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  1. Screen expectant mothers for chicken pox immunity

    1,239 signatures

  2. Remove VAT from the sale of Trees, tree guards & other tree planting products.

    1,233 signatures

  3. Ban peat compost.

    1,232 signatures

  4. Make Dermal Fillers prescription only and relevant insurance mandatory

    1,216 signatures

  5. Require all manufacturers to identify plastics used, to aid with recycling.

    1,203 signatures

  6. Fund gastric stimulation and research into gastroparesis

    1,198 signatures

  7. Invite Mr. Trump, President of the USA, to Address Parliament on his State visit

    1,190 signatures

  8. Investigate UHCW NHS Trust's actions replacing volunteers with private contracts

    1,180 signatures

  9. Call for the PM to set up a judge-led inquiry into Knife Crime in the UK

    1,156 signatures

  10. Stop the State Visit of the US president, Donald Trump, from occurring June 3-5

    1,153 signatures

  11. Fund ocrelizumab on NHS for those who suffer with early primary progressive MS

    1,150 signatures

  12. Waive the registration fee for children to become British citizens

    1,142 signatures

  13. Do not adopt the new road safety rules proposed by the EU in 2022.

    1,128 signatures

  14. Amend the Road Traffic Act to recognise unborn babies killed post 24 weeks old

    1,127 signatures

  15. Ban horse racing

    1,125 signatures

  16. 'Georges Law' to protect Vulnerable Adults and the Elderly

    1,115 signatures

  17. Make publishing or hosting “sex tapes” without consent a criminal offence

    1,108 signatures

  18. Ban the press from reporting suicides

    1,106 signatures

  19. Inquiry into the influence of lobby groups on policies about sex and gender

    1,093 signatures

  20. Reform the payment of pension tax relief to ensure that no low earners miss out

    1,081 signatures

  21. Provide extra funding for children with type 1 diabetes in primary schools.

    1,080 signatures

  22. Maximum 6 month waiting time for autism assessments

    1,078 signatures

  23. Home Office to confirm right to work on applications by way of acknowledgement

    1,074 signatures

  24. Add Religious Studies onto the English Baccalaureate

    1,069 signatures

  25. Keep housing numbers under control in already heavily developed areas

    1,065 signatures

  26. Scrap PIP & ESA assessments for anyone receiving palliative care

    1,059 signatures

  27. The UK Needs More Lifesavers, fund CPR training in schools

    1,058 signatures

  28. Change sentencing guidelines for drink driving, especially when they cause death

    1,054 signatures

  29. Automatic removal of parental responsibility if convicted of a serious crime.

    1,036 signatures

  30. 2 years minimum sentence for those convicted of assault on prison staff.

    1,033 signatures

  31. Give specialist recognition to General Practitioners in the U.K

    1,027 signatures

  32. Introduce terms of service for MPs

    1,023 signatures

  33. Make advertising for paid lifts illegal unless it's through a licensed operator.

    1,018 signatures

  34. Stop the closure of Welbeck Defence sixth form college

    991 signatures

  35. Make offshore windfarms connect to the grid by an Offshore Ring Main

    982 signatures

  36. Make catcalling and street harassment a punishable offence.

    981 signatures

  37. Ban isolation booths in schools.

    981 signatures

  38. Remove the right for sex offenders to apply to come off the register.

    975 signatures

  39. Ban plastic toys from fast food restaurants’ kids meals

    949 signatures

  40. Declare the third Friday in March ‘National Climate Day’

    944 signatures

  41. Repeal the Spring Traps Approval (England) Order 2018

    943 signatures

  42. Extend Article 50, delay Brexit and hold a new referendum or a General Election.

    936 signatures

  43. Stop using Student Finance as income when calculating Universal Credit benefit.

    934 signatures

  44. Make it illegal for anyone not registered to carry out electical work

    928 signatures

  45. Cancel or limit parliamentary recesses until Brexit is fully resolved with EU

    919 signatures

  46. Public inquiry into child support and maintenance

    909 signatures

  47. Reciprocate the Spanish Decree protecting citizen´s rights post Brexit.

    902 signatures

  48. Lift the UK Travel Advisory on Direct Flights to Sharm-El-Sheikh

    902 signatures

  49. Reverse the government decision to allow Huawei to build part of the 5G network

    896 signatures

  50. Ensure all bodies of open water have life saving equipment installed

    879 signatures

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