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  1. Lift landlord ban on DSS

  2. Either make life sentences mean life. Or bring back the Death Penalty.

  3. Lower the cervical smear age to 16 or when you have a baby

  4. Roads by schools should be gritted in cold weather conditions.

  5. Make sanitary towels and tampons free

  6. Recognise all types of migraine as a serious disability and not just a headache.

  7. Boycott the FIFA World Cup in Russia and withdraw the England team.

  8. Make the government fund life boats.

  9. Ban the import of shark fins into the Europe

  10. British Fishing rights for British Fishermen In our Sea's

  11. Investigate competance of TFL Rail Senior Management

  12. Police too do mandatory checks on phones if in any car accident (Both Parties)

  13. Grant refugee status and accept asylum applications from South Africans.

  14. Parking Fees Streatham Madeira Rd to expensive for non working families - carers

  15. Block london's fire service commissioner from gender recognition stupidity.

  16. Free Hanan from prison in Egypt

  17. Calculate Child Maintenance Payments post tax and national insurance

  18. Free Jayda Fransen, and Paul Golding Leaders Of Britain First,

  19. Give sanitary products free to all female children.

  20. Stop the closure of the Post Office in Coleford, Somerset.

  21. Introduce short term - minimum 1 year, PBS dependant or Tier 2 VISA

  22. Make Basic First Aid Mandatory in all school starts and professions.

  23. Stop insurance companies from discriminating young drivers

  24. Changes to rape laws in the UK

  25. STOP scaremongering weather headlines that cause concern for the vulnerable

  26. reduce road tax for motorcycles

  27. Local authorities to provide Child Performance Licence in shorter time scales

  28. Force Facebook and other social media to tackle the spreading of Fake News

  29. Britain should offer UK residency to displaced White South Africans.

  30. Give free child care for 2 year olds to workers working less than 16 hours

  31. Get Virgin Media to provide faster upload speeds to their home customers.


  33. Christians safety and security in India need to be discussed

  34. Single market: call no confidence in the government & call a general election

  35. Introducing a taster week for GCSE courses in all secondary schools

  36. Plant Fruit Trees on city sidewalks, parks 4 everyone including homeless people.

  37. Justice for Muslims in Sri Lanka

  38. restriction of 20 MPH agreed for Blakes Avenue New Malden Surrey.

  39. Remove the smoking ban from all NHS Mental Health hospitals

  40. Change the way the new Child maintenance options works. Make absent parents pay

  41. Make picking up litter compulsory to all.

  42. To stop shops from automatically printing paper receipts

  43. Increse the amount of universal creadit/ child benifit for bigger familys

  44. Let people have a day off work/school on their birthday.

  45. Outlaw Sharia Courts in the UK.

  46. Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body.

  47. Make sanitary towels and tampons free for women

  48. We grow more legal cannabis than Canada. Laws must adapt with WHO's findings.

  49. Prevent public accusations of alleged non-ethical, but legal actions, by UK MPs.

  50. Introduce a Meat Tax

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