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  1. Make it illegal for restaurant and bar owners to steal tips from their staff.

  2. Protect our nhs staff by introducing blanket HIV testing in hospitals.

  3. Put a maximum figure of £25 to be charged for EFL tickets.

  4. I want the school uniform changed to gender neutral so boys can wear skirts

  5. Students should be allowed to wear mosque hats during school

  6. Holiday booking rates reduced by 20% for teachers.

  7. Cheaper holiday booking rates for teachers.

  8. Save the wildlife of Burnside Lakes Cambridge

  9. Save the cooling towers at buildwas power station

  10. Use the term anti-Muslim hatred instead of Islamophobia in govt. communications.

  11. Ban pesticides for Bees and other insects!

  12. Do not extand the ultra low emission zone to the north and south circler

  13. Ban charities from distributing collection bags made from plastic

  14. We need to stop this level of deforestation

  15. Save Wolverhampton house of Fraser / beatties from closing

  16. Discuss China putting Muslims in concentrations camps in parliament.

  17. Raise the sentencing for carrying a knife to life

  18. Introduce wide-ranging GENUINE consultation for all green belt developments

  19. Deport all non British Citizens who commit a serious offence by British Laws

  20. Review the ULEZ zone in London and the draconian effect it will have on London

  21. To change how the child maintenance service work out.

  22. Reverse the decision to award Network Rail’s Mark Carne a CBE.

  23. Ban or tighten the laws against the use and manafacture of all tobacco products

  24. People who carry bladed articles in a public place can not claim self defence.

  25. Block the award of a CBE to Mark Carne of Network Rail

  26. Make discrimination against Vegans, Vegetarians and other ethical groups a crime

  27. Realease the 'White Papers' by June 30th

  28. EU legislation publicly debated & voted on before going before EU Parliament

  29. Scrap the role of London Mayor

  30. I want the government to ban live animals that have been fed GMO foods.

  31. It should be illegal for politician's to lie in parliament or to the electorate.

  32. Stop the sale of mopeds or motor bikes to under 25s and make it law to secure it

  33. Make Malicious False Allegations a Hate Crime with Victim suffering considered.

  34. I have no faith or trust in Prime Minister Theresa May

  35. Ensure the Government MUST leave the Customs Union by December 2021

  36. Move U.S news to it's own tab on BBC, prioritising national and local coverage.

  37. Allow drivers to use there vehicles to ram mopeds to protect themselves.

  38. Review huge increase in petrol and diesel prices at the pumps YTD in 2018.

  39. Ban all Non-biodegradable packaging and disposables by 2022.

  40. Remove the PM from her position NOW as she has betrayed EU Referendum result.

  41. Change the rules of the cemetery about full edging

  42. Force TV companies to maintain regular programme schedules.

  43. To allow Tyler the Creator entry into the U.K

  44. Make all grade boundaries for AQA A Level Biology Paper 1 under 50%

  45. Banning single use plastic in North Wales.

  46. Remove the planned restriction to Phoenix Way in Heston

  47. Don’t charge parking fees at Bradford Council leisure facilities car parks.

  48. Give all men aged 50 or over the right to have a PSA test from their GP

  49. Recognisation by the Government of the Wrongful Prohibition of Cannabis.

  50. Change the name of Hungary to Magyarland.

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