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  1. A peoples vote to resolve brexit, by a three-way referendum.

  2. Dear Boris, please postpone Brexit! Nobody wants a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

  3. Stop Microsoft using ai in party chats and profanity breach for age of 18+

  4. Ban and criminalise disruptive protests and protect our cities.

  5. Stop implementing “smart motorways”. Revert any already introduced.

  6. Reject Brexit if a suitable deal is not agreed on by 31st October

  7. Hold a Peoples Vote, with a choice of Boris' deal or remain in the EU

  8. I would ask MPs to accept the new Brexit deal and end this ongoing uncertainty

  9. Call a referendum to either accept the October Brexit deal or revoke Article 50

  10. Stop Kashmiris hold anti-India demo @London Oct27 Same day as Diwali (Indian NY)

  11. Ban all fireworks in UK.

  12. The slowness in Financial Ombudsman Services shockingly making consumers suffer

  13. Teach British Sign Language in schools

  14. Ban Radio stations from playing music that use Racial slurs.

  15. Put Boris Johnson's Brexit deal to the people, against the option to remain

  16. Put laws in place to stop cyber bullying

  17. Discounted driving lessons for college students

  18. Revoke article 50 if both the new deal & a brexit extension are rejected.

  19. Help to stop the Turkish aggression against Kurdish people in Rojava.

  20. Affordable mortgages/homes for nurses

  21. Dishonourable MP's who fail to support a referendum must be removed from office

  22. Introduce online voting.

  23. overlook personal independent payment guideline

  24. For the FA to start thinking of the fans before money and TV fixtures.

  25. Parliament to accept new Brexit Deal

  26. Lower VAT to 15% after Brexit

  27. Save our BBC

  28. Change the English national anthem to Jerusalem by William Blake.

  29. Restrict firework sales to ONLY 5th November, or ban them completely.

  30. Freeze TfL fares until they provide seamless service (no delays).

  31. any brexit deal done with the EU must be put to a confirmatory UK referendum

  32. Dear Boris, please postpone Brexit! Nobody wants a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

  33. MPs, who ignored the majority of their constituents’ votes, to lose their seats.

  34. Change EU law to make testing products on animals a criminal offence

  35. Mental health Services need to be more available to children and teenagers

  36. Review the Law and Family Court process in relation to child contact disputes

  37. adding more bins , disposable bags , emptying bins regularly

  38. Boris Johnson should be compelled to resign if he cannot “get brexit done”

  39. Stop Selling weapons, ammunition and Arms to Turkey immediately

  40. Remove VAT on veterinary care

  41. Give more opportunities for international students to get graduate roles.

  42. Change the law so that MP status is withdrawn when MP'S leave their party.

  43. Issue Parent and Child parking permits in a similar way to disabled parking.

  44. Increase school transport funding for 8 to 11 years olds in full time education

  45. Demand that the Prime Minister explain his position on 'the will of the people'.

  46. Make consent a mandatory part of sex education from start of secondary school.

  47. Stop subsidies to the fossil fuel industries.

  48. Read the authors analysis proving 2016's question was MISLEADING & BIASED & act.

  49. Read the authors analysis proving 2016's question was MISLEADING & BIASED & act.

  50. national register for domestic abuse perpetrators

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