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  1. Leave EU with 'No deal'. Negotiate once we are out of the EU and Single Market.

  2. Save Shepton Mallet prison from redevelopment

  3. CCTV for all SEN schools for parents to access to get a true picture

  4. Stop Probate charge increases

  5. Choices for a second referendum

  6. Get rid of Universal Credit and go back to the old Child and Working tax system

  7. Raise the Military Budget

  8. We the public still want to leave the E.U. on wto terms

  9. Make MP's aware, that they are not representing our interest iro Brexit

  10. Make Jediism an officially recognised religion within UK.

  11. Illegal to hit a cat and not report to police, be equal in 1988 Road Traffic Act

  12. Make the punishment for animal abuse harsher for offenders

  13. Immediately restore UK voting rights to disenfranchised ex-pat UK citizens.

  14. Parliament will be found to be in contempt of the people.

  15. Remove Roger Scruton from the 'Building Better, Building Beautiful' Commission

  16. The government should do more to tackle suicide rates in men

  17. Abandon plans to issue a commemorative 50p Brexit coin in March 2019

  18. Stop the possibility of a 2nd Vote. Britain voted Leave 52% to 48%.

  19. Overturn the decision by the parole board to clear the release of David McGreavy

  20. Price freeze on January train fare increase

  21. Help save our school.

  22. Keep David Mcgreavy and all child killers behind bars til death.

  23. Stop the Parole Board releasing David McGreavy 'the Monster of Worcester'

  24. Stop child murderer David McGreavy from being released from prison.

  25. Hold a snap general election before the uk leaves the eu.

  26. Make petitions of no confidence in Parliament or political parties allowable.

  27. Stop airing "The dog whisperer" on UK TV

  28. Legislate to force British Museum trustees to return Hoa Hakananai'a to Rapa Nui

  29. To make MP's accountable by Law if purposefully misleading the public.

  30. David McGreavy should spend the rest of his life in prison.

  31. Lower train fares for commuters

  32. Cancel United Kingdom if the government implements European court of laws advice

  33. All MP's should be held accountable for going against the referendum result.

  34. Withdrawl from Brexit under Article 50

  35. Review the Parole Board's decision to release David Mcgreavy

  36. Abolish council tax now

  37. To stop the release of triple murderer David McGreavy.

  38. Ban the computer game Fortnight

  39. Have red telephone boxes altered to include mobile charging stations

  40. Should The Bus Shelter Ipswich be given some land by local & central government

  41. Religious call to prayer reminders should be by text message and email.

  42. Stop Tumblr banning adult content

  43. Raise money to chip in for Jurgen Klopps ban by the FA! Taking passion away!!!!!

  44. Make bullying a criminal offence that goes on children's records.

  45. Ensure there are never any state subsidies for halal and kosher certified items

  46. Change the law on EV charging so people in terraced homes can also benefit

  47. Object to the building of any houses within the boundary of Buile Hill Park

  48. To uphold the first referendum Deal or No Deal

  49. Make lying to the public and parliament by an mp an offence punishable by prison

  50. urge train companies to increase the “adult” ticket age to 18.

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