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  1. Bring in a Long Service Medal for NHS staff like Police, Fire, ambulance have

    21 signatures

  2. Require all dogs to be on a lead when on public pavements

    227 signatures

  3. Require numbered allergen lists on all restaurant menus

    102 signatures

  4. Increase penalties for, and improve policing of littering.

    15 signatures

  5. Allow XL Bully dogs to be exempt from any new restrictions if assessed as safe

    105 signatures

  6. Limit Members of Parliament to two terms

    12 signatures

  7. Establish an independent body to investigate parental concerns about NHS care

    16 signatures

  8. Address the delays in getting appointments for Driving Tests

    73 signatures

  9. Commit more support for Ukrainian victory against Russia’s war. Ukraine must win

    803 signatures

  10. Increase minimum wage for childcare staff. We are understaffed & overworked.

    28 signatures

  11. Ban strikes that impact children's education

    23 signatures

  12. Ban the captivity of animals in zoos in the UK

    14 signatures

  13. Separate prisons, public register, and restrictions for rapists and paedophiles

    44 signatures

  14. Give pensioners an allowance to get a mobility vehicle

    16 signatures

  15. Make noise nuisance a criminal offence so police can take action

    95 signatures

  16. Make mental health medication free on the NHS

    22 signatures

  17. Identify common needs in EHCPs and require schools to support these by default

    48 signatures

  18. Warn all those entering the UK about scams

    15 signatures

  19. Waive Indefinite Leave to Remain fees for healthcare professionals

    883 signatures

  20. Recognise parenting as a protected character to ensure equality in the workplace

    25 signatures

  21. Increase the UC Childcare Assessment Period Reimbursement in line with Schools

    17 signatures

  22. Create a national strategy to end youth homelessness

    37 signatures

  23. Stop calling uranium mined fuels "clean energy"

    400 signatures

  24. Don't require muzzles for XL Bullies - Not humane nor fair!

    159 signatures

  25. Ban all flavoured vapes

    82 signatures

  26. Remove parental rights & name from birth certificate for serious sexual offence

    48 signatures

  27. Increase protections for clearing of wildlife habitats

    49 signatures

  28. Free prescriptions for people who cannot afford it on low incomes

    18 signatures

  29. Establish a Comission to investigate extortionate Car Insurance price rises

    160 signatures

  30. Change the High Income Child Benefit charge to a higher or a household threshold

    21 signatures

  31. Scrap student loans for tuition fees for nursing students from 2017 until 2020

    86 signatures

  32. Ban alcohol adverts on social media and offers on alcohol by retailers

    25 signatures

  33. Require phenylalanine be included in nutritional information on food and drinks

    374 signatures

  34. Fund education and support before and after birth on postpartum risks

    17 signatures

  35. Raise the age of consent for sex from 16 to 18

    41 signatures

  36. Remove tuition fees and replace maintenance loans with grants and a graduate tax

    12 signatures

  37. Increase funding for art departments in primary schools

    14 signatures

  38. Create an AU Pair Specific visa in the UK

    29 signatures

  39. Make Universal Credit standard allowance the same for under and over 25

    17 signatures

  40. Reverse cuts to higher education arts funding

    32 signatures

  41. Require planning fees be ringfenced for planning services

    78 signatures

  42. Set up a scheme to pay for neutering/spaying American XL Bully dogs

    108 signatures

  43. Ban sporting authorities fining under 18s

    167 signatures

  44. Extend cigarette packaging rules to e-cigarettes

    72 signatures

  45. Require prominent labelling for halal and kosher certified items

    230 signatures

  46. Fund extra support for teenagers with poor mental health or who are neurodiverse

    87 signatures

  47. Stop applying VAT to bras.

    126 signatures

  48. Increase punishments for owners in dog attacks

    32 signatures

  49. Require cyclists display registration, pay road tax and have insurance

    115 signatures

  50. Remove UK spouse visa financial requirement and fees for long term marriages

    50 signatures

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