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  1. End reviews of PIP and ESA awards for people with lifelong illnesses

    29,373 signatures, now closed

  2. Review the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process.

    11,576 signatures, now closed

  3. Full review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process

    10,444 signatures

  4. End assessments and consider disability benefit claims on medical advice alone

    7,530 signatures

  5. Don't include benefit entitlement for people with pre-settled and settled status

    1,097 signatures, now closed

  6. Reform PIP rules and create a dedicated fund to support cancer patients

    425 signatures, now closed

  7. Carry out a full review of the failures of case management of Veterans UK.

    246 signatures, now closed

  8. Require PIP assessors to be health professionals with relevant experience

    170 signatures, now closed

  9. Reform PIP assessments

    166 signatures, now closed

  10. Change DLA to PIP age from 16 years old to 18 years old

    101 signatures

  11. Ensure PIP applications are considered within a maximum of 12 weeks

    80 signatures

  12. Stop the migration of people to Universal Credit

    79 signatures, now closed

  13. Allow people to complete the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form online

    69 signatures, now closed

  14. Full review of benefits available for people with Chronic & Hidden Disabilities

    59 signatures

  15. Stop all face to face assessments for PIP claimants

    44 signatures, now closed

  16. Automatically award PIP to those with a lifelong disability that had a DLA award

    38 signatures, now closed

  17. Remove face-to-face assessments for PIP renewals

    31 signatures

  18. Provide financial support for people waiting on PIP appeals

    24 signatures, now closed

  19. Make medical cannabis available on the NHS for qualifying private patients.


  20. Help the thousands of British women suffering with ruptured PIP breast implants


  21. Changing the Disability Process - changes to the application process


  22. Create a separate PIP assessment for mental health conditions.


  23. Look into the PIP assessors they are too judgemental.


  24. Judgemental PIP system


  25. Make DLA or PIP aware of rare Perthes disease to educate and have awareness


  26. Change Carers Allowance to make DLA/PIP not mandatory


  27. To change the law with regards to Blue Badge for hidden disabilities


  28. Government to review its policies & benefits for 14.1 million disabled people


  29. Enable ANY Endometriosis sufferers with PIP income support & a blue badge.


  30. Establish a new body to represent NHS workers and develop Covid recovery plan

    17 signatures, now closed

  31. Lower the minimum driving age to 16 for children of disabled adults

    16 signatures, now closed

  32. End the discrimination that 16+ face with Type 1 diabetes and PIP


  33. Fund free dental care for cancer patients in receipt of PIP or ESA

    15 signatures, now closed

  34. Scrap VAT on household gas, electricity, heating oil, & on the standing charge


  35. Gynaecology clinics: Annual gynaecological check ups from puberty onwards


  36. Put a time cap on PIP applications so dealt with in months rather than years...


  37. Remove citizenship from foreigners that are not adopt British culture


  38. Count everyone receiving PIP benefit as vulnerable during Coronavirus pandemic


  39. To grant the standard rate of PIP automatically to anyone diagnosed with cancer


  40. Include individuals with disabilities and chronic illness in parliament debates


  41. Give more financial support to people with Cystic Fibrosis .


  42. Award those with Cervical Spondylosis with PIP and list it as a disability.


  43. Automatic PIP entitlement for people diagnosed with cancer.


  44. Make it easier for migraine sufferers to claim PIP.


  45. Make DLA & PIP automatically given to anyone diagnosed with a life long illness.


  46. Issue Blue Badges, for degenerative disease, with open end date


  47. Stop foreigners and immigrants claiming benefits, housing, universal credit etc.


  48. Make it easier for migraine sufferers to claim PIP/Disability Allowance.


  49. Make Long Covid a Disability and provide financial support.


  50. Overhaul rules regarding VAT exemption to all DLA / PIP claimants .


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