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  1. Ban all plastic bag usage by the end of 2019

  2. Ban plastic - Fine companies that do - Develop an alternative that does no harm.

  3. Introduce a universal test for job applicants to do instead of competency based.

  4. Ban all face coverings in the UK in public places

  5. No New Oxford to Cambridge Expressway across Oxfordshire's countryside

  6. Put children and young people at the heart of government spending

  7. Reduce the price of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo.

  8. The British Museum it is time to repatriate the stolen Parthenon (Elgin)Marbles

  9. Bring back open book exams.

  10. Make school start at 10:20 and finish later to improve grades.

  11. Retain Current Responsible Pharmacist Legislation and Reject Remote Pharmacist

  12. Make ' A PEOPLE'S VOTE ON BREXIT HAPPEN' regardless of negotiations outcome.

  13. Petitions and the like should be obliged to collect "votes" both for and against

  14. Make political leaders accountable for their manifesto promises

  15. Give 16-17 year olds the same rights as people who are 18+

  16. Make it a criminal offence to breach PEGI video-game ratings.

  17. Make it a legal requirement for all public sector kitchens to offer vegan meals.

  18. Educate students on violation around the world & UK is a great country to be in.

  19. Offer more help for Brain Injury Survivors

  20. Support planning permission for an NHS Dentist in Yiewsley.

  21. Declare a National Day of mourning if the UK leaves the EU at end of March 2019.

  22. Tower Hamlets authority law enforcement tackle the drug dealing/using problems.

  23. 16-18yo should have the right to vote in any future EU referendum.

  24. Make microsoft not get rid of microsoft paint

  25. Holiday's in term time

  26. Raise the number of petition signatures required to 27182 & 314159 respectively.

  27. Strip Rod Stewart of his knighthood.

  28. Prison For Animal Abuse

  29. Remove ‘Halal! is it me you’re looking for?’ adverts by Muzmatch dating agency.

  30. Update the the system of eligibility to free prescriptions, expand it

  31. Make all Schools Nut free across UK. Including school/pack lunch, or a snack

  32. Bring back Terry's white chocolate oranges!

  33. Investigate all unlawful EU Vote Activity

  34. Provide funding to Staffordshire County Council to reduce a £35 million deficit.

  35. Stop the closure of Telford A&E

  36. Stop the FA selling Wembley.

  37. Make Labour deselect Laura Smith MP

  38. Start mental health education and awareness curriculums within secondary schools

  39. make dodgems bumper cars again

  40. Stop Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Getting A Safe House & Benefits

  41. Abolish Tax And VAT On Small Businesses

  42. Inquiry to unfair ticket Distribution for ICC Cricket World cup 2019

  43. Members of public should be entitled to financial compensation from unions.

  44. Make mental health a priority

  45. Sack Jose Mourinho as Manchester United Manager


  47. Kick Phil Jones out of Old Trafford

  48. Make sure Mental Health is taken more seriously (in children and adolescence)

  49. The UK Government must stop selling Saudi Arabia weapons to better target Yemen.

  50. Make children’s medicines better & easier for them to take

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