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  1. Allow unnatural dyed hair in British secondary education

  2. Reinstate the air bridge between Spain and the UK

  3. Prevent restaurants from having to print calories on their menus.

  4. Lift 14 day quarantine when returning to U.K. from spain

  5. Save the smallest breweries (up to 5000HL) from changes to duty relief.

  6. ON THE BEACH holiday company are not responding to any customers with answers.

  7. Revisit obesity measures to protect those suffering from eating disorders

  8. Stop the compulsory introduction of calorie counts on restaurant menus

  9. Reverse the decision to have cafés and restaurants calorie label their menus.

  10. Longer prison sentences for child sex offenders.

  11. Increase Postgraduate Funding

  12. Allow fans at the National League play off final on Sunday 2nd August.

  13. Make all utility bills fixed amounts with no unexpected bills at the end

  14. Prevent calorie information from being published on Children’s menus

  15. Stronger policing around online bullying/abuse.Social media platforms to enforce

  16. Allow teaching assistant staff to get a pay rise just like the teachers

  17. Stop calories being added to menus: calorie-counting will do more harm than good

  18. The PM to address the nation daily via TV on Climate Crisis plans and actions.

  19. Change the name of "child pornography" to "child sexual abuse images or video"

  20. Stop the legislation that will publish calorie labels on menus

  21. Exclude Canary islands from UK return 14 day quarantine

  22. Stop the labelling of calories in restaurants, cafés and takeaways!

  23. Stop the government taxing over 40s. Make them tax billionaires.

  24. Remove the Canary & Balearic islands from the quarantine requirement

  25. HRT needs to be tailored to the uniqueness of each individual woman on the NHS.

  26. Petition to remove Amy Lamé as Night Czar Role to be re-evaluated.

  27. Flights from Sharm El Sheikh should be in the no quarantine corridor

  28. NHS Rail Card

  29. No quarantine from Canaries & Balearics

  30. Name the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and 'Unsafe Country of Origin'

  31. Open air bridges with the Canary & Balearic Islands

  32. Eradicate the insulting term “BAME” It alienates Acknowledge us separately

  33. Cancel the 14 day quarantine from the Canary Island's and Balearics.

  34. Remove the Canary & Balearic Islands from the UK 14 days quarantine rule.

  35. Exclude 14 days quarantine when returning to UK from Balearic and Canary Islands

  36. reconsider 14 day quarantine for Balearic & Canary islands on return too UK

  37. Request to remove The Balearic & Canary islands from UK return 14 day quarantine

  38. force a general election

  39. UK Government reconsider the advice on non essential travel to all of Spain.

  40. change the 14 day quarantine for baleric and canary Islands

  41. Urgently review UK gov guidance for hairdressers regarding only wearing visors

  42. Allow the freedom to travel to Spanish islands without returning quarantine

  43. Remove the post Mayor of London. After 20 years this is not working for London

  44. Allow equestrian events to resume in Scotland with social distancing measures.

  45. Protect a percentage of jobs in the UK's offshore sector

  46. Take down the petition to have the government reverse mandatory masks in shops

  47. Enable ANY Endometriosis sufferers with PIP income support & a blue badge.

  48. Allow weddings up to go ahead with up to 100 guests

  49. Students in schools should be allowed to wear face masks from Sept 2020.

  50. Masks should be mandatory for children and staff to wear at school.

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