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  1. Why should British nationals living outside the uk, lose pension increases,

  2. SWEP should be legal requirement. Accommodate rough sleepers in freezing weather

  3. A special offence created to protect emergency service staff when working.

  4. To reconsider who needs to work scheme in the UK escapailly the DWP and JBC

  5. STOP MP's 1.8% pay rise to £77,379 from 1 April

  6. Grant all South African whites the right to immediate asylum in the UK.

  7. Vote of no confidence in Mrs May

  8. Ban Fortnite in the United Kingdom

  9. Allow parents waiting areas within theatre departments operating on their child.

  10. Petition for Stereophonics to refund all fans who were unable to attend shows

  11. Put pressure on the US government to introduce common sense gun laws

  12. Make it the law for companies to give statutory sick pay if workers are sick.

  13. Give citizenship to all White south African Farmers facing Racial discrimination

  14. A huge MONUMENT in Central London to the POLISH HEROES of the BATTLE OF BRITAIN

  15. Ban shops throwing away unsold food & have them donate to charities/food banks

  16. Make winter tyres a requirement by law between 1st Nov and 1st March

  17. Aldi to slow down ultra fast scanning to make it easier for us to pack items

  18. Make Homelessness Illegal.

  19. UK Gov't to allow South African Farmers who are willing to come, entry to UK.

  20. Make schools be closed when the temperature is -4 or lower

  21. Legalise weed for general use

  22. Award Grade 6 on 9-1 Foundation GCSE Maths papers

  23. Offer White South Africans British Citizenship and the right to settle in the UK

  24. MP’s salary should only increase in line with all public services salary.

  25. Introduce compulsory plastic/glass bottle deposit scheme


  27. To guarantee the safe travel of school children.

  28. Stop the genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the UK

  29. Stop UK Government DOUBLING the UK Health Surcharge for Working Holiday Makers

  30. Set up a petition in response to NHS subcontracting to Capita

  31. Stop hereford hospital closing leominster minor units

  32. Constitutionalise the right for the homeless to take shelter without punishment

  33. Non-EU Nationals Home Office Application Fees to be Reduced

  34. Improve the country's roads, repairing the pot holes and potentially save lives.

  35. GCSE Science: Bring back formula sheet

  36. Shut schools if temperatures go below 1°C.

  37. Noel Fitzpatrick to receive a knighthood

  38. Take action to diagnose people with eating disorders faster

  39. Courts “Must” impose a minimum sentence to ALL who attack the Police Officers.

  40. Ban or heavily tax all non-recyclable/non-compostable packaging in the UK

  41. Write off the grossly mis-sold student loans.

  42. Regulate couriers or offer a choice to online consumers

  43. To remove all MPs and Lords as Democracy would be dead and pointless.

  44. Start sanctions on South Africa for their racial discrimination of Whites

  45. Negotiate with the EU for British citizens right to re-settle in EU post-Brexit.

  46. Make training for teaching students with ADHD & other extra needs compulsory.

  47. Stop plans to put psychiatrists in every school & prescribing of drugs to youth.

  48. It should be a criminal offence to work indoors at temperatures below 16c.

  49. Abolish road tax as we know it, and add an extra tax to fuels instead

  50. Allow student nurses to earn a wage while on clinical placement for the NHS

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