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  1. Introduce Voter ID in every UK constituency for all Local & General Elections

    15,121 signatures

  2. Amnesty for UK undocumented immigrants in this COVID-19 World pandemic

    14,945 signatures

  3. Extend proposed Graduate visa route to 2019-20 batch of students due to COVID19

    14,405 signatures

  4. Suspend sanctions against Iran for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic

    14,368 signatures

  5. Support British Food Producers by ensuring that marks of origin remain

    14,011 signatures

  6. Make cannabis legal for recreational use for ages 21+

    13,550 signatures

  7. Pay long-term supply teachers and support staff during mandatory closures.

    13,051 signatures

  8. Automatically grant indefinite leave to remain for parents of British citizens

    13,047 signatures

  9. Hold a public inquiry into the 2016 EU membership referendum

    12,775 signatures

  10. Do not enforce a compulsory quarantine on people arriving in the UK

    12,466 signatures

  11. Give holiday caravan/lodge owners the same statutory protection as mobile homes.

    12,457 signatures

  12. Lockdown breaches by Government officials must be treated as Gross Misconduct

    12,159 signatures

  13. Change the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 28th February.

    12,115 signatures

  14. Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.

    11,846 signatures

  15. Impose sanctions on China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims

    11,752 signatures

  16. Make nurseries exempt from business rates to support the childcare sector

    11,184 signatures

  17. Stop the Building of the Nuclear Power Plan at Bradwell on Sea

    11,021 signatures

  18. Business Rate Relief to be extended to all small businesses in healthcare.

    10,766 signatures

  19. To block Huawei equipment to be used in 5G network

    10,597 signatures

  20. Bring back the death penalty

    10,396 signatures

  21. Abolish the mandatory 0.7% GDP Foreign Aid target and spend our money at home

    10,094 signatures

  22. Make Anti-Racism training mandatory in all UK workplaces

    9,907 signatures

  23. Stop nitrous oxide (N2O / laughing gas) abuse in our communities.

    9,829 signatures

  24. Pay bonus to all key workers

    9,708 signatures

  25. Exempt Commonwealth Service Personnel having to pay fees to remain in the UK

    9,319 signatures

  26. Call for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade on the people of Gaza

    9,028 signatures

  27. Extend Tier-4 visas and waive third-term tuition fee for international students

    9,023 signatures

  28. Reimburse tax payers for monies used to compensate slave owners

    8,791 signatures

  29. We call on DEFRA, to reinstate the ban on the use of metaldehyde slug pellets.

    8,675 signatures

  30. Scrap 'On-Demand' Postal Voting, & Create Strict Eligibility Criteria

    8,361 signatures

  31. Make hazard pay mandatory for key workers in the midst of COVID 19.

    8,320 signatures

  32. Stop Forestry England granting licenses for Fox & Hare hunts

    8,202 signatures

  33. Economic assistance for the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

    8,175 signatures

  34. Provide COVID19 financial assistance only to companies paying UK corporation tax

    7,928 signatures

  35. Introduce a form of proportional representation for all UK elections

    7,924 signatures

  36. End lockdown to prevent further economic damage to the UK’s economy.

    7,897 signatures

  37. Coroners must be lawfully obligated to statistically record veteran suicides

    7,845 signatures

  38. Permission to enter places of Worship in England U.K.

    7,757 signatures

  39. Make the 6 Nations a culturally protected event.

    7,625 signatures

  40. Reimburse nurses for student loans and fund all fees for future student nurses

    7,571 signatures

  41. Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival

    7,559 signatures

  42. Hold a referendum to scrap the UK's policy of Net Zero CO2 by 2050

    7,304 signatures

  43. Extend the Covid-19 business rates relief to cover human and animal healthcare

    7,121 signatures

  44. Add ethics to the national curriculum for primary schools

    6,862 signatures

  45. To create a public inquiry into the media reporting and presenting of the virus

    6,794 signatures

  46. Abolish Stamp Duty on all transactions during Corona Virus pandemic

    6,756 signatures

  47. Equal (50/50) rights for both parents in the event of a separation.

    6,502 signatures

  48. Provide adequate PPE equipment for medical professionals working with COVID-19

    6,436 signatures

  49. Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    6,339 signatures

  50. Indefinite Leave to Remain for NHS Staff

    5,960 signatures

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