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  1. We call upon the UK government to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  2. Stop Commons bars from serving alcohol on the day MPs vote.

  3. introduce legislation that holds elected officials accountable for their actions

  4. Reduce the amount of plastic used in supermarket foods and retail distributors

  5. Keep Jerusalem the capital of Palestine

  6. To decrease the price of public transport for all people

  7. Demand the resignation of the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

  8. stop daylight saving

  9. Remove David Davis MP as Minister as he lied to Parliament

  10. Fine for no Insurance should be greater than Insurance cost.

  11. David Davis must resign or be sacked.

  12. Not to recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

  13. Sack Philip Hammond over disabled low productivity comments.

  14. Withdraw article 50 - End this Farce

  15. Add safety rails / grip on the steps on the Ridgeway / plympton

  16. Revoke Trump's illegal settlements & the establishing of Jerusalem in Palestine

  17. This government shows that they hold our country in contempt.They must resign

  18. Give Drivers Going Through A Red X On The Motorway Points & A Fine.

  19. Britain should follow the USA and now accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

  20. Remove David Davis from his position as 'Brexit' Secretary.

  21. Re-instate the winter fuel allowance for pensioners living in EU countries.

  22. The British Government should move their embassy to Jerusalem.

  23. BMI should be banned for babies children and young adults

  24. Launch Inquiry into Fitness for Purpose of the Parliamentary Brexit Committee

  25. The government will not recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital & condem the US

  26. stop closure of Royal Bank Scotland turriff

  27. Stop JUST EAT charging 50 pence per order paying by card / cash for online order

  28. HMG condemn the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

  29. Amend the rape law, so women can be prosecuted for statutory rape.

  30. Withdraw notification under Article 50 to leave the EU

  31. Oppose Trumps decision of making Jerusalem the Isreali capital.

  32. David Davis must resign for misleading parliament on Brexit impact papers.

  33. ‪Can we settle on this country remaining in EU the rest be Brexitland?

  34. Conjugal visits for prisoners

  35. Asthma People in England that have Asthma should not have to pay for Medication.

  36. Petition America via the United Nations to not move their Embassy to Jerusalem.

  37. Ban Trump from a state visit as his stance on Jerusalem is contrary to UN policy

  38. Maintain access to RBS banking services in Tain

  39. Trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Help us stop this declaration.

  40. Readdressing the cancer act legislation 1939

  41. Free Television For Patients In Hospital

  42. Modify the Benefits Act and diminish benefits to people who are able to work.

  43. Ask the people of England would they rather be rid of Northern Ireland.

  44. Add Iodine to Salt

  45. Reject the application for 50 houses off Priest Hill Lane, Hailey, witney, OXON.

  46. Inforce the minimum smoking age in public places

  47. Revamp the way that Home Office supports foreign entrepreneurs with Visas.

  48. Make Female Genitalia Mutilation (FGM) a more punishable offence in the UK.

  49. Donate more money to schools!

  50. Access to banking services with guaranteed minimum level of service provision

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