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  1. To have a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU

    3,919 signatures

  2. Get independant panel research into vaccine damage in dogs and review protocol.

    3,894 signatures

  3. Launch an independent enquiry into the health and safety risks of 5G.

    3,754 signatures

  4. Off-Payroll: Give full rights to workers classed as ‘employed for tax purposes'

    3,639 signatures

  5. Ban UK tour agents promotion of animal attractions which fail national standards

    3,635 signatures

  6. Declare the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU null and void.

    3,629 signatures

  7. Improve outcomes for children with meningitis by auditing national guidelines.

    3,514 signatures

  8. Allow people who make a living from the land to live where they work.

    3,408 signatures

  9. To appoint independent facilitator to engage MLAs in talks and resolve impasse

    3,318 signatures

  10. Introduce licenses for Animal Rescue Centres

    3,311 signatures

  11. Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to "Hate Speech" laws

    3,096 signatures

  12. Make it law to scan microchips routinely on current & new patients at the vets.

    3,060 signatures

  13. Provide funds to reopen main road (A422) between Banbury and Brackley

    3,027 signatures

  14. Increase funding for multi-disciplinary treatment centres for FND Patients.

    2,959 signatures

  15. PM to refer ERG funding to the Independent Advisor on Minister's Interests.

    2,942 signatures

  16. Allow existing Ambulance Staff Career progression without being penalised

    2,918 signatures

  17. Ban the appalling conditions battery and barn hens are currently kept in.

    2,823 signatures

  18. Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft.

    2,818 signatures

  19. Aesthetic medical treatments to only be performed by Doctors, Nurses & Dentists

    2,790 signatures

  20. Uphold current Responsible Pharmacist rulings and reject Remote Supervision

    2,767 signatures

  21. 16 and 17 year olds to be allowed to vote in a referendum on the Brexit deal.

    2,709 signatures

  22. UK Government to raise the case of Jonathan Nash with the Qatari Government.

    2,696 signatures

  23. Georgia’s law: Require stay drug safe measures and testing at all festivals

    2,683 signatures

  24. Parliament to ban sale of mist nets except to those with an appropriate licence.

    2,675 signatures

  25. Stop rapists from accessing children conceived through rape

    2,602 signatures

  26. Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage

    2,581 signatures

  27. Make it possible for any baby to have a birth and death certificate after labour

    2,567 signatures

  28. Instruct the Government to seek an extension of Article 50

    2,466 signatures

  29. Prevent the downgrade of services to County Hospital, Louth in Lincolnshire.

    2,460 signatures

  30. Apply to rejoin the E.U on March 29, 2019.

    2,420 signatures

  31. Conduct a full enquiry into the finacial failure of NCC and those responsible

    2,377 signatures

  32. Prevent the MOD removing Cumbria fells from the Commons Register

    2,327 signatures

  33. New independent complaints & monitoring body for schools & local authorities

    2,274 signatures

  34. Do not ban the use and sale of E-Collars.

    2,251 signatures

  35. Repeal the European Communities Act 1972 as a matter of urgency

    2,236 signatures

  36. Implement a statutory body to address animal abuse and prosecutions

    2,209 signatures

  37. Ban the advertising of animal products in public. Including meat, dairy and fur.

    2,182 signatures

  38. Ban sale of Rawhide dog treats, can be dangerous to the dogs health

    2,180 signatures

  39. Stop the reduction of third year SFE maintenance loans for student nurses

    2,173 signatures

  40. Stop the 3.2% increase on rail fares set for 2019 after a disastrous 2018

    2,140 signatures

  41. Disability Living Allowance indefinite awards should mean automatic PIP

    2,135 signatures

  42. Stop the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway & all associated ill-conceived development

    2,134 signatures

  43. Bring forward the implementation of 2% BIK for electric vehicles to April 2019

    2,130 signatures

  44. Increase statutory maternity pay to match other government pay amounts

    2,109 signatures

  45. Allow women with Endometriosis to be considered for egg freezing

    2,094 signatures

  46. Make the use of single-use black plastic for food packaging illegal by 2020

    2,089 signatures

  47. Ban MMA nail products from the nail industry.

    2,034 signatures

  48. Advanced Clinical Practitioners to be able to sign Med 3 forms (FIT notes)

    2,028 signatures

  49. Establish penalties against companies for systematic late payment of invoices

    2,021 signatures

  50. Ban the sale of wet wipes that have “flushable” on the packet.

    1,986 signatures

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