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  1. Harry Kane to get a Knighthood when England win the World Cup

  2. Ban all animal cruelty videos from being posted and shared on Facebook

  3. Close all shops at 15:00 on Sunday 15th July 2018 for the world cup final

  4. Make school optional.

  5. Make retailers close at 3pm Sunday 15th if England reach the World Cup Final

  6. Dementia should be funded equally as a Primary Health Care need for all.

  7. Call a Snap General Election

  8. More money needs to be spent on teenage mental health provisions.

  9. Make cyclists have insurance

  10. More help with ivf for same sex couples

  11. Brexit means Brexit, No deal is better than the offer made by Theresa May

  12. DWP P.I.P. reviews into individual based & seperate Physical/Mental disability.

  13. Trigger a snap election after 64% of Britons don’t believe in Theresa May

  14. George Cross or Knighthood for the three British cave rescue divers in Thailand.

  15. Give all the England World Cup 2018 squad and staff knighthoods

  16. Declare a national holiday for one day if England win the World Cup final.

  17. If England win the World Cup, Monday 16th July will be a bank holiday every year

  18. Theresa may to step down due to creating a semi brexit.

  19. Remove Sadiq Khan from the Office Of Mayor of London.

  20. Theresa may must resign over her bungling of brexit

  21. Acknowledge that animals are sentient organisms and amend this in the bill

  22. Reconsider placing Staffordshire bull terriers on dangerous dig list of 1991

  23. Hold a 2nd referendum EU referendum

  24. Make sanitary products free under the NHS

  25. PM Teresa May should resign over brexit betrayal.

  26. Have a national Gareth Southgate public holiday named #ITSCOMINGHOME

  27. Prime Minister Theresa May to resign.

  28. Hold a general election due to the inadequate Brexit deal for the people.

  29. Theresa May to step down as PM Or give the people the Brexit they voted for

  30. Animals have feelings, stop them being hurt by Theresa May’s idiocy.

  31. Guarantee that all children have the fundamental right to be physically active.

  32. Demand a general election be called immediately.

  33. For Theresa may to step down has prime minister

  34. Call vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May

  35. Let the British General Public vote for a new Foreign Secretary.

  36. Theresa May must RESIGN NOW!!! She's reneged on her Manifesto Brexit pledges.

  37. Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister

  38. Theresa May should be fired as incompetent.

  39. Bring back public hanging for convicted rapists, murders and child molesters

  40. To give the people a 'Deal or No Deal' vote on exiting the European Union.

  41. Make an official legal minimum and maximum workplace temperature.

  42. Gareth Southgate should receive a knighthood

  43. Give people a bank holiday if England win the World Cup, call it Southgate Day

  44. A vote of no confidence in Teresa may and her party.

  45. Stop building houses on green belt land of Keresley , Coventry .

  46. Allow Police Officers to have visible tattoos on display.

  47. We the people have no confidence in Her Majesty's Government.

  48. Request the resignation of Theresa May.

  49. Ban all sectarian marches in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

  50. Reject May's Brexit proposals and deliver a full Brexit.

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