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  1. Put Synchronised swimming on the GCSE PE Syllabus as a sport option.

    1,259 signatures

  2. This Government must financially support the Moorside project.

    1,259 signatures

  3. Reduce the council tax for people who live in park homes

    1,230 signatures

  4. Screen expectant mothers for chicken pox immunity

    1,195 signatures

  5. Investigate UHCW NHS Trust's actions replacing volunteers with private contracts

    1,173 signatures

  6. Do not lower UK food standards just to ease trade deals post Brexit

    1,167 signatures

  7. Fund gastric stimulation and research into gastroparesis

    1,144 signatures

  8. Counsellors on wards where 16 to 25-year-olds are receiving cancer treatment

    1,144 signatures

  9. Fund ocrelizumab on NHS for those who suffer with early primary progressive MS

    1,142 signatures


    1,134 signatures

  11. Make cctv compulsory in special needs schools and residential care homes.

    1,117 signatures

  12. Require schools to teach our children about the British constitution

    1,105 signatures

  13. Government to take ownership of The Tamar Bridge & abolish tolls

    1,101 signatures

  14. Ban single-use cups in cafes when customers are 'eating in'.

    1,099 signatures

  15. Ban horse racing

    1,091 signatures

  16. Provide extra funding for children with type 1 diabetes in primary schools.

    1,077 signatures

  17. Home Office to confirm right to work on applications by way of acknowledgement

    1,074 signatures

  18. Stop the State Visit of the US president, Donald Trump, from occurring June 3-5

    1,061 signatures

  19. Make Dermal Fillers prescription only and relevant insurance mandatory

    1,061 signatures

  20. Add Religious Studies onto the English Baccalaureate

    1,059 signatures

  21. Continue to fund free TV licences for the over 75 in the future.

    1,057 signatures

  22. Do not adopt the new road safety rules proposed by the EU in 2022.

    1,034 signatures

  23. Keep housing numbers under control in already heavily developed areas

    1,033 signatures

  24. The UK Needs More Lifesavers, fund CPR training in schools

    1,029 signatures

  25. Give specialist recognition to General Practitioners in the U.K

    1,026 signatures

  26. Grant tourist Visa-free access for UK to citizens of the Republic of Macedonia

    1,024 signatures

  27. The UK should withdraw from the UN Global Compact for Migration

    1,019 signatures

  28. 2 years minimum sentence for those convicted of assault on prison staff.

    1,017 signatures

  29. Make advertising for paid lifts illegal unless it's through a licensed operator.

    979 signatures

  30. Ban the press from reporting suicides

    958 signatures

  31. Ban Wild Animal Trophy’s entry into the UK

    955 signatures

  32. I request a full public inquiry into death of my son, Matthew Leahy. (20 yrs.)

    948 signatures

  33. A minimum sentence of 25 years for any form of sexual exploitation of a minor.

    940 signatures

  34. Repeal the Spring Traps Approval (England) Order 2018

    928 signatures

  35. Stop the closure of Welbeck Defence sixth form college

    909 signatures

  36. Scrap PIP & ESA assessments for anyone receiving palliative care

    905 signatures

  37. Make it illegal for anyone not registered to carry out electical work

    902 signatures

  38. Reciprocate the Spanish Decree protecting citizen´s rights post Brexit.

    899 signatures

  39. Introduce terms of service for MPs

    898 signatures

  40. Make offshore windfarms connect to the grid by an Offshore Ring Main

    897 signatures

  41. Extend Article 50, delay Brexit and hold a new referendum or a General Election.

    894 signatures

  42. Give Grandparents rights to see Grandchildren

    892 signatures

  43. Change animal abuse law: make a UK register for people who abuse animals.

    882 signatures

  44. Declare the third Friday in March ‘National Climate Day’

    871 signatures

  45. Stop using Student Finance as income when calculating Universal Credit benefit.

    868 signatures

  46. Force the supermarkets to provide refill station for all basic groceries.

    866 signatures

  47. Public inquiry into child support and maintenance

    862 signatures

  48. Lift the UK Travel Advisory on Direct Flights to Sharm-El-Sheikh

    862 signatures

  49. Make publishing or hosting “sex tapes” without consent a criminal offence

    832 signatures

  50. Pay all employed Carers the Living Wage

    829 signatures

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