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  1. Bring back free TV Licence for the over 75 year old.

  2. Stop the bbc from making over 75 pay for their tv licence

  3. Restore Free TV licences for the over 75s

  4. scrap the tv license

  5. Stop the BBC introducing TV licences for the over 75's & find savings elsewhere

  6. Abolish the TV license and start showing adverts on all BBC channels.

  7. Do not stop the over 75 free BBC TV Licence

  8. Scrap TV licence as it's outdated - instead fund by subscription or adverts

  9. Allow pensioners to watch TV without the worry of having to pay for a TV Licence

  10. Get the to BBC reconsider reinstating the 75+ free TV Licence.

  11. Scrap the tv licence now

  12. Change the TV License fee to a BBC subscription fee.

  13. Reverse the decision by the BBC to charge people over 75 a for a TV licence.

  14. BBC TV License to use commercials to fund themselves.

  15. Abolish the license fee for people aged 75 and over.

  16. prevent the BBC from doing away with free tv licenses for over 75 year olds

  17. Make BBC an optional subscription service rather than forced tv licence

  18. Abolish the Telivision licence fee and make the BBC pay for itself

  19. Petition to reinstate the free T V licence for our Elderly.

  20. Government to STOP the BBC scrapping the free licence fee for over 75’s

  21. Scrap tv licence

  22. Reverse the BBC's decision to means test the free TV Licence for over 75s

  23. Change the BBC TV licence to become a subscription service like Sky/Netflix etc.

  24. Scrap the TV Licence free.

  25. Abolish the T.V License for everyone and make the BBC have adverts

  26. A change of party leader in the governing party should force a general election.

  27. Do not charge pensioners already in receipt of a free TV license from June 2020.

  28. Do not start charging pensioners over 75 for TV licence

  29. Stop/change TV Licensing and make the bbc fund itself!

  30. Make TV Licencing free for over 75's.

  31. Scrap the TV license

  32. Oppose BBC decision - asking to pay for a TV licence fee from over-75s.

  33. Scrap the t.v. licence completely

  34. End the current compulsory BBC Television Licence fee for everybody.

  35. Scrap the BBC tv licence fee

  36. For the BBC to maintain free TV licences for the over 75s

  37. Scrap BBC TV Licence fee as they are well able to raise the funds by other means

  38. It’s time to re think and scrap the out of date BBC TV License.

  39. Automatic by-election triggered if any MP joins/forms another political party.

  40. Put all of Horrible Histories’ songs on Spotify.

  41. Place a maximum cap on insurance premiums for younger drivers.

  42. Make Premier League football players give 1% of their wage to chosen charity

  43. Give D-day veteran Harry Billinge a knighthood

  44. Stop MCDONALD'S On the durly estate,prenton,Wirral, Merseyside,England.

  45. Every British Dday veteran living or dead to receive an honorary Knighthood.

  46. Make it the law to report a cat being hit and left in the road

  47. We the british people demand a gen election

  48. Reduce the Smear Test Age from 25 to 18

  49. Ban all single use plastics!

  50. Ban plastic McDonalds toys replace them with plant seeds or books on environment

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