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  1. Stop the Experimental Closures on the byways & Droves near Stonehenge

    768 signatures

  2. The UK Government to regularly measure household food insecurity across the UK.

    755 signatures

  3. Fund more medical research into Neuroblastoma

    753 signatures

  4. Justice for cats Make it law to report hitting a cat

    752 signatures

  5. Government to adopt a single comprehensive measure of poverty as standard

    743 signatures

  6. Amend DEFRA's guidelines on animal welfare. They condone "necessary" suffering.

    743 signatures

  7. Abolish the out dated 'ONE MILE RULE' in the dispensing of medication in England

    739 signatures

  8. Offer a biopsy to all women referred to a breast cancer clinic

    738 signatures

  9. Create a UK wide waste and recycling system.

    717 signatures

  10. Ban average speed cameras due to them being a distraction for drivers.

    712 signatures

  11. Remove forced adoption from Britain

    711 signatures

  12. Make it illegal for schools to have compulsory logo trousers, skirts or shirts

    706 signatures

  13. Introduce a legal right to paid time off for all women who miscarry a pregnancy

    704 signatures

  14. Allow students' placements to count towards 30 hours funded childcare criteria

    689 signatures

  15. Make parking in a disabled bay on private land without a Blue Badge illegal.

    676 signatures

  16. Provide separate labour wards for women giving birth to stillborn babies.

    660 signatures

  17. Prevent Freeholders from passing cladding costs to leaseholders

    653 signatures

  18. Stop Capita PLC bidding on public sector work & review all current contracts

    643 signatures

  19. Pressure Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not to execute a female civil right activist.

    635 signatures

  20. If there is a vote on the final EU deal then there must be no option to stay in

    623 signatures

  21. Ban the use of face coverings at protests and counter protests.

    601 signatures

  22. Create new laws around letting agents to ensure students don’t get overcharged

    597 signatures

  23. Lift the ban on .22 handguns.

    583 signatures

  24. Question Cameron's decision to impose fundamental constitutional change

    574 signatures

  25. Make youths in further education eligible for a free bus pass

    573 signatures

  26. Scrap smart motorways and bring back the safety of the hard shoulder.

    566 signatures

  27. Increase funding to Staffordshire Police to protect villages from car crime.

    564 signatures

  28. Bring back Appeal rights & Right to work for migrants

    558 signatures

  29. Ban single-use cups in cafes when customers are 'eating in'.

    553 signatures

  30. Make it law that gluten free food in restaurants is not contaminated by gluten.

    550 signatures

  31. Utilise Reading Prison as a Shelter for the Homeless

    546 signatures

  32. Force providers to supply the free to air tv channels on bedside tv sets.

    543 signatures

  33. Provide free glasses on the NHS, for children with Irlens Syndrome.

    541 signatures

  34. Make Zoroastrianism a part of the national curriculum

    535 signatures

  35. Exempt ALL NHS Healthcare Professionals from the Minimum Earnings Threshold

    528 signatures

  36. Order immediate adjournment of the Brexit process during the NCA Investigation

    525 signatures

  37. Remove legal privilege from the PHSO so police can investigate misconduct

    525 signatures

  38. To ban to use of deep confinement booths in schools.

    519 signatures

  39. An Opt Out system with the Bone Marrow Register and more awareness in Education.

    519 signatures

  40. Stop animals being used for street entertainment in order to gain money

    511 signatures

  41. Prevent payment of EU ‘exit fee’ until a beneficial trade deal has been ratified

    508 signatures

  42. Slash Home Office settlement and naturalisation fees: stop making a huge profit

    505 signatures

  43. Drop the EU Withdrawal Agreement on the basis that it is unconstitutional.

    497 signatures

  44. Counsellors on wards where 16 to 25-year-olds are receiving cancer treatment

    494 signatures

  45. Redistribute 30 hours childcare funding to subsidise costs for children aged 1-4

    493 signatures

  46. Confirmed date for National Rollout of voluntary right to buy

    492 signatures

  47. Press the United Nations to make the dumping of all waste in the oceans illegal.

    492 signatures

  48. Allow second-degree medical students access to a SLC tuition fee loan.

    489 signatures

  49. Make education about littering and its effects compulsary in all schools.

    486 signatures

  50. Cancel Parliament's Summer Recess to sort out the Brexit Deal

    486 signatures

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