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  1. Act immediately to ensure that the United Kingdom remains in the European Union.

  2. Bring back Local Breakfast Shows on Commercial Radio! & investigate OFCOM

  3. Please introduce legislation to prevent the NHS being sold off in trade deals.

  4. Stop the public funding the BBC

  5. Keep the NHS as a publicly-owned body, free at point of delivery

  6. Ban the sale of single use plastics at all UK festivals

  7. Keep the NHS out of any no brexit negotiations

  8. Stop the UK government from using the NHS in any future trade deals.

  9. ban homework

  10. Ammend rules of Parties, so a small % of the country can't elect a new PM.

  11. Stop M.Ps from supporting demo's against invited foreign leaders who visit U.K.

  12. Force Heart FM, to bring back our regional presenters.

  13. Protect the rights of LGBTQ+ People from harmful far right views and hatred.

  14. Stop the NHS from becoming part of a Brexit related trade deal with the US.

  15. General election should be called whenever a Prime Minister resigns

  16. Hold a election once a PM is chosen by their party to see if they have manidate

  17. Do not make the NHS part of any trade deal with any country or trading partner.

  18. Produce a snap election after Theresa May’s resignation.

  19. Ban single-use plastics

  20. Ban the sale of plastic astroturf for gardens.

  21. Cancel Parliament Summer 2019 recess

  22. Make voting in UK elections compulsory

  23. Give Liam Gallagher a Knighthood

  24. Legislate to require a GE when a new PM enters office after the old PM resigns.

  25. Cancel MP summer holidays until Brexit is debated and the UK crisis is resolved.

  26. Petition for KFC to invest in paper straws instead of plastic

  27. Hold a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis

  28. Any MP that changes party should stand for re-election.

  29. Nigel Farage, Must be included in any talks on Brexit with Conservative.

  30. Demand that we hold a general election now.

  31. Name storms after England fast bowlers in this Cricket World Cup year.

  32. Make the British constitution a written one.

  33. Ban unsolicited physical mail (Junk Mail)

  34. Request Theresa May to Revoke Article 50 before she leaves Number 10

  35. Increase MP turn out to the house with a minimum attendance requirement

  36. Make Electric boards, scooters and similar vehicles legal on UK roads

  37. Replace John Berkow with Deputy Speaker of the House for Brexit Debates.

  38. Cancel parliament recess and all Major holiday periods for all MP's

  39. Leadership candidates to promote themselves by explaining their voting record

  40. Legalise weed for medical and recreational use

  41. Declare a public vote of no confidence in John bercow as speaker of the house

  42. Free Period Products for all on Low & No Income . Abolish Period Poverty

  43. Ban ALL wet wipes containing plastic by 2020

  44. Get the government to change the order of the alphabet to order of frequency

  45. Celtic FC won a Treble Treble of domestic trophies they should now keep them

  46. Boris Johnson did not influence my leave the EU vote with the Leave bus logo!

  47. Replace John Bercow as speaker

  48. Change the British national anthem to the LazyTown song 'We Are Number One'.

  49. Autism Training for all public transport staff

  50. Stop holiday companies ripping off people who travel alone.

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