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  1. Protect our Police Force from life threatening attacks, harsher penalties needed

  2. Make employers give new fathers and new mothers the same parental leave

  3. Consider plans for a Perth to Edinburgh train link

  4. Make swimming classes mandatory for all children in a

  5. Consider plans for an edinburgh underground metro system

  6. Do not leave the EU on 31/10/ 2019, without a deal agreed in parliament.

  7. Prevent excessive paper waste by companies

  8. Make changes to highway code 244 parking on pavements.

  9. Request enquiry into stranglehold pharmaceutical cos have on health research

  10. Ban the import and sales of lethal weapons such as machetes and zombie knives

  11. To provide specialist perinatal mental health inpatient services in Wales.

  12. The living expense on universal credit is not enough to live on

  13. The people of the uk have no confidence in Boris Johnson

  14. People's vs Remainer parliament Brexit General election


  16. A full independent inquiry in to the Bristol fly problem

  17. The UK Should continue to be part of the European Inter Rail pass scheme

  18. Dominic Cummings must be removed as advisor to the Government

  19. Save UK participation in Interrail

  20. Prosecute anyone taking luggage off an aircraft in an emergency.

  21. UK Government to pass into law legal obligation 2 protect UK citizens abroad


  23. Restrict the operation of 'scamera vans' to outside schools & hospitals

  24. Invalidate Brexit referendum results due to undemocratic exclusion of EU Expats

  25. Make a proper Mental Health Service provision for teenagers/young adults.

  26. Make 'Fake News' articles appear as 'sponsored' posts

  27. Make all menstruation sanitary products free of charge for all women

  28. Fund first IVF treatment for same sex couples as NHS does for fertility problems

  29. Tell the EU we support Parliament's rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement.

  30. Give all secondary school students a talk about the impact of animal products

  31. why should motorcycles pay £91 vehicle tax when many cars are less or even zero?

  32. Lower the age of getting a tattoo, with parental consent, to 16.

  33. FREE DRINKING WATER TAPS on our streets - to reduce single-use plastic bottles.

  34. Veto banning Violent Video games in the UK,they don't cause people to be violent

  35. Stricter penalties for dog thieves in Scotland

  36. The government has no mandate for no deal.

  37. Implement compulsory registration across England for all care workers.

  38. More awareness & funding for, & transparency about, research into kids cancers.

  39. We want the local council to fund the graveyard (friends of Blackburn cemetery)

  40. Petition a George Cross for an unknown volunteer of the Canals and River Trust.

  41. Decrease the levels of CO2 being emmited in to the atmosphere by 95% by 2020

  42. Compulsory microchip scanning by vets at every visit , checking missing pets log

  43. All workers to know basic first aid.

  44. Stop Saturday Construction works in residential areas

  45. Change the no-deal BREXIT default position to leave without a deal to remain.

  46. Ask Govt to intervene that GPHC should give more than three chances to pre regs.

  47. Prevent on-duty Police officers from participating in "Pride" events.

  48. The PM should meet representative voters every month, one-to-one on live TV.

  49. 10 year Minimum prison sentence for sexual offences against children

  50. Make it illegal to walk a dog in a public place without a lead on

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