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  1. Law to impose new duties for employers on workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing.

  2. Call upon the CPS to increase the minimum penalty’s for “Death by Driving” cases

  3. Government officials should be awake and not on mobile devices in parliament

  4. Dissolve Parliament and call an immediate General Election

  5. Parliament should dissolve itself and call a general election immediately.

  6. Government to raise the state pension to the same as the minimum living wage

  7. We should have a General Election & a 2nd Referendum on the same December day

  8. Get railway companies to have less delays, cancellations and more carriages

  9. Ban businesses from turning away none customers wanting to use the toilet.

  10. Parliament should hold a General Election on 12 December 2019

  11. Time for a General Election

  12. Ensure all NHS nurses working extra hours for the NHS are paid at overtime rates

  13. Ask John Bercow to stay on as speaker until he believes Brexit is settled

  14. Give the village a new park

  15. Ensure being an EU member state is legal as defined by “The Bill of Rights 1689”

  16. Remove Knighthoods and honours from all MP's who have conspired to stop Brexit.

  17. Lower the the age to vote and run in a local council election down to 16.

  18. For a government election to be held so the electorate can choose their MP's

  19. MPs who defect from a party, constituents to hold by-election within 3 months.

  20. Stop government funds for green energy being invested in Argentinian oil.

  21. invoke article 61

  22. We demand a General Election ASAP!

  23. Ensure School toilets meet minuimum standards for hygiene

  24. Hold a confirmatory Brexit referendum with only Leave options on the ballot

  25. Allow ALL UK Citizens living in EU a Vote in any Confirmatory BREXIT Referendum

  26. Allow the public to force a general election.

  27. To Bring in Stricter Recycling Guidelines for any goods that have packaging.

  28. Government to change licensing legislation for private hire vehicles & taxis

  29. Revoke Article 50 now, and allow a long cooling-off period

  30. Stop DVLA from sharing drivers details to parking companies without consent

  31. Make the next election also include a referendum on Brexit in or out

  32. Let The People Vote


  34. Fully fund the RNLI

  35. A carbon footprint score to be listed on every consumer product

  36. Make random drug testing compulsory for all politicians

  37. Introduce Politics and Economics as compulsory national curriculum subjects.

  38. Parties such as Labour, Should be asked for a contribution for extension cost

  39. Bethesda to offer refunds to all that wasted money buying Fallout 76

  40. Get manufactures to apply stickers to toys, not parents as Christmas is coming.

  41. if an elected Member of Parliament switches party a by-election must be called.

  42. Make an inquiry on Human Rights violations in Chile

  43. Give the people a final say on Brexit in a Referendum vs Remaining in the EU

  44. Make it so people under 18 still count as a child for public transport fares.

  45. Toothpicks should be made freely available in public to improve oral heath.

  46. Have a general election to break the remainer foothold on parliament.

  47. Make 18th September National Jimi Hendrix Day - grab a guitar and learn 2 play

  48. Let the people decide ”DEAL OR NO DEAL”! Time for the nation to decide!

  49. Withhold the salaries of all MPs until Brexit is resolved.

  50. Legalise euthanasia in the UK

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