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  1. Increase sentences and create a public database for dog cruelty offenders

    4,150 signatures

  2. Reverse Government plans to abolish the Furnished Holiday Lettings tax regime

    4,122 signatures

  3. Reform legislation to better protect horses and riders from dogs

    4,096 signatures

  4. Commission an inquiry into UK Arms trade with Israel

    4,048 signatures

  5. Extend health and safety legislation to cover armed forces personnel overseas

    4,029 signatures

  6. Hold the next General Election on 2nd May 2024

    3,963 signatures

  7. Fund increased pay for Teaching Assistants

    3,881 signatures

  8. Fund routine genetic testing in pregnancy

    3,790 signatures

  9. Introduce regular drug testing for MPs and ban alcohol in Parliament

    3,750 signatures

  10. Consider chronic UTIs in Women’s Health Strategy

    3,615 signatures

  11. Enact stricter final effluent standards to protect water from pollutants

    3,404 signatures

  12. Reform e-petitions - referendum at 500k, no word limits, immediate publication

    3,300 signatures

  13. Make bleed kit training part of the school curriculum in secondary school

    3,195 signatures

  14. Create a 'Homes for Palestine' scheme so Palestinians can seek safety in the UK

    3,087 signatures

  15. Make Mental Health First Aid a Compulsory Part of Teacher Training

    3,068 signatures

  16. Donate Tranche 1 Typhoon aircraft to Ukraine instead of stripping for parts

    3,064 signatures

  17. Hold a Public Inquiry into the shortage of ADHD medication

    3,031 signatures

  18. Make calling for Jihad a specific terrorist offence

    3,023 signatures

  19. Implement the planned MOD's New Accommodation Offer, which is due in March 2024

    3,012 signatures

  20. Cancel increase to minimum income requirement for Skilled Worker and Family visa

    3,007 signatures

  21. Require local authorities to provide public toilets

    2,902 signatures

  22. Exempt international students from increased wage rules for Skilled Worker visas

    2,793 signatures

  23. Ban local authorities imposing 20mph speed limits on major roads

    2,785 signatures

  24. Recall the Royal Navy and RAF deployed to support Israel

    2,774 signatures

  25. Require hospitals to permit partners to stay overnight with new birth givers

    2,728 signatures

  26. NHS dental nurses to be entitled to an NHS pension

    2,726 signatures

  27. Create an independent body to develop education, health and care (EHC) plans

    2,719 signatures

  28. Make it unlawful for Government business to be conducted by private message apps

    2,717 signatures

  29. A law prohibiting the placement of illegal migrants within 3 miles of a school

    2,714 signatures

  30. Implement a social energy tariff for disabled and financially vulnerable people

    2,704 signatures

  31. Prioritise the reintroduction and translocation of species

    2,700 signatures

  32. Review prescribing of topical corticosteroids

    2,689 signatures

  33. End the UK’s adoption of UN Agenda 2030 & the 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

    2,688 signatures

  34. Remove pack of hounds exemption from s1 of Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act

    2,687 signatures

  35. Introduce new air quality and PPE rules for health and social care settings

    2,677 signatures

  36. Seek to agree a Touring Music Visa Scheme with the EU

    2,672 signatures

  37. Replace ban on certain dog breeds with licences, muzzles and leads for all dogs

    2,660 signatures

  38. Provide more funding for in-training counselling psychologists working in NHS

    2,602 signatures

  39. Ensure student nurses are paid whilst they are on clinical placement

    2,506 signatures

  40. Make factory farms illegal

    2,464 signatures

  41. Fund increased care and support for people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

    2,369 signatures

  42. Do not suspend Universal Credit payments while reviewing claims

    2,329 signatures

  43. Compensate all infected blood victims and their families without delay

    2,310 signatures

  44. Reduce VAT for the hospitality sector to no more than 10%

    2,267 signatures

  45. Extend rights to home fee status for Children of Turkish Workers/Businesspersons

    2,176 signatures

  46. Impose a moratorium on the building of new waste incineration plants

    2,173 signatures

  47. Ban all online sales of cats and dogs

    2,172 signatures

  48. Allow an extension for neutering XL Bully dogs with certain medical conditions

    2,171 signatures

  49. Launch an urgent judge-led public inquiry into the 'XL Bully' ban

    2,124 signatures

  50. Give parents/carers/guardians of SEND people rights to attend decision panels

    2,082 signatures

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