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  1. Enact Article 50 as the Default legal position!

  2. Should Bercow be given a peerage.

  3. Demand for all stormont ministers to be sacked.

  4. Amend the recall of parliament act to include misrepresentation of the people

  5. No deal brexit on October 31th

  6. Hold a General Election

  7. No Deal option must absolutely be included in a general election/referendum.

  8. Drug test MPs after traces of cocaine were found in houses or parliament

  9. Give employees the right to carry a mobile phone at work at all times.

  10. Ban all single use plastics and give companies a 12 month deadline to do so.

  11. Parliament, review and reform Make it fit for purpose, a platform of the people

  12. Give all politicians a 50% pay cut until the UK either leaves or votes otherwise

  13. More funding to be put towards schools,as well as the special needs departments.

  14. Ban fireworks for public sale, controlled events only

  15. Parliament should support the Brexit deal and the withdrawal bill and exit EU

  16. Give the Public a General Election to elect new MP's and a new House of Commons

  17. The People Demand to Dissolve Parliament for a General Election to be held

  18. UK political parties to be legally bound by the Advertising Standards Authority

  19. We instruct the UK politicians to stop party politics, and vote for an election.

  20. The people of the United Kingdom demand an early General Election dated 12/12/19

  21. Get my DS back

  22. Tougher laws on vehicle and tool theft break ins effecting people’s lively hoods

  23. Dissolve the Government and Zombie Parliament to Force a General Election

  24. Drug test MPs

  25. Stop indiscriminate violence against Iraqi protesters.

  26. Introduce legislation to ensure that all PIP assessments are recorded.

  27. Bring the basic pension to £350.00 p/week.

  28. Hold an election on the 12th December 2019

  29. Romanian language GCSE in UK schools

  30. A Royal Commission should be set up to look into the whole process of Brexit.

  31. Ensure pedophiles and rapists receive an adequate jail sentence

  32. Make prescriptions FREE for people who live with a illness like Crohns & Colitis

  33. Stop shops from selling Fireworks, make them for private sale only.

  34. "This House supports President Macron vetoing a Brexit Extension"

  35. men and women England a bus pass at 60 Ireland, Wales , Manchester

  36. Ban the sale of Fireworks to the public.

  37. school inset/training days to be included in the school holidays

  38. Abolish VAT on all types of trees, and ancillary tree planting materials.

  39. Compulsory random drugs test for all MPs with a zero tolerance policy.

  40. To make it law to stop a second Brexit referendum

  41. We demand that the British people are given a general election before Christmas

  42. We, the people of the UK, demand an immediate General Election.

  43. Allow 16 and 17 year olds the same voting rights as over 18's

  44. Update the process of calling an election - take it outside of government.

  45. Parliamentary Reform Now - and a GE by the people's will.

  46. Allow EU citizens living in the UK to vote on the upcoming general election.

  47. Stop messing about with Brexit and honour the Referendum and vote to get us out

  48. Abolish parliament and form a new type of governance for the UK.

  49. Remove Citizens Advice Gagging order placed by the DWP

  50. Insist the Government give the people of the UK a general election.

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