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  1. Put pressure on the Department of Transport to enforce Minibus Driver Licencing

  2. Remove Teresa May we are disappointed in her abilities we want Rees Mogg

  3. Cancel EU exit referendum result. Hold new vote with clearer rules/guidelines

  4. Call a general election

  5. Send Arlene Foster MLA to Brussels to negotiate Brexit on behalf of the UK.

  6. Hold hcp's that work for atos etc accountable for falsly writing pip reports .

  7. Hold a UK General Election in February 2018

  8. Give the UK voters a Brexit confirmation vote, based on final separation terms.

  9. Teach the history of black people before slavery in learning institutes.

  10. Make Moss Street L19 2NA a resident only parking street.

  11. Sack Damien Green for sexually harassment and improper use of parliamentary PC.

  12. Respect the decision of the Scottish and NI electorate to remain within the EU.

  13. It’s time we made public services & good causes free to finance across the world

  14. Theresa May: Resign as Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

  15. Raise taxes for the richest to ease the financial burden of the poor and elderly

  16. Not allow Trump to visit the U.K. on a state visit because of inciting hatred.

  17. Rescind Donald Trump's State visit due to his support for extremism.

  18. To classify all animal abuse as a hate crime.

  19. Stop promoting explosive housing growth without infrastructure to support it

  20. Stop proposed plans to build on greenbelt land at Top Farm in Nuneaton

  21. Government need to ensure businesses offer flexible roles for parent job seekers

  22. Stop Minimum Wage

  23. Empty public buildings used to shelter homeless. End fines and disposal of goods

  24. Ban "one use" plastic - straws, bottles, packaging. Use biodegradable paper.

  25. Ban the new Sony PlayStation game - Detroit: Becoming human

  26. Ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food.

  27. Save Ruscombe's Greenbelt

  28. Extend the 222 bus route to Tooting

  29. Create a universal SOS button for mobile phones accessible from the lock screen

  30. Cancel the state visit of Donald Trump after sharing Britain First propoganda

  31. Ban Myhermes from delivering in the UK or take responsibility for their drivers

  32. Review Child Maintenance to make it fairer. Stop penalizing higher earners.

  33. Make running over a cat and not reporting it a criminal offence

  34. stop paying benefits to people in Polygamous marriages

  35. Erect a Sculpture of Richard Kylea 'Wiley' Cowie in Bow, E3 London

  36. Seize and liquidate Mugabe assets in UK and repatriate proceeds to Zimbabwe

  37. Stop the Doner Kebab from being banned!

  38. Abolish 1st class carriages to reduce overcrowding and make passengers happy


  40. Impose sanctions on Donald Trump.

  41. Withdraw the UK's State Visit invitation from Donald Trump.

  42. Wales to abolished the land transaction tax from April.

  43. NatWest must not shut its branch in Okehampton as it serves pensioners in area.

  44. Save donner kebabs from being made illegal from new laws

  45. Stop Donald Trump's state visit to Britain.

  46. Donald Trump to have a State Visit to the U.K. in 2018

  47. Members of Parliament to live on minimum wage for 3 months for Work Experience

  48. Teresa may to look into social services cases and parent being wrongly accused

  49. Block EU laws that outlaw phosphates (a key ingredient in doner kebabs)

  50. Improve Housing Benefits. HOUSING INVEST

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