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  1. Retain bans on cat, dog, seal fur imports, and extend to ban all fur imports

    50,611 signatures

  2. End the use of animals for toxicity tests & prioritise non-animal methods (NAMs)

    13,620 signatures

  3. Athena’s Law: Introduce new requirements for drivers who hit a cat

    9,446 signatures

  4. Ban the sale of small animal enclosures that do not meet specified standards

    6,446 signatures

  5. Stop animal testing

    4,588 signatures

  6. Bring back the Kept Animals Bill and add provisions to regulate online sales

    3,792 signatures

  7. Mandatory Lessons on Animal Slaughter in Schools

    3,111 signatures

  8. A Royal Commission into the scientific efficacy of animal experimentation.

    2,142 signatures

  9. Require drive through takeaways to print vehicle registrations on the packaging

    1,387 signatures

  10. Ban egg hatching projects in educational settings

    708 signatures

  11. Prohibit the killing of domestic pets in a pandemic or domestic emergency

    704 signatures

  12. Only allow fireworks to be used for official displays on Bonfire Night and NYE

    663 signatures

  13. Grant All Sentient Animals the Basic Right to Life

    419 signatures

  14. Make it completely illegal to trap, harm or kill foxes

    351 signatures

  15. Ban animal dissection in schools and colleges

    333 signatures

  16. Extend additional energy cost support to animal businesses from 1 April 2023

    277 signatures

  17. Stop culling of badgers permanently

    266 signatures

  18. Make it illegal to farm octopus for the production of food

    221 signatures

  19. Make it law that all dogs must be on a lead no longer that 1.5m around livestock

    194 signatures

  20. Create an Animal NHS for pensioners, those on low incomes, and for emergencies

    160 signatures

  21. Ban the use of polystyrene in packaging to protect our environment and wildlife.

    148 signatures

  22. Ban unsustainable palm oil products being sold in the UK.

    145 signatures

  23. The Vegan Petition - Ban Animal Slaughter and Animal Products by 2030

    132 signatures

  24. Require alcoholic drinks to be clearly labelled as vegetarian, vegan, or not

    132 signatures

  25. Ban the use of battery farms to produce eggs

    123 signatures

  26. Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK

    119 signatures

  27. Ensure that adequate shelter is provided for animals kept outside

    100 signatures

  28. Ban the use and sale of shock collars, prong collars and choke chains in the UK

    99 signatures

  29. Switch: Boost steps to end the use of animals in scientific and medical research

    93 signatures

  30. Make Animal Rights Required Learning on the School Curriculum

    76 signatures

  31. Create a register of animal abusers, with mandatory checks by breeders/shops/etc

    74 signatures

  32. Ban the Import and Sale of badminton shuttlecocks that use feathers.

    72 signatures

  33. Create New Rights for All Sentient Animals

    68 signatures

  34. Ban the manufacture and sale of bottled water

    65 signatures

  35. Ban non-stun slaughter

    61 signatures

  36. Grant cats the same status under the Road Traffic Act 1988 as dogs

    58 signatures

  37. Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

    55 signatures

  38. Increase the Maximum Penalty for Animal Cruelty to Ten Years Imprisonment

    52 signatures

  39. Ban the use of plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables

    51 signatures

  40. Ban the advertisement of leather products

    50 signatures

  41. Mandatory custodial sentences for animal abuse offences

    49 signatures

  42. Make Strangles in Equines a notifiable disease in the UK

    46 signatures

  43. Make the culling of healthy animals in captivity illegal

    44 signatures

  44. Remove VAT on veterinary bills and medication.

    43 signatures

  45. Provide more funding to organisations helping to save orangutans and their homes

    41 signatures

  46. Ban the use of fireworks in residential areas.

    39 signatures

  47. Ban fireworks after 10.00pm.

    32 signatures

  48. Make a driving licenses mandatory for electrical scooters

    31 signatures

  49. Take additional action to tackle climate change and protect the environment

    19 signatures

  50. Require zoos and safari parks to close

    19 signatures

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