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  1. Give non-British citizens who are NHS workers automatic citizenship

    72,624 signatures, now closed

  2. To Seek a 1 year Extension to the Brexit Transition Period & a Second Referendum

    54,171 signatures

  3. No Extensions to the Brexit Transition Period

    20,676 signatures, now closed

  4. Authorise direct flights from the United Kingdom to North Cyprus (TRNC)

    12,830 signatures

  5. Establish free movement & trade agreements with Canada, Australia & New Zealand

    9,203 signatures

  6. Hold a referendum on the post-2020 UK-EU relationship with option to rejoin EU

    8,563 signatures, now closed

  7. Provide emergency funding to The Arts Council so that they can extend support

    3,338 signatures, now closed

  8. Add Saudi Arabia to the Travel Corridor List

    2,852 signatures

  9. The UK government should apply via Article 49 to rejoin the EU

    2,497 signatures

  10. The United Kingdom should officially recognise Taiwan as an independent nation.

    1,260 signatures

  11. In response to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, form a Government of National Unity

    1,257 signatures

  12. Seek to extend the transition period until full review of Russian interference

    1,253 signatures

  13. Form Cross Party Emergency Government to deal with Covid 19 then GE with PR

    721 signatures

  14. Guarantee automatic right to stay for EU citizens

    678 signatures

  15. Extend the transitional phase of Brexit by one year, to 31.12.21

    641 signatures, now closed

  16. Ensure that EHIC will remain available to UK citizens after The UK leaves the EU

    460 signatures

  17. Decrease the Foreign Aid budget once we have left the EU.

    375 signatures, now closed

  18. End the transition period NOW in bid to save UK from EU economy fall out.

    346 signatures

  19. In Brexit talks negotiate for continued EU single market membership for the UK

    335 signatures

  20. Hold a referendum on creating a Devolved Parliament for Northern England

    329 signatures

  21. Home fee status for EU students in UK after August 2021

    324 signatures

  22. Maintain home fee status and access to Student Finance for EU students.

    273 signatures

  23. Referendum on re-joining the EU

    254 signatures

  24. Legislate that the National Health Service cannot be part of any trade deal.

    216 signatures

  25. Introduce a 'one off' bank holiday after covid-19 pandemic to boost morale.

    133 signatures, now closed

  26. Amend the Immigration Bill to ensure non-UK care workers can be recruited

    116 signatures

  27. Increase the success criteria for all future referendums to 60% of the vote

    105 signatures, now closed

  28. Do not weaken river pollution rules

    97 signatures

  29. Remove citizenship fees for people born in the UK and from long term residents.

    86 signatures, now closed

  30. Seek to join Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

    82 signatures, now closed

  31. Move the capital of the UK.

    78 signatures, now closed

  32. Ban long distance live transportation of animals for slaughter

    65 signatures

  33. Hold an inquiry into Russian interference in UK democracy

    58 signatures

  34. Recall Parliament due to the ongoing Covid-19 Crisis and Brexit Trade Deal Talks

    52 signatures

  35. Extend the furlough scheme beyond October 2020 till end of March 2021.

    43 signatures

  36. Seek to agree freedom of movement in the UK and EU for British and EU citizens

    42 signatures

  37. Fixed-rate low-interest government backed loan up to £20,000 for every UK adult

    40 signatures, now closed

  38. Protect jobs & businesses by continuing in the Single Market & Customs Union.

    35 signatures

  39. Negotiate an extension to EU Banking Rules to protect UK citizens living in EU

    34 signatures

  40. Use compulsory purchase to ensure safe access to a full Coastal Path route

    29 signatures

  41. Save lives, protect the vulnerable: work with the EU on a COVID19 vaccine

    28 signatures

  42. Update the electoral system to include elections online

    26 signatures

  43. Change the official units of measurement from Metric back to Imperial

    23 signatures

  44. Revoke article 50 and cancel brexit


  45. Put Brexit “on hold” till Covid is more under control


  46. Walk away now! We voted for a No Deal Brexit!


  47. If the UK does not get a trade deal with the EU, Boris Johnson should resign.


  48. No extension to brexit talks january 2021 we leave the eu for good


  49. Do not supplement the Sovereign Grant


  50. Maintain our food standards post-Brexit


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