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  1. Establish a national waste plastic collection/recycling programme for England

    4,270 signatures

  2. Ban the use of plastic packaging for all non-food items

    1,558 signatures

  3. Introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme

    1,481 signatures

  4. Make it compulsory for food products to have environmental impact traffic lights

    1,084 signatures, now closed

  5. Fund plastic recycling processing plants and ban export of plastic waste

    948 signatures

  6. Ban plastic wrapping of individual items of fruit or vegetables

    860 signatures

  7. Ban single use plastics and the unnecessary use of plastic packaging

    477 signatures

  8. Ban all black plastic that cannot be detected by NIR (recycling) technology.

    458 signatures

  9. Ban selling drinks bottles that aren’t made out of a sustainable material.

    454 signatures, now closed

  10. Include gardening in the National Curriculum

    397 signatures, now closed

  11. Make it Mandatory for the UK to recycle it's own waste in the UK

    306 signatures

  12. Require companies to annually publish plastic usage (product and packaging)

    298 signatures

  13. Display environmental impact on all packaging and bags containing plastic

    217 signatures

  14. Heavy tax and public awareness on all 'Not Yet Recycled' plastics

    181 signatures, now closed

  15. Introduce 1p tax on garments to tackle unethical fast fashion practice.

    176 signatures

  16. Ban cardboard boxes and other exterior packaging on toothpaste tubes

    162 signatures

  17. Require local councils to publish final destinations of household recycling.

    122 signatures

  18. Require all broadband providers to support a common router standard

    110 signatures, now closed

  19. Require child car seat manufacturers to recycle their products.

    103 signatures

  20. Require recycling systems in NHS clinical areas for plastic healthcare waste

    103 signatures, now closed

  21. Make manufacturers use recyclable packaging by law

    99 signatures, now closed

  22. Make it illegal to manufacture or sell products using non-recyclable plastic

    73 signatures

  23. Make ‘can be recycled’ labelling clearer on all products

    59 signatures

  24. Ban the use of non recyclable plastics in food/drink packaging

    53 signatures

  25. Include the harmful environmental impact of plastic waste on the curriculum

    44 signatures

  26. Impose a levy on all plastic production in the UK

    38 signatures

  27. Ban the sale of gift wrap that is non-recyclable.

    38 signatures

  28. Introduce levy on textile garments to fund recycling and end-of-life research

    25 signatures

  29. Introduce measures to tackle false information on social media

    24 signatures

  30. Require companies to dispose of their own products with an end of life service.

    23 signatures

  31. Enforce the recycling of bottles and cans


  32. Urge the British Government to provide jobs for British unemployed.


  33. Go back to rubbish and recycle collection every week


  34. Introduce a deposit scheme for glass, plastic and cans


  35. To reduce littering, implement a recycling bounty on glass and cans.


  36. Increase fines and punishment for littering across the United Kingdom.


  37. Increase fines for littering and support a clean up campaign


  38. Reopen Household Waste and Recycling Centres


  39. Implement the use of hemp over non-recyclable materials


  40. Suspend Coucil Tax fees for 3 months amid COVID-19 to ease the financial burden


  41. Allow all plastics to be recycled. Pass the sorting responsibilities to councils


  42. I would like you to stop exporting plastic waste from the UK to poorer countries


  43. Increase VAT tax on products that utilize or contain plastic.

    20 signatures

  44. Make recycling a legal obligation

    20 signatures, now closed

  45. Introduce a Product Redundancy Tax.

    19 signatures

  46. Allocate military and industrial stocks of PPE to the NHS to fight COVID-19


  47. Ban single use plastic in supermarket groceries.


  48. Prioritise the development of a sustainable circular economy.


  49. Stop the authorisation and use of pesticides believed to kill bees in the UK.


  50. Stop sending plastic waste abroad & increase the UK's plastic recycling capacity


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