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  1. Government to match the £500 bonus to all care staff

    602 signatures

  2. Extend the transitional phase of Brexit by one year, to 31.12.21

    602 signatures

  3. Move all bank holidays to a time after Coronavirus Lockdown

    601 signatures

  4. Ban all advertising for online gambling sites

    594 signatures

  5. New "UK Person" status for nationals of countries that prohibit dual nationality

    588 signatures

  6. Provide funds so Marine Conservation Zones in the UK can be properly protected.

    584 signatures

  7. Increase penalties, enforcement and education to tackle littering & fly tipping

    582 signatures

  8. Give new fathers a right to six weeks paid paternity leave

    580 signatures

  9. Provide all small companies not entitled to existing support a grant of £25,000

    577 signatures

  10. Ban the use of horses in the police force

    574 signatures

  11. Prioritise Covid-19 testing for relatives of residents in Care Homes.

    572 signatures

  12. Ban MMA liquid use in the beauty industry

    571 signatures

  13. Mandatory life sentences for child sexual abuse

    570 signatures

  14. Introduce limits on per customer purchases in all supermarkets

    566 signatures

  15. Make it law for all new builds to include green energy solutions.

    565 signatures

  16. Reverse the decision to support new onshore wind farms

    553 signatures

  17. Criminalise the publication of unfounded false statements by the media

    552 signatures

  18. Ban landlords and estate agents discriminating against universal credit tenants

    551 signatures

  19. Citizenship to all immigrant key workers

    549 signatures

  20. Hold an inquiry into how the police handle historic sexual abuse cases.

    548 signatures

  21. Require Coroners to record when a death resulted from using a prescription drug

    545 signatures

  22. Make it illegal to use a disabled parking space without a Blue Badge

    545 signatures

  23. Require companies to match employment conditions for reemployed workers.

    544 signatures

  24. Abolish Council tax

    544 signatures

  25. Increase financial support for childcare costs for student nurses and midwives

    543 signatures

  26. Mandatory screening for Elbow and Hip Dysplasia for susceptible breeding dogs

    540 signatures

  27. Ban the live export of animals

    538 signatures

  28. Extend shielding until further notice

    527 signatures

  29. Give extra points in Points Based Immigration, if anyone has studied in the UK.

    526 signatures

  30. Ban All Pheasant Shooting in England and The Rearing Of Game Birds For Shooting.

    521 signatures

  31. Bonus for emergency services personnel working due to COVID-19

    514 signatures

  32. Increase the existing SMP & SPP support

    509 signatures

  33. Reintroduce the Milk Marketing Board

    492 signatures

  34. Allow DVLA to restart Motorcycle tests

    489 signatures

  35. Run a nationwide information campaign to reduce roadside litter.

    489 signatures

  36. Offer financial support for out of work Seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic

    486 signatures

  37. Waive the interest on student loans for NHS workers and students

    485 signatures

  38. Parliament to protect housing benefit payments during Coronavirus.

    483 signatures

  39. Increase the state pension

    475 signatures

  40. To introduce "Hong Kong Bill 2019-2021" as a government bill

    470 signatures

  41. Fund better support for women experiencing pregnancy loss and miscarriage

    468 signatures

  42. Increase taxes on high earners to fund emergency Budget measures

    465 signatures

  43. Allow families to prevent press reporting of a loved one’s suicide

    465 signatures

  44. Remove Universal Credit's 'Minimum Income Floor' for the self-employed.

    459 signatures

  45. Include Alevi status in the 2021 census

    456 signatures

  46. Require all train stations and trains to have Step-Free Access

    455 signatures

  47. Sack South Western Railway and hand over running of South Western to TfL

    454 signatures

  48. Create a Citizens' Assembly for the Future

    452 signatures

  49. Extend Equality Act 2010 protections to all job applicants for seafarer roles

    445 signatures

  50. Remove the criteria for men who have sex with men to wait before donating blood

    438 signatures

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