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  1. Replace Teresa May

  2. Ban Donald Trump (POTUS) from coming to the United Kingdom

  3. Save the Lake District from damaging business expansion ban greenfield building.

  4. Withdraw the invitation to Donald Trump to state visit the UK

  5. Keep Penistone and Stocksbridge Natwest banks open.

  6. To make more availability for mental health issues, more crisis team 24/7

  7. Stop the 259 RBS Branch Closures

  8. Classify Britain First as a terrorist organisation.

  9. We want to make the rape, murder rate decrease by introducing the death penalty.

  10. Keep the student loan book in public ownership

  11. Hold a Re-referendum on Brexit

  12. Rescind the invitation to Donald Trump to visit the UK.

  13. Hold a debate on cancelling any official invite to the UK to President Trump.

  14. Withdraw invitation of State Visit by Donald J Trump

  15. Stop schools harassing students because of their hair colour or piercings.

  16. Why are so many disabled young people with EHCP being let down by there LA

  17. Ban Donald Trump from Twitter for inciting Racial Hatred

  18. Stop President Trump of the USA visiting UK

  19. Stop Kent County Council from scrapping Socially necessary bus services.

  20. Create cheaper travel services for students and teenagers above 15

  21. A bank holiday for the royal wedding

  22. Produce an itemized list of costs in the EU Divorce Bill

  23. Ban Britian First. It is a terrorist organisation that targets specific people.

  24. Proscribe Britain First as a terrorist organisation.

  25. Ban Donald Trump, from entering the UK, due to his support for far-right groups.

  26. Stop Killing Peaceful Demonstrators in Kenya by Kenyan Police and militia groups

  27. Rescind Donald Trumps invitation for a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

  28. Donald Trump should not be allowed to come to the UK on a state visit.

  29. Stop Trump entry to UK: sexual comments/behaviour; incitement to hatred Tweet.

  30. ISP/mobile provider to check sex offenders register victims receive compensation

  31. Ban Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom or rescind his state visit

  32. Retract any offer of state visit to Donald J Trump.

  33. Delay the scheduled state visit of Donald Trump to the UK

  34. Cancel Trump state visit to UK in light of support for UK fascist organisation.

  35. Please rescind President Trump's invitation due to his Islamophobic views.


  37. the Government should withdraw the invitation for a state visit to Donald Trump

  38. save our bus services in Kent from being cut !

  39. Solve the housing crisis for young adults

  40. Withdraw the invitation to Donald Trump to visit the UK

  41. For a thorough review of business rates and the planned massive increases

  42. Remain in EU, now that we know the costs (per voter: Leave £1000, Remain £4/wk)

  43. Leave the EU, now that we know the costs (per voter: Leave £1000, Remain £4/wk)

  44. Cancel Donald Trump invitation for state visit

  45. Cancel the visit to the U.K. of Donald Trump due to his outspoken views of hate

  46. Break diplomatic relations with USA

  47. Could you ask Twitter to remove Donald Trump's Twitter Account due to Racism...

  48. Designate Britain First as a proscribed terrorist organisation.

  49. Reform freshwater abstraction policy.

  50. Stop the the former Broke Hill Golf Course Halstead being given up for housing.

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