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  1. Stop gambling adverts on tv

  2. Ban the practice of slaughtering unstunned animals for Halal or Kosher meat.

  3. Treat abuse of agricultural and rural businesses as a hate crime.

  4. UK aid budget be used to help disasters, health and education.

  5. Stop the closure of Solihull School K2 - 200 students now misplaced

  6. Stop Northampton residents being financially punished for council spending error

  7. Include adult grooming within the Sexual Offences Act 2003

  8. Fly the LGBT flag in Abingdon

  9. Provide financial benefits for sufferers of SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA who cannot work.


  11. Reform the Child Maintenance Service (CMS)

  12. Make a claim on one car insurance policy apply to that policy only.

  13. Stop all Councils in the UK giving out commercial dog breeding licen ses

  14. Make Gwynedd Council abide by the RNLI's 2014 survey,lifeguards for Tywyn Beach

  15. FREE PARKING for Beckside Area residents Beverley and surrounding areas affected

  16. Add Harry Potter to UK Netflix.

  17. Revise LA’s treatment of statutory law for vulnerable children and SEN children

  18. Ban the license fee

  19. Keep Parkway, New Addington (Special Care Dental Community Clinic) OPEN!

  20. Make hygiene ratings mandatory in the UK.

  21. Make it so Landlords and estate agents can’t refuse DSS.

  22. Reverse the Planning Decision made by NSDC at The Old Library, Edwinstowe.

  23. Sanitary wear for all women should be free on prescription

  24. to scrap the ban against “tyler, the creator” and let him into the UK

  25. Protect a child's right to a relationship with their parent and extended family.

  26. Lower the price of petrol to a £1 or less

  27. Chang the law and make it easier to prosecute people that kill or injure animals

  28. Petition for Cumbria NHS to re-open Gill Rise Dementia unit

  29. Amendments to Hobby/Exhibitors Breeding Licence for Pedigree Dogs and Cats

  30. To increase the number of staffing levels in care homes for vulnerable adults.

  31. Stop the short term money lenders lending money at high rates.

  32. We do not need or want a second referendum.

  33. Review childcare allowances for working parents.

  34. Reject MP’s request for expenses budgets rise to cover Brexit costs

  35. Immediate "knife self defence lessons" to be rolled out across the UK.

  36. stop the loop hole of non paying self employed fathers through csa

  37. Legislate UK Abattoirs to declare whether Religious Slaughter methods are used.

  38. Enable UK nationals to retain the right to choose EU citizenship after Brexit.

  39. Invite the government to have a debate on current forced adoption practices.

  40. Recruit and deploy more front line Police Officers. Nationally

  41. End religious slaughter within the UK without the use of stunning equipment.

  42. The UK to extend help during the flood in Kerala, the southern state of India.

  43. Seeking URGENT International Aid for the Kerala floods from the UK government

  44. on brexit MPs to vote the way the majority of voters did in the constituency

  45. Give harsher sentences to child sex preditors.

  46. Reveal identities of children that are charged with gang and knife related crime

  47. Do not change the law to allow vaping/e-cigatettes on buses/public transport.

  48. Help other debilitating neurological diseases

  49. stop Holland from holding draw Muhammed cartoon event

  50. Bring Cllr David Owens to account for his abstention regarding Princes Parade

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