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  1. Ban the use of Larsen Traps which cause great suffering to corvids

    6,464 signatures

  2. Outlaw the choosing of the Prime Minister by party members who are not MPs

    6,460 signatures

  3. Return the retirement age of Prison Officers to 60. 68 is too late.

    6,456 signatures

  4. Encourage greater awareness of the impact of facial palsy in the UK

    6,323 signatures

  5. Abolish imprisonment as a penalty for non-payment of Council Tax.

    6,256 signatures

  6. Hold a Public Vote of No Confidence in the Administration of the United Kingdom

    6,088 signatures

  7. Give us the option to get our driving licence with out the Union Jack flag.

    5,946 signatures

  8. " Mandatory for all hospital theatres to evacuate diathermy tissue smoke plume"

    5,946 signatures

  9. Police Officers to have mandatory training in autism and learning disability

    5,927 signatures

  10. Keep May 4th 2020 as a bank holiday

    5,891 signatures

  11. End harmful policies towards refugees and migrants in Libya

    5,676 signatures

  12. Hold a public inquiry into the UK Govt's handling of Brexit since 24th June 2016

    5,546 signatures

  13. All halal and kosher certified products to be prominently labelled

    5,526 signatures

  14. Introduce national pay scales and terms of employment for Teaching Assistants.

    5,447 signatures

  15. Government to set a deadline to ban the use of fossil fuels for energy/transport

    5,259 signatures

  16. Give Mandatory Custodial Sentences for anyone desecrating a War Memorial

    5,213 signatures

  17. Say no to another EU Referendum aka "Peoples Vote"

    5,137 signatures

  18. Make the sale and use of glue traps illegal

    4,980 signatures

  19. Change sentencing guidelines for causing death by careless or dangerous driving

    4,957 signatures

  20. Do not allow a second referendum on Scottish Independence

    4,837 signatures

  21. Stop privatisation of NHS services

    4,736 signatures

  22. Public areas & Food places to have Epi Pens for food allergies

    4,691 signatures

  23. Parliament should stop a 'no-deal' Brexit

    4,614 signatures

  24. Make Solar Panels mandatory for all new homes that are built from 2020 onwards

    4,530 signatures

  25. Ban shorting of London AIM stocks.

    4,410 signatures

  26. Debate petitions with over 1,000,000 signature in the main chamber.

    4,264 signatures

  27. To ban political parties from receiving donations from oil gas or coal interests

    4,247 signatures

  28. Increase the penalty for developers and landowners who remove trees illegally.

    4,209 signatures

  29. To hold a general election when there is a change of Prime Minister in office.

    4,156 signatures

  30. Revoke the BBC's royal charter.

    4,113 signatures

  31. Make an exception for brass bands to not require a Child Performance Licence

    4,010 signatures

  32. Allow motorcyclists with a valid CBT (aged 17+) to have up to a 300cc.

    3,999 signatures

  33. Require routine checks for newborns for the condition of ankyloglossia.

    3,992 signatures

  34. The Commons should have the chance on or before 12 March to revoke Article 50

    3,979 signatures

  35. Charlie’s Law: require all bicycles to be sold with working lights.

    3,867 signatures

  36. Declare a Climate Emergency, end fossil fuel use and build community resilience.

    3,860 signatures

  37. Stop counselling notes of rape survivors being used in court.

    3,834 signatures

  38. Attacks on homeless people, should be classed as a hate crime

    3,780 signatures

  39. Make the availability of a multi-faith prayer room compulsory at all schools.

    3,760 signatures

  40. Make it easier for parents to act as deputy into adulthood

    3,735 signatures

  41. Provide Capital Funding to Build a New Hospital in Grantham, Linconshire.

    3,667 signatures

  42. Abolish the house of lords

    3,643 signatures

  43. Newly Qualified Paramedics should receive Band 6 salary in line with equal pay.

    3,634 signatures

  44. Remove compulsory lepto vaccine from dog breeding licence

    3,512 signatures

  45. Take diplomatic action against China for not respecting Hong Kong agreement

    3,504 signatures

  46. Government should agree to implement Infected Blood Inquiry recommendations

    3,486 signatures

  47. Revoke the use of 'Acoustic/Noise' Camera's on British Roads.

    3,389 signatures

  48. Make it illegal to change a pets microchip without the existing owners consent

    3,373 signatures

  49. Drug testing for Members of Parliament.

    3,363 signatures

  50. Ban retrospective, retroactive or back dated taxation!

    3,329 signatures

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