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  1. Support the secession of Catalonia from The Kingdom of Spain

    1,997 signatures

  2. Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to "Hate Speech" laws

    1,970 signatures

  3. Make it illegal for any MP to lie in parliament or knowingly deceive the public.

    1,946 signatures

  4. UK retailers to label all meat non-halal or halal so all religions have a choice

    1,941 signatures

  5. Parliament must debate whether the PM should disclose any offshore interests.

    1,902 signatures

  6. To allow Christopher Maurice Brown (singer) to be allowed into the UK

    1,873 signatures

  7. Recognise nonbinary people in law

    1,866 signatures

  8. Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

    1,809 signatures

  9. Put General Practitioners on the Home Office's 'Shortage Occupation List'

    1,803 signatures

  10. Improve Availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferers

    1,782 signatures

  11. Return Scottish devolved powers to UK Government and Parliament

    1,755 signatures

  12. Correct the flaws in our First-Past-The-Post voting system.

    1,748 signatures

  13. Make Helmet Therapy for Babies free on the NHS.

    1,730 signatures

  14. Endometriosis awareness campaign for women aged between 14-18 in Education

    1,702 signatures

  15. Stop plans to exempt vehicles more than 40 years old from roadworthiness tests

    1,685 signatures

  16. Maximum 30 day wait for anyone needing counselling for mental health issues

    1,663 signatures

  17. The undersigned demand the following terms are included in any UK Brexit deal.

    1,639 signatures

  18. Introduce the British Empire as a mandatory part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum

    1,620 signatures

  19. Give the blood bike community section 19 exemptions for blue light runs

    1,617 signatures

  20. Make it mandatory all processed meat products carry a Government health warning

    1,549 signatures

  21. Require HMRC to separate out the cost of Brexit on personal tax statements.

    1,540 signatures

  22. Make parking of ICE vehicles at EV charging points a more serious offence

    1,531 signatures

  23. Make Parental Alienation a Criminal act that can carry a custodial sentence.

    1,525 signatures

  24. Ban greyhound racing, and all exports of dogs to any country including the eu

    1,502 signatures

  25. Ban animal testing (vivisection) in the UK completely

    1,497 signatures

  26. Urge the Government to support the construction of a Sudbury bypass.

    1,456 signatures

  27. Stop the proposed Warrington Western Link

    1,446 signatures

  28. Call for a British Government apology for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919

    1,442 signatures

  29. President Trump should be given a Full State Visit

    1,398 signatures

  30. Ban the sale of live small animals in pet shops and garden centres in the UK

    1,369 signatures

  31. Stop The Genocide In Myanmar - UK Government Please Help!

    1,352 signatures

  32. Make Houses of Parliament alcohol free.

    1,344 signatures

  33. Mandate that patients are told if their NHS referral is to a private provider.

    1,333 signatures

  34. Make General Practice recognised as a specialism in the UK

    1,290 signatures

  35. Change law and tax rules to ensure equal pay for equal work for agency workers

    1,202 signatures

  36. The MCA must send launch request to RNLI when fishing boats are reported overdue

    1,198 signatures

  37. Reduce student loan interest to an affordable 1% over base rate.

    1,180 signatures

  38. Debate: The EU referendum is now invalid due to demographic changes over time.

    1,166 signatures

  39. Make the maximum wait for CAMHS assesments no more than 6 months.

    1,135 signatures

  40. Raise Statutory Sick Pay for Cancer suffers to minimal wage& extend to 52 weeks.

    1,112 signatures

  41. Ban the sale of White poppies alongside the British Legion red poppy campaign.

    1,097 signatures

  42. Stop The Closure Of Darlington A&E

    1,075 signatures

  43. Change the law so that rape can be classed as a terrorist offence

    1,043 signatures

  44. End the Help to Buy scheme and instead direct this funding into social housing

    1,033 signatures

  45. Introduce interim “pub cap” and a full review of the business rate system

    1,031 signatures

  46. Change the law to get justice for unborn babies killed in the womb during RTA's

    1,013 signatures

  47. Make the teaching of Sexual consent compulsory In schools

    995 signatures

  48. Allow Scotland to host a second referendum for Scottish Independence.

    983 signatures

  49. That Parliament should not agree to the UK being part of an EU defence force.

    978 signatures

  50. Amend PIP rules so that mentally disabled adults can get a Blue Parking Badge.

    977 signatures

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