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  1. Make PASS cards (e.g. Validate) recognised proof of ID in all establishments.

  2. add waluigi to super smash brothers ultimate

  3. Support the right to die with dignity

  4. Make it a criminal offence to harass a learner driver who is on a lesson.

  5. For Felixstowe Academy to acquire Chromebooks for the current Year 10 students.

  6. Michael Grove & DEFRA to end the inhumane Badger Cull & use Biosecurity Measures

  7. Improve security of goods carrying vehicles in services and any other places

  8. Implement a zero tolerance bullying policy in all public schools in the UK

  9. Cut overseas aid by 100%. Because our country is suffering.

  10. Make Sky Sports bring back Masters Football

  11. Hold Twitter & Facebook to account over Far Right content.

  12. Bullies of any age in schools need stronger punishments

  13. Revoke Article 13

  14. Ban companies passing on personal details and make “cold mailing” illegal.

  15. Get shops & supermarkets,to give loyalty points to customers using reusable bags

  16. Change adult bus fares from 16+ to 18+.

  17. Ensure there is more life skills in schools to prepare students for the future.

  18. Stop the RBS Droylsden bank closure.

  19. Make available to the courts the sentence of ‘Exile’.

  20. Make unnecessary Pre-installed software like Bloatware(Adware&Trialware) illegal

  21. No exemption from council tax include prayer rooms.

  22. To allow retail and local authorities to enforce disabled parking

  23. Children in care to be heard more and be entitled to a fair say in their lives

  24. Make halal meat visibally clearly labelled and for restaurants to do the same.

  25. Stricter controls over the way shops display & advertise alcoholic beverages.

  26. Require the pub name 'The Red Lion' to be changed to 'The Lion'

  27. Removal of the sugar tax

  28. Paying nearly £700 NHS fees when applying for visa when we pay tax to government

  29. Plaid Cymru: Wales should have its own banknotes again

  30. I’m writing this petition because the new gcses is ridiculously hard !!!

  31. KEEP the train service from Stranraer to Ayr running.

  32. Introduce a none of these box on ballot forms,. New election if 51% vote so

  33. Help stop child poverty in the United Kingdom, sign today.

  34. Make the UK secondary schools allow the phones at break and lunch time

  35. Start treating Domestic Violence attacks as the serious crimes they are

  36. Stop my daughters shool becoming a mixed school

  37. Reduce backbench MP salaries to £44,000.

  38. Introduce a safe crossing for the children of Steeple Claydon

  39. Give Carl cox a knighthood

  40. Regulate/ Reduce the price of train tickets across the country (£ per mile/km)

  41. Award Military Cross to Captain Michael Lees that was wrongly denied in WWII.

  42. Bring back plates for food consumption at Chellaston Academy

  43. Stop private & public organisations limiting the freedom of speech of employees.

  44. Eradicate Hate Crimes! Lengthen the sentencing for racist hate crimes today!!

  45. Lower the voting age to 16 during general elections and referendums

  46. first port property management company to account for grossly overcharging

  47. Brexit is masquerading as the Will of the People – Repeal the Withdrawal Act

  48. The far right is spreading fake news. Take action against this.

  49. Ban in perpetuity the changing of the time to summer and winter time

  50. Indian origin in UK should be recognised as Indians & not generalised as Asians.

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