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  1. Fund better support for women experiencing pregnancy loss and miscarriage

    414 signatures

  2. Extend £10,000 small business grant to SMEs that do not have a property

    395 signatures

  3. Pay self-employed workers 80% of gross income during Covid-19

    388 signatures

  4. New "UK Person" status for nationals of countries that prohibit dual nationality

    385 signatures

  5. Reverse measures allowing women to access at home abortion.

    384 signatures

  6. Run a nationwide information campaign to reduce roadside litter.

    384 signatures

  7. Extend Equality Act 2010 protections to all job applicants for seafarer roles

    367 signatures

  8. Extend the franchise (voting age) to include those who are 16-17 years old.

    365 signatures

  9. Allow schools to re-open in England!

    363 signatures

  10. COVID-19 tests for everyone working in Social Care.

    355 signatures

  11. Extend the transitional phase of Brexit by one year, to 31.12.21

    355 signatures

  12. Require a visual representation of sugar content on confectionery labels.

    353 signatures

  13. Make electric scooters legal to reduce our carbon footprint / cut emissions

    353 signatures

  14. Covid bail outs for companies in exchange for carbon-reducing commitments.

    351 signatures

  15. Increase uniform tax reliefs, especially for healthcare staff

    350 signatures

  16. Stop charging VAT on veterinary medications and services

    346 signatures

  17. Make it an offence to create & distribute fakenews for political/financial gain

    345 signatures

  18. Require UK election results to be counted and reported at polling district level

    339 signatures

  19. Require schools and colleges to have gender neutral toilets

    330 signatures

  20. Make it illegal to use a disabled parking space without a Blue Badge

    329 signatures

  21. Remove the East Anglia franchise from the Greater Anglia company

    329 signatures

  22. Reduce the cost of motor bike road tax

    326 signatures

  23. Temporarily extend the time for implementing planning permissions

    325 signatures

  24. Abolish Stamp Duty on all transactions during Corona Virus pandemic

    324 signatures

  25. Change the policy on discharging covid 19 hospital patients into care homes.

    323 signatures

  26. Prohibit MPs from voting in parliament when under the influence of alcohol

    323 signatures

  27. Make any bailouts for UK airlines conditional on reducing emissions

    317 signatures

  28. Exempt golf courses from the list of venues required to close due to Covid-19

    308 signatures

  29. Include gardening in the National Curriculum

    307 signatures

  30. Improve mental health services for young people (children and adolescents)

    304 signatures

  31. Allow those who suffer from Coeliac Disease to join the Armed Forces

    303 signatures

  32. Make the Life in the UK test questions more relevant to actual life in the UK.

    302 signatures

  33. Decrease the Foreign Aid budget once we have left the EU.

    298 signatures

  34. Fund more school places for children with SEN

    296 signatures

  35. To create a public inquiry into the media reporting and presenting of the virus

    287 signatures

  36. Make university fees free

    283 signatures

  37. Pass law to ensure no unsaleable goods are destroyed but donated to good causes.

    282 signatures

  38. Abolish the House of Lords

    281 signatures

  39. Award immigrant key workers with permanent residency after coronavirus crisis

    280 signatures

  40. Ban All Pheasant Shooting in England and The Rearing Of Game Birds For Shooting.

    279 signatures

  41. Reduce the state pension age to 60 to better support the elderly

    264 signatures

  42. Allow families to prevent press reporting of a loved one’s suicide

    264 signatures

  43. Remove MPs 'special' income tax exemption for accommodation expenses

    264 signatures

  44. Scrap in-country visa Extension fees

    261 signatures

  45. Make zero hour work contracts completely illegal for any employer to offer.

    261 signatures

  46. Bring the pay scales of Crime Scene Investigators in line with police officers.

    260 signatures

  47. Increase Statutory Sick Pay

    258 signatures

  48. End the transition period NOW in bid to save UK from EU economy fall out.

    254 signatures

  49. Introduce a Pet Removal/Protection Order for victims of Domestic Abuse

    253 signatures

  50. Add Environmental Conservation to the national curriculum for all schools

    253 signatures

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