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  1. Protect 20% PPA time for all teachers.

    851 signatures

  2. Remove compulsory GCSE English and maths resits for 16-18 year olds students

    826 signatures

  3. Make it a fineable offence to cross tidal roads outside of safe crossing times.

    816 signatures

  4. Make substance testing facilities mandatory at music festivals

    802 signatures

  5. Amend the 2004 Hunting Act to include a minimum age requirement for hunt riders.

    800 signatures

  6. Urgently provide funding to schools to support children with SEND

    790 signatures

  7. Require DWP assessments for disabled people to take place in hospitals by doctor

    787 signatures

  8. Limit the number of breeding bitches a breeder can be licensed for to 20.

    775 signatures

  9. Make it illegal for school children to be punished for dinner money arrears

    768 signatures

  10. We want Britain to give more help and treatment for people with a Pineal Cyst

    767 signatures

  11. Stop the Experimental Closures on the byways & Droves near Stonehenge

    762 signatures

  12. Stop Network Rail's programme to fell millions of trees

    739 signatures

  13. Allow tax payers to opt out of funding war and fund conflict prevention instead

    729 signatures

  14. Introduce a health and safety law on the maximum temperature in a workplace

    717 signatures

  15. Give free 3 rounds of IVF on the NHS to anyone under 40 that needs help

    717 signatures

  16. Increase funding for Bedfordshire Police to combat the rise in serious crime.

    716 signatures

  17. Ask UN to take Jerusalem under its protection.

    716 signatures

  18. Protect our Freedom of Movement Rights

    711 signatures

  19. Ban the use and production of micro-plastic glitter!

    711 signatures

  20. Ban the shooting of Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse for sport.

    707 signatures

  21. Raise the profile of menopause in the public domain

    694 signatures

  22. Support the curry industry by reviewing immigration policy

    692 signatures

  23. Set up a public inquiry into Greater Manchester Police.

    682 signatures

  24. Make it illegal for schools to have compulsory logo trousers, skirts or shirts

    664 signatures

  25. Ban average speed cameras due to them being a distraction for drivers.

    660 signatures

  26. Change the law on smashing a car window to release a dog from a hot car.

    649 signatures

  27. change the law for people who commit animal cruelty to be sentenced up to 5yrs

    649 signatures

  28. Start the Gender Reform Act reformation process

    648 signatures

  29. Appoint a select committee to examine the cost of medication supplied to the NHS

    637 signatures

  30. Fund the dualling of the A120 from Hare Green to Harwich

    627 signatures

  31. Introduce state registry system for medical cannabis cards in the UK

    623 signatures

  32. Change the colour of becons to red when stationery for recovery vehicles

    616 signatures

  33. Stop the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway & all associated ill-conceived development

    596 signatures

  34. Create new laws around letting agents to ensure students don’t get overcharged

    585 signatures

  35. Call for James Brokenshire to revoke planning permission to mine in Pont Valley

    584 signatures

  36. Make it illegal to introduce car parking charges for common land car parks

    579 signatures

  37. Bring the deadline to eliminate plastic by 2042 forward

    574 signatures

  38. Make Alcoholic Drinks Carry A Health Warning.

    570 signatures

  39. Allow Bashir Ahmadzai to stay in the UK indefinitely.

    569 signatures

  40. Bring Oliver Robbins before the European Scrutiny Committee.

    563 signatures

  41. All UK citizens have the right to vote on referendums affecting the UK's future.

    562 signatures

  42. Introduce statutory LGBT+ element for Initial Teacher & School Governor Training

    561 signatures

  43. Ban the use of face coverings at protests and counter protests.

    554 signatures

  44. Introduce Emergency Visitor Visa for families of citizens with critical illness

    553 signatures

  45. Vehicle theory test to include section on motorcycle awareness on the road

    550 signatures

  46. Amend the Official Secrets Act to prevent its use in cases of child abuse.

    539 signatures

  47. End the 'hostile environment' for immigration & revoke the 2014 immigration act

    536 signatures

  48. Bring back Appeal rights & Right to work for migrants

    529 signatures

  49. Bring in and legalise hand signals for riders to ask drivers to slow and stop

    528 signatures

  50. Parking on pavements, verges or footpaths to be made an offence in England.

    520 signatures

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