social media accounts of their children

    58,422 signatures

  19. Allow Moldovans to exchange driving licences for UK driving licence

    22 signatures

  20. Require joint debts be split 50/50 in event of separation

    50 signatures

  21. Fund breast cancer mammogram screening from age 25

    23 signatures

  22. Require MPs to evidence all contributions in Parliament and introduce penalties

    850 signatures

  23. Do not ban transgender people from receiving care in mainstream hospital wards

    15,359 signatures

  24. Ensure every Jobcentre has a private room for interviews by the end of 2024

    129 signatures

  25. Require schools in different areas to have different half-term dates

    18 signatures

  26. Create a statutory regulator for senior managers in the NHS

    17 signatures

  27. Immediately Reintroduce Private Parking Code of Practice

    373 signatures

  28. Ban NDAs & confidentiality clauses for bullying, discrimination & harassment

    2,969 signatures

  29. Require explicit consent for selling and sharing, for money, any personal data

    63 signatures

  30. Work internationally to help ensure aid reaches Gaza by sea

    144 signatures

  31. Ban all lab-grown meat

    39 signatures

  32. Create a shoe donation/refund scheme for people with different-sized feet

    28 signatures

  33. End PIP reassessments for people with life-long conditions

    2,398 signatures

  34. Introduce nationwide fines for non-recycling and ban plastic food packaging/bags

    19 signatures

  35. Stop giving accommodation, financial support & healthcare to illegal immigrants

    5,929 signatures

  36. Review and reform charity law regarding aid to allied military forces

    255 signatures

  37. Reform council tax so it is based on square footage and not value

    27 signatures

  38. Update Universal Credit payments for all claimants from date new rates apply

    194 signatures

  39. Ban on all uses of horses by the Household Cavalry and the Police

    21 signatures

  40. Require safety bollards and speed cameras outside schools and nurseries

    23 signatures

  41. Do not remove Benefits from those deemed fit to work

    59 signatures

  42. Require DNA tests to prove parentage for all child maintenance claims

    24 signatures

  43. Mandate national service for carrying a knife, with an annual knife amnesty

    178 signatures

  44. Make it a criminal offence for lenders to retain money when fraud is proven

    26 signatures

  45. Ban advertising campaigns of processed foods that are targeted at children

    20 signatures

  46. Introduce new age restrictions regarding sexual activity

    19 signatures

  47. Introduce a Magna Carta Day public holiday for England on 15 June

    38 signatures

  48. Set a cap for liquidator fees

    32 signatures

  49. Stop fines and criminal charges for taking children on holiday in term time

    85 signatures

  50. Prevent media reporting details of inquests in cases of suicide

    190 signatures

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