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  1. Give children a voice

  2. Full scale inquiry into police failings regarding underage grooming gangs

  3. Offer asylum and help to the South African farmers

  4. Stop the plans to have 40 HGV Vehicles per day pass a primary school

  5. Protect Businesses, Homes and People from crimes against them.

  6. Have a MAJOR overhaul of whiplash claims for car insurance.

  7. Make accessible homes in new housing developments a priority

  8. Sanction Turkey in response to ongoing human rights abuses

  9. Get Aberdeenshire Council to replace the Portlethen Academy Astro to 3G or 4G

  10. Nationwide public inquiry into child grooming and more powers for police.

  11. Have you been involved in a RTA that was not your fault removed from insurance

  12. Treat knife crime as a health issue, to tackle the current epidemic in London.

  13. Give everyone their birthday off. If clashing with a day off give a day in lieu.

  14. STOP discriminating ravers / clubs of the underground scene in Manchester

  15. Ensure complete protection of political prisoners Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding

  16. MPs with interests in private health should not vote on Bills impacting NHS

  17. games should not be banned and shouldn't be blamed for violent behaviour

  18. Make Jo Brand a Dame.

  19. Stop Turning the Clocks Back! Messing with time twice a year has NO benefits!

  20. Make the minimum wage for everyone the same regardless of age

  21. To make food packaging to be more representative to the size of the product.

  22. Insruance should be on the person it self instead of the vehicle.

  23. Make it compulsory for UK food outlets to pick up litter in local community's.

  24. Ban the sale at all childrens soft play centres

  25. Restrict all social media to over 18's only

  26. Introduce direct flights to Riga from Bristol

  27. Save the lives & improve the lives of babies when considering the prison system

  28. Make the term “Nutritionist” regulated by law.

  29. Make the Liverpool Care Pathway illegal.

  30. 5 year driving ban for speads in excess of 10mph over the specified limit.

  31. If people are paying for sky or cable then we should not have to pay for licence

  32. Allow all police officers to carry guns

  33. Stop cutting down healthy trees in the UK.

  34. Make the government responsible for the conduct of the FCA.

  35. Social Cohesion is under threat. We need to talk to one another to find out why.

  36. Stop the teachers from having the right to seize students’ property/belongings

  37. Make assessment tools used to diagnosis Autism Gender neutral

  38. Calculate child maintenance payments based on nett income, rather than gross.

  39. Hands-off Scotland’s devolved powers!

  40. To gaurantee the security of the pensions of all lecturers across the UK

  41. Compensate university students at UEA for hours lost due to the strikes.

  42. Reduce the amount of plastic affecting the ocean and animals safety.

  43. Lift landlord ban on DSS

  44. Either make life sentences mean life. Or bring back the Death Penalty.

  45. councils to give reduction in council tax if bins arnt emptied

  46. Lower the cervical smear age to 16 or when you have a baby

  47. Roads by schools should be gritted in cold weather conditions.

  48. Make sanitary towels and tampons free

  49. Recognise all types of migraine as a serious disability and not just a headache.

  50. Boycott the FIFA World Cup in Russia and withdraw the England team.

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