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  1. Mp's should read all of the EU Brexit paper and allowed a 'free' vote

  2. Ban children under the age of 16 from attending fox hunts

  3. Start inquests of all IRA murders/bombings

  4. Make it a legal right to be able to criticise immigration.

  5. After The Expenses Scandal Failing on Brexit will further damage trust in MPs

  6. Place an injunction on Conservative party and the EEC from blocking Brexit

  7. Make child benefit based on household income not one individual earning over 50K

  8. Mps should no longer be allowed to claim for Food expenses.

  9. Introduce mandatory staff training on Anti-Bullying during INSET days

  10. Protect the Greenfield sites we have left!

  11. Stop the planned transfer of any further Crown Post Offices to W.H. Smith.

  12. Petition for leave voters to boycott a potential 2nd Referendum

  13. Give Tyson Fury an OBE

  14. To full legal protection for any registered Catholic/Christian person in the UK.

  15. Cut unnecessary government jobs and cap all MPs pay rises to 1%

  16. Bring in a anti bullying legislation

  17. Monitor plastic surgeons in the UK more regularly

  18. We want to introduce the P-card, allowing any girl under 16 to have free pads.

  19. Karen Bradley NI SOS to keep the Cataract clinic at the Lagan Valley Hospital

  20. Recognise Psychiatric Assistance dogs as a type of assistance dog in the UK.

  21. We petition for the portrait of Sir Alan Turing to be used on the UK £50 note.

  22. Totally reject the Withdrawal Agreement improving the UK's bargaining position.

  23. Install traffic calming devices through Hermitage Berkshire high street

  24. Return the Hoa Hakananai'a to the people of Easter Island.

  25. Ensure the COMMON LAW RIGHT of Misfeasance in Office is retained and kept

  26. Use the circa £3.9bn TV licence monies for NHS,police & forces rather than BBC

  27. Get northern rail shut down.

  28. Allow Tier 4 students to work for atleast 1 year after study before leaving.

  29. Leave the EU without a deal - immediately

  30. Withdrawel from the UN migration pact.

  31. What % would Remain need to overturn the 1st Democratic vote?

  32. JUST GO! and leave the EU without a deal.

  33. Make cycling on a road a criminal offence

  34. Stop the Rising Train Fares for 2019!!

  35. Make it a criminal offence for MPs to knowingly lie to & mislead the electorate.

  36. abolish the government

  37. Change the name of type 1 diabetes

  38. Allow Donald Trump to assist in delivering Brexit for the British People

  39. End discrimination towards people with poor literacy from government bodies.

  40. Allow dogs and cats to travel on Eurostar in a designated carriage

  41. Show the Next season of Luther in Cinemas

  42. Freeze Train Fares, at the current price, as the current service is lacking.

  43. Make voting in UK elections and referendums mandatory.

  44. Change rules on season tickets to allow weekdays only

  45. Stop the train franchises from increasing the Rail fare this year

  46. Please sign this petition of “No Confidence” in Theresa May regarding Brexit

  47. Stop train fares rising in Januray and cap the costs

  48. Ban marriages and sexual relationships between first degree relatives.

  49. Stop Artical 13 or modify Arrival 13 for fair use for all internet creators.

  50. Make punishment for animal cruelty increased to custodial sentences

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