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  1. The Government should fund free TV licences for all over-75s.

    163 signatures

  2. Appoint an Independent Ombudsman/Regulator for the Veterinary Profession.

    162 signatures

  3. Prioritise Covid-19 testing for relatives of residents in Care Homes.

    161 signatures

  4. Review the decision to use previous data to calculate exam grades

    161 signatures

  5. Reform rules for slaughter and compensation for cows with Bovine TB

    161 signatures

  6. A medal to honour the fortitude of people working in essential occupations

    160 signatures

  7. Designate a day for the recognition of our NHS and all Emergency Services.

    159 signatures

  8. Create a separate English Parliament

    158 signatures

  9. Scrap the right to vote in two separate constituencies at local elections

    157 signatures

  10. Call the government to reduce UK University tuition fees from £9250 to £3000

    157 signatures

  11. Ensure safe accommodation and care for homeless people with symptoms of COVID19

    155 signatures

  12. Impose sanctions on countries involved in the illegal tiger trade

    153 signatures

  13. Any free trade agreement with US must be approved by UK referendum

    151 signatures

  14. Provide live BSL interpretation for coronavirus briefings from the PM.

    150 signatures

  15. Lower the fee for naturalisation as a British citizen

    149 signatures

  16. Citizenship for all immigrant NHS and social care workers - Covid19

    148 signatures

  17. Pay NHS nurses & newly qualified teachers a starting salary of £35k.

    148 signatures

  18. Repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

    147 signatures

  19. Stop using student finance loans as an income when claiming universal credit

    144 signatures

  20. 3 Days Off A Year To Let The World Rest

    143 signatures

  21. Offer 80% financial support to persons in the 'Construction Industry Scheme'

    141 signatures

  22. Keep the BBC License Fee and save the BBC.

    141 signatures

  23. Make General Elections bank holidays

    141 signatures

  24. We ask the Government to have an NHS National Database Centre

    141 signatures

  25. Ban Smacking in England

    141 signatures

  26. Support Manchester Piccadilly 15/16 and associated Castlefield improvement works

    140 signatures

  27. Create a right to paid leave for women and men following all miscarriages

    138 signatures

  28. Close public transport down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19

    138 signatures

  29. Public Inquiry into consistent enforcement of lockdown rules

    136 signatures

  30. Include wholesale businesses in the COVID 19 Business Rates Relief

    136 signatures

  31. Pay Key Workers 2 weeks full pay if they have to isolate.

    136 signatures

  32. Ensure that the national minimum wage is a living wage.

    134 signatures

  33. Remove savings cap on Universal Credit for Covid-19 related Self Employed claims

    133 signatures

  34. Prevent late terminations of pregnancies where a baby would have Down's Syndrome

    131 signatures

  35. Bring back Sundays being a day of rest.

    129 signatures

  36. Give All Schools Protective Equipment to help protect staff from the Coronavirus

    128 signatures

  37. Give all UK citizens access to their pension pots immediately tax free.

    128 signatures

  38. Give parents the right to see their child unless there is a valid reason

    127 signatures

  39. Base self employed income support grant on 2019-20 tax returns

    126 signatures

  40. Allow Gift Aid on charity donations made with loyalty points during COVID-19

    123 signatures

  41. Refund third term rent for students in private accommodation

    122 signatures

  42. COVID-19: Commandeer production of British-made PPE for frontline staff

    122 signatures

  43. Encourage lenders to suspend interest, fees and repayments during COVID-19

    120 signatures

  44. Ban the sale of artificial grass

    120 signatures

  45. Allow National Lottery revenue to be used to fund the NHS

    117 signatures

  46. Release the models underlying the government's response to COVID-19

    117 signatures

  47. Introduce a 'one off' bank holiday after covid-19 pandemic to boost morale.

    116 signatures

  48. Stop trade with China until wet markets and animal cruelty is outlawed

    115 signatures

  49. Change the law covering sale of services to preclude "automatic renewal clause"

    115 signatures

  50. Prevent family courts and social services making decisions based on hearsay

    114 signatures

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