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  1. Make Hedgehogs a Protected Species

    55,650 signatures

  2. Improve care, support and treatment for children with rare diseases

    18,159 signatures

  3. Reverse the change to Small Brewers Relief.

    12,664 signatures

  4. Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.

    11,952 signatures

  5. Take action to end factory farming and reduce meat and dairy consumption

    4,284 signatures

  6. Amend council housing points system so homeless veterans receive higher priority

    1,957 signatures

  7. Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for our UK hedgehogs, mammals & birds

    1,657 signatures

  8. Fund re-opening of Community Hospital Beds for local vulnerable sick people.

    1,557 signatures

  9. Lower the age that breast screening services are offered

    956 signatures

  10. Shutdown all construction sites with more than 50 workers due to COVID19.

    711 signatures

  11. Decrease the Foreign Aid budget once we have left the EU.

    366 signatures

  12. Recognise Unpaid Carers.A Fair amount reflecting the commitment & care provided

    187 signatures

  13. Increase Gift Aid for all charities to 50% for the 2020/21 tax year

    184 signatures

  14. Publish details of arts and heritage package and provide guidance for sectors

    134 signatures

  15. Increase Asylum Allowance due to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis

    132 signatures

  16. Ban parking charges in motorway rest areas/service stations

    105 signatures

  17. Increase the success criteria for all future referendums to 60% of the vote

    100 signatures

  18. Extend the Mayor of London electoral vote to the workforce of Greater London .

    67 signatures

  19. Change the voting system from First Past The Post to Instant Runoff Voting

    66 signatures

  20. Reform House of Lords so 50% of members are key workers selected by ballot

    49 signatures

  21. Provide free, unconditional, legal aid for victims of domestic abuse.

    39 signatures

  22. The virtual parliament must remain in place whilst social distancing exists

    33 signatures

  23. Automatic life ban for drink and drug drivers at first offence

    26 signatures

  24. End the "eat out to help out scheme" and offer small businesses the help needed


  25. Revisit obesity measures to protect those suffering from eating disorders


  26. Extend the 30 free hours and tax free childcare schemes to include NHS students


  27. Give employees the right to work from home when they can


  28. Ban the sale and use of single use barbecues, for the sake of UK nature.


  29. Stop China from stealing Hong Kong’s freedom


  30. Allow metal detecting rallys to go ahead with the social distancing in place


  31. Restrict build noise where construction is within 50 meters of inhabited houses


  32. Parity between the SEISS and CJRS schemes (remove £50k profit limit from SEISS)


  33. Protect our livelihoods! More help for the self-employed impacted by Covid-19


  34. Change the 50% of self employment taxable earnings category on SEISS grant


  35. Please support, and not punish, freelance sole traders earning over £50,000.


  36. Stop discharging covid19 positive elderly patients into care homes!


  37. Eventindustry staff to be treated as SE evenif PAYE payments cross 50% of income


  38. British MPs Should Take 50% Salary Cut Due to Coronavirus


  39. End Coronavirus lock down for under 50s households and a staged end for others.


  40. Include REGULAR commission & bonus wages in Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme


  41. Hazard pay for "key workers" from food and drink industry


  42. 50% discount on accomodation for every International students during COVID-19.


  43. Support Nursery owners not on PAYE/not eligible for Self Employed COVID 19 plan.


  44. Include tax year 2019/2020 in the calculation for Covid-19 Self Employed Grant.


  45. Lift the £50,000 cap for self-employed affected by Coronavirus


  46. Review the rules with regard to the assistance to the self-employed grants.


  47. Support Owners of Ltd Companies affected by covid19 on par with self employed


  48. Reconsider Self Employed to be eligible for grant earning over £50k in profit


  49. Get newly self-employed people there wages!


  50. Close Domino's Pizza during COVID-19


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