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  1. Do not allow “Shamima Begum” back into the UK.

  2. Change car insurance for young people urgently

  3. Stop shamima begum from returning to uk or receiving any support or taxpayer aid

  4. Revocation of UK citizenship for Shamima Begum

  5. Natalie Cassidy to be considered for one of the BBC 100 most influential women

  6. Prosecute Social Workers for Obduction when wrongfully removing a child.

  7. Ban taxi drivers convicted of sexual offences from holding a licence.

  8. Allow phones to be used in secondary schools as there are many dangers!!

  9. legally require all resturants to replace all straws with bamboo straws.

  10. No homework for kids in primary school and year seven eight and nine

  11. to make rules over clothing in sixthform an offence and obstruction to learning

  12. Stop illegitimate private parking enforcement fine by improving regulations.

  13. I think we should have a Free pet Health care service, (PHS)

  14. Award all members of the 1966 World Cup winning side with a Knighthood.

  15. Student nurses and other medical students should get free parking on placement

  16. Make it safe to cross the A689 from Wynyard Park to Wynyard Village

  17. YouTube should not be blocked in schools, at least not for educational purposes.

  18. Help to get knives off the streets

  19. Provided Free Education transport for children having to attend college /6 forms

  20. If no deal for exiting the EU agreed by 10 March, Article 50 be withdrawn.

  21. Stop universal credit its flawed give us back our tax credits system

  22. Raise minimum wage for people below the age of 18

  23. Allow all schools in the UK to get Service Pupil Premium.

  24. BBC Panorama investigated

  25. SCRAP the TV license fee following executive excesses.

  26. Stop hospitals charging for disabled parking

  27. Insist that Chris Grayling resigns as Transport Secretary immediately.

  28. Government action to make tackling climate change a priority

  29. Raise the apprentice minimum wage to normal minimum wage - equal job, equal pay?

  30. Cap MP's wages at £35,000 p/a, and cap MP's expense claims to £30,000 P/A.

  31. Blocking no deal should not be an option for MPs or parliament, we voted leave

  32. Only Allow Palm Oil In Products IF it's from a sustainable source

  33. We want first aid to be added to the private school curriculum

  34. Ban Import of Romaine Lettuce

  35. Lower the voting age to 16

  36. Let the public vote on accepting the withdrawal agreement or remaining in the EU

  37. Keep PETA, the animal rights activists, out of our schools.

  38. Tuition funding for graduates wanting to re train in veterinary medicine

  39. Save Walsall Road Allotments

  40. Give more rights to parent of a child with a non paying parent

  41. Stop HS2

  42. To understand the true cost of The Brexit ferry cancellation fee to tax payers

  43. STOP Wellingborough Driving Test Centre at Glamis Hall from Closing

  44. SCRAP HS2 now and invest in local lines nationally

  45. Plastic should be banned to help save the wildlife and end pollution

  46. Students Should not have homework as its takes up their time away from school.

  47. Make it an offence for MPs to fall asleep in the House of Commons/lords

  48. Change the skate ramp in Elvetham Heath a proper skatepark.

  49. Crime awareness and social safety should be part of the National Curriculum.

  50. Revoke Article 50 and give people a reason to believe in politics again

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