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  1. All Rescue Back Up Contact Details On Microchips Must Remain Registered For Life

    6,489 signatures

  2. Engage internationally to end bear bile farming

    6,468 signatures, now closed

  3. Fund adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) screening for children at birth.

    6,356 signatures

  4. Review travel advice and travel corridor list for African countries

    6,313 signatures

  5. Ensure continued Universal health cover by legally committing to a minimum spend

    6,273 signatures, now closed

  6. Give leaseholders more legal protection and consumer rights

    6,198 signatures

  7. Grant full UK citizenship rights to Commonwealth Armed Forces Veterans

    6,192 signatures, now closed

  8. Introduce Gender and Race equity for GCSE English Literature set texts

    6,125 signatures, now closed

  9. Review need for social distancing inside theatres before November

    6,095 signatures

  10. Urge Sri Lanka to allow the burial of Covid victims to respect religious beliefs

    6,056 signatures

  11. Allow all dance studios to open with covid safety precautions in place

    6,055 signatures

  12. Include LGBT+ history and LGBT+ history month in National Curriculum

    5,982 signatures, now closed

  13. Life sentence for drivers who do not stop after killing a person on the road

    5,971 signatures

  14. Do not make masks mandatory for children in primary or secondary schools in UK.

    5,969 signatures, now closed

  15. Enable online learning for children who live with those who are vulnerable

    5,957 signatures

  16. Extend maternity pay to 12 months

    5,930 signatures, now closed

  17. Work with regulators and exam providers to clarify exam arrangements for 2021

    5,904 signatures, now closed

  18. The British government should set a net migration cap at 10,000 a year.

    5,889 signatures, now closed

  19. Allow both members of all same-sex female couples to be on the birth certificate

    5,887 signatures

  20. Allow schools to re-open in England!

    5,869 signatures, now closed

  21. A law of presumed liability to protect vulnerable road users like cyclists

    5,730 signatures, now closed

  22. Restrict police powers under the Dangerous Dogs Act

    5,638 signatures

  23. Close construction sites because of Covid19.

    5,614 signatures, now closed

  24. Seek common travel area between GB NI & ROI for Guide dogs & Assistance dogs

    5,608 signatures

  25. Reduce student debt for student nurses and midwives

    5,602 signatures, now closed

  26. Allow driving tests and lessons to continue in Tier 4

    5,588 signatures

  27. Include Latinx/Hispanic as an ethnic group in the 2021 census

    5,580 signatures

  28. Halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.

    5,493 signatures, now closed

  29. Increase funding for crisis and acute mental health services

    5,492 signatures

  30. Apply to join the European Union Single Market

    5,490 signatures

  31. Lower the price of the £210 COVID Home Test Kits for travellers entering the UK

    5,488 signatures

  32. Consider urgent action to grant specialist vape retailers essential status

    5,482 signatures

  33. Create a UK Jobs Guarantee Scheme covering every young person in need of work

    5,478 signatures

  34. Review and increase expense rates for employees travelling outside the UK

    5,459 signatures

  35. Change our electoral system to Proportional Representation for true democracy

    5,446 signatures

  36. Negotiate a visa-free permit for European travel for athletes

    5,441 signatures

  37. Make prescriptions free for everyone with Cystic Fibrosis

    5,406 signatures, now closed

  38. Establish a cross-party, cross-discipline panel to scrutinise Covid-19 policies

    5,399 signatures

  39. Urgently extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given Covid19

    5,303 signatures, now closed

  40. Enshrine tree planting target in law

    5,301 signatures

  41. Hold a referendum on returning devolved powers to the UK Government

    5,224 signatures, now closed

  42. Legislate for the provision of reparations to communities affected by slavery

    5,205 signatures, now closed

  43. Work with breweries to provide financial help for Pub landlords during Covid-19

    5,163 signatures, now closed

  44. Petition to increase the 25kmh limit on electric bikes in the UK.

    5,153 signatures, now closed

  45. Increase funding for NHS transgender services

    5,128 signatures

  46. Require universities to refund for practical courses year 20/21 due to COVID-19

    5,116 signatures

  47. Make Indefinite Leave to Remain available to anyone resident in UK for 10 years

    5,115 signatures

  48. Prioritise Covid-19 testing for relatives of residents in Care Homes.

    5,113 signatures, now closed

  49. Decline any requests for bailouts from the airline industry

    5,070 signatures, now closed

  50. Adopt a Zero Covid strategy - full lockdown and close borders

    5,045 signatures

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