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  1. Overturn a Home Office decision regarding a Kidney Donor who was refused a visa

    1,067 signatures

  2. Mandatory for all hospital theatres to evacuate diathermy tissue smoke plume.

    1,043 signatures

  3. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    1,041 signatures

  4. 16 and 17 year olds should be allowed to vote in any future Brexit referendum

    1,031 signatures

  5. To instigate signage and digital displays directing to the nearest defibrillator

    1,030 signatures

  6. Criminalise the export of cannabis

    1,017 signatures

  7. Make it illegal for ticket resales to be more than 10% of Face Value

    1,010 signatures

  8. Cancel Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. due to the immigrant children scandal

    1,007 signatures

  9. Stop UK coastal crude oil pollution threat; ban Colter offshore oil rig.

    968 signatures

  10. Make prescriptions free for cystic fibrosis sufferers

    967 signatures

  11. Decriminalise, legalise and regulate cannabis for medicinal and recreational use

    952 signatures

  12. Issue an RAF centenary medal to all serving RAF personnel.

    948 signatures

  13. Close the loophole that allows second home owners to evade council tax and rates

    947 signatures

  14. Fund afamelanotide on the NHS to treat erythropoietic protoporphyria

    944 signatures

  15. Make it mandatory for sunbed shops to display signs showing skin cancer symptoms

    935 signatures

  16. Bring back the death penalty in the UK

    922 signatures

  17. Stop plans to cut Cannon Street trains on the Hayes (Kent) train line

    915 signatures

  18. Stop UK government funding the Syrian Civil Defence, AKA the "White Helmets."

    911 signatures

  19. Make home to school disabled transport free for young adults aged 16 to 19

    905 signatures

  20. Increase Police Funding & the Number of Police Community Support Officers.

    898 signatures

  21. Condemn the Faroe Islands for allowing the slaughter of endangered Cetaceans.

    897 signatures

  22. Commit to a long-term funding plan for health & social care to the year 2035.

    895 signatures

  23. Introduce retaining 5% of price, until remedial work on new homes is completed.

    895 signatures

  24. FA2017 Part 2 Clause 29(2) to include calorific maltodextrin

    883 signatures

  25. Motorcyclists to upgrade their CBT licence to ride a 250cc at 18

    874 signatures

  26. Stop pets being sold online. Many are by breeders, pup farmers, dog theft gangs.

    872 signatures

  27. The Government must intervene in the proposed GKN takeover

    864 signatures

  28. Protect 20% PPA time for all teachers.

    840 signatures

  29. To address the demise of High Street Businesses by reducing Business rates.

    838 signatures

  30. Eliminate the use of black plastic in food packaging.

    838 signatures

  31. Fund PTSD recovery centres for ex-armed forces and emergency services personnel

    836 signatures

  32. Pressure the Nicaraguan government to stop the violent repression of protests.

    835 signatures

  33. Change universal credit back to the previous benefit system that worked

    829 signatures

  34. Ensure cancer patients wait for no longer than a week for scan or test results.

    788 signatures

  35. Make substance testing facilities mandatory at music festivals

    788 signatures

  36. Mandate to install standard microfiber filters in washing machines

    788 signatures

  37. Create an independent Ombudsman to investigate & regulate Vet companies

    783 signatures

  38. Require DWP assessments for disabled people to take place in hospitals by doctor

    772 signatures

  39. Make it law that university students get a refund for cancelled lectures

    766 signatures

  40. Urgently provide funding to schools to support children with SEND

    763 signatures

  41. Limit the number of breeding bitches a breeder can be licensed for to 20.

    762 signatures

  42. Make it illegal for school children to be punished for dinner money arrears

    752 signatures

  43. Mandatory minimum sentence for shaken baby deaths no guilty plea reduction.

    748 signatures

  44. Make PSA tests mandatory for all men over 50

    748 signatures

  45. Any parent convicted of a child sexual offence to be stripped of parental rights

    744 signatures

  46. Get the transport secretary to review the C2C rail contract.

    744 signatures

  47. 'Method of Slaughter' to be displayed on fresh/frozen meat and poultry.

    725 signatures

  48. Lower the maximum temperature allowed when transporting livestock after Brexit

    712 signatures

  49. Abolish changes to free school meals

    710 signatures

  50. Ask UN to take Jerusalem under its protection.

    710 signatures

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