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  1. Ban the use of all non-recyclable and unsustainable food packaging

    247,048 signatures, now closed

  2. The UK Government to introduce a ban on all non-recyclable packaging from 2022.

    32,010 signatures, now closed

  3. Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

    13,709 signatures, now closed

  4. To implement and legalise stringent plastic recycling plans in UK hospitals

    3,469 signatures

  5. Stop the Exportation of Plastic Waste abroad

    2,624 signatures, now closed

  6. Make recycling free for all schools in England.

    2,449 signatures, now closed

  7. Make the use of single-use black plastic for food packaging illegal by 2020

    2,343 signatures, now closed

  8. Ban single-use plastics.

    2,092 signatures, now closed

  9. Stop the rebuilding of the Edmonton incinerator

    1,390 signatures

  10. Require all manufacturers to identify plastics used, to aid with recycling.

    1,246 signatures

  11. Stop incineration of any waste which could be recycled. No new incinerators!

    1,142 signatures, now closed

  12. Ban single-use cups in cafes when customers are 'eating in'.

    1,130 signatures, now closed

  13. Force the supermarkets to provide refill station for all basic groceries.

    1,024 signatures, now closed

  14. Eliminate the use of black plastic in food packaging.

    936 signatures, now closed

  15. Introduce a nationwide deposit return system for plastic bottles in the UK

    796 signatures, now closed

  16. Ban plastic bags

    742 signatures, now closed

  17. Create a UK wide waste and recycling system.

    719 signatures, now closed

  18. Ban the sale & use of all pesticides and insecticides by 2025

    590 signatures

  19. Make retailers that sell drinks sell at least 30% of them in non plastic.

    475 signatures, now closed

  20. Ban the use of all non-recyclable packaging materials by 31st December 2020.

    371 signatures, now closed

  21. Introduce a Deposit Return system for plastic bottles in the UK

    325 signatures, now closed

  22. Introduce universal recycling information on all packaging sold in the UK

    300 signatures

  23. Provide grant assistance for electric vehicle conversions

    284 signatures

  24. Ban the Government P.R.N. scheme - For Plastic Recycling export profits.

    272 signatures, now closed

  25. Mandate environmental impact labelling on all goods sold in the UK.

    271 signatures

  26. Make recycling of all household low-grade plastics mandatory throughout the UK.

    246 signatures, now closed

  27. Make school food-growing (and self-sufficiency) part of the National Curriculum.

    241 signatures, now closed

  28. Put a tax on the use of single-use plastic packaging to encourage alternatives.

    213 signatures

  29. Make supermarkets offer plastic free options for everything they sell

    202 signatures

  30. Compulsory labelling of recyclability on all products

    199 signatures, now closed

  31. ban the sale of plastic bottle fizzy drinks in the UK

    188 signatures

  32. Ban all single-use plastic bottles and all plastic bags by 2020.

    176 signatures

  33. Legislate the recycling of garden plastic pots for new Taupe coloured pots 2019

    176 signatures, now closed

  34. Call for a total ban on plastic "tagging barbs" & "tag fasteners" from Clothing

    170 signatures, now closed

  35. Ban non-biodegradable plastics for single use items

    170 signatures, now closed

  36. Ban Single Use Coffee Cups

    168 signatures

  37. Make global climate change a compulsory topic on the school syllabus

    166 signatures

  38. Introduce a plastic deposit return scheme in major supermarkets

    159 signatures, now closed

  39. Ban plastic toys in children’s fast food meals.

    158 signatures, now closed

  40. Ban non-recyclable wrapping paper and restrict the use of plastic adhesive tape

    155 signatures

  41. Ban all non-recyclable plastic within 5 years

    154 signatures, now closed

  42. Ban all non-recycled (in UK) single use food containers and utensils.

    132 signatures, now closed

  43. Make supermarkets STOP using plastic and start using more sustainable packaging

    127 signatures, now closed

  44. Impose a ban on unnessary plastic packaging being sold in supermarkets

    127 signatures, now closed

  45. Require free water bottle refilling stations across UK service stations

    115 signatures, now closed

  46. Introduce a 5p tax on all disposable takeaway cups.

    112 signatures, now closed

  47. The environment to be taught as a compulsory subject throughout school life.

    111 signatures, now closed

  48. Make it compulsory for websites to state if product packaging is recyclable.

    110 signatures

  49. Require cigarette style warning labels on all single-use plastic packaging.

    106 signatures

  50. Ban the export of UK Recyclable waste to other countries by 2020

    98 signatures

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