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  1. Allow soldiers to grow beards

  2. Support UK High Streets by making rates affordable and challenging shop rents

  3. Only sober MP's allowed to vote.

  4. Provide free childcare for university students

  5. Get Northern and Thames link to Refund Season ticket holder for slower trains.

  6. Balance out the national minimum wage across age groups

  7. Call for a ban on the appleby horse fair

  8. Make it illegal for any UK minister to take any devolved away!

  9. Help cancel the ULEZ expansion to inner London from October 2021.

  10. Ban and Re-classify Hezbollah in it's entirety, Including it's political wing!

  11. Stop the cuts to free school meals.

  12. Make charities show the percentage of their revenue going to charity.

  13. Lift the UK Travel Advisory on Direct Flights to Sharm-El-Sheikh

  14. Attendance not to decrease at school if a day taken due to religious holiday Eid

  15. Update our Education System

  16. Make all products containing palm-oil have it stated CLEARLY on the label.

  17. Make body-shaming on all social media platforms illegal.

  18. Should Parliament change law to increase one 20 mins break in a 12-hour shift?

  19. Repeal the law that bans satirical use of parliamentary footage

  20. The Article 50 notification is invalid and must be withdrawn

  21. Make it illegal to deny children vaccinations, except for medical reasons

  22. Make Police threatening people however they like noticed and a sackable offence.

  23. Mp who fall asleep at work to be handed thier notice

  24. Uber to make Prius Plus an XL.

  25. Repeal the UK Parliamentary footage law so we can laugh at our MP's.

  26. Protester cannot display placards with a hateful message about a group or Nation

  27. Lower grade boundaries for OCR A level biology paper 2- biological diversity

  28. Make April 23 St George's Day a Bank Holiday in England

  29. Allow parliamentary proceedings to be broadcast freely and for comedic use

  30. Abolish naming and shaming in primary schools!

  31. UK Government - Prevent UK MEPS voting FOR Article 13 of EU Copyright Directive

  32. Stop food retailers from requiring plastic drink bottles to complete meal deals

  33. Build a Channel Bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland

  34. UK Parliamentary Footage Law Licence: Repeal Broadcast Regulation

  35. To add Friday as a part of the weekend for all people.Having 3 days off.

  36. Private hire drivers should get a fixed hourly rate operated similar to busses.

  37. Make period products free

  38. We want CPR & First aid as part of national curriculum.

  39. Introduce mandatory laws for business to recycle and reduce waste.

  40. Repeal the two child limit to Tax Credits and Universal Credit.

  41. Ban sales of high caffeine drinks such as energy drinks to under 16's.

  42. To raise the minimum wage to make it equal for everybody to reduce poverty.

  43. Make it illegal for restaurant and bar owners to steal tips from their staff.

  44. Protect our nhs staff by introducing blanket HIV testing in hospitals.

  45. Put a maximum figure of £25 to be charged for EFL tickets.

  46. I want the school uniform changed to gender neutral so boys can wear skirts

  47. Students should be allowed to wear mosque hats during school

  48. Holiday booking rates reduced by 20% for teachers.

  49. Cheaper holiday booking rates for teachers.

  50. Save the wildlife of Burnside Lakes Cambridge

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