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  1. Provide adequate parking facilities for HGV Drivers

    490 signatures

  2. Secure the release of Jack Letts who is detained in northern Syria

    485 signatures

  3. I call on the government to change the legislation on assisted dying

    485 signatures

  4. Return Tax raising powers in Scotland to the UK Government

    483 signatures

  5. Lower the voting age to 16

    474 signatures

  6. Put a drug education system in schools

    471 signatures

  7. A new Railway station for Droylsden East

    465 signatures

  8. Give parents the right to make an audio recording with social workers

    463 signatures

  9. Extend VAT exemption for elderly/disabled peoples' domestic help in their homes

    462 signatures

  10. Change immigration Rules and accept full time study in UK as proof of English

    461 signatures

  11. Make photo ID mandatory in all elections and Referenda.

    458 signatures

  12. To retract the £1bn DUP deal and use the money across the whole United Kingdom.

    457 signatures

  13. Force the legal separation of ticketing companies from ticket resale companies.

    451 signatures

  14. Change the law in England to "opt out" for organ donations

    451 signatures

  15. End the benefits freeze

    450 signatures

  16. Allow the collection of store points when purchasing stage one infant formula.

    448 signatures

  17. include The Baha'i Faith as part of the Religious Studies Syllabus in Schools.

    445 signatures

  18. Emotional Assistance Pet Act Urgently Needed

    439 signatures

  19. Outlaw the excessive noise levels that are associated with fireworks.

    431 signatures

  20. Amend driving licences to remove the unnecessary title from women's licences.

    430 signatures

  21. Paediatric mental health training within the NHS medical staff

    428 signatures

  22. Smear tests for women every year to prevent cervical cancer.

    425 signatures

  23. Protect pregnant air crew or trying to conceive from flying to zika countries

    415 signatures

  24. Cyclist should be subjected to a CBT type training prior to using the highways.

    413 signatures

  25. make the punishment for stealing tools from tradesmens vehicles harsher.

    411 signatures

  26. Smart Brexit: Apply to rejoin EFTA

    406 signatures

  27. Extend paternity leave from 2 weeks to at least 4

    401 signatures

  28. Provide funding for specialist services for children with severe obesity

    400 signatures

  29. Make cervical scans compulsory for anyone that has received cervical treatment

    399 signatures

  30. Stop police and crime commissioners from controlling the fire brigade.

    392 signatures

  31. Help fund the cost of redistributing more edible surplus food to charity.

    387 signatures

  32. No more ofsted and introduce peer review instead

    383 signatures

  33. Lift the UK Travel Ban to Sharm el Sheikh

    383 signatures

  34. Construct a bypass around Chideock, Dorset to relieve the traffic problems.

    382 signatures

  35. Parliament to debate accountability & efficacy of Sharia Councils under UK law.

    373 signatures

  36. Improve allergen labelling on food packaging.

    370 signatures

  37. I want everybody to have the chance to have one free try of IVF on the NHS

    369 signatures

  38. Leaving the Single Market should be subject to a parliamentary vote

    361 signatures

  39. Drastically improve funding for mental health services

    360 signatures

  40. Allow UK university students to have free prescriptions and dental care

    360 signatures

  41. Right to remain for 18+ who have lived in the country since they were minors

    357 signatures

  42. Bus passes for Over Sixties in England

    357 signatures

  43. Change ethnicity classification of people of African & Caribbean descent in UK.

    355 signatures

  44. Raise the Minimum Wage for under 25s and apprentices

    353 signatures

  45. Drop the ban on 22lr target pistols

    352 signatures

  46. Educate children early on the dangers in and around open water/ cold water shock

    350 signatures

  47. Provide statutory anonymity for victims of homophobic & transphobic hate crime.

    347 signatures

  48. Actively prepare for a no-deal brexit & tell the EU: 'fair deal, or no deal'

    347 signatures

  49. Give all drink and drug drivers automatic 10 year ban

    345 signatures

  50. Stop the Mersey Gateway tolls

    342 signatures

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