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  1. Fund mental health recovery scheme interventions for traumatised under 16s

    601 signatures

  2. Ban the sale of new fossil fuel burning cars by 2025

    600 signatures

  3. Stop rebrand of National Citizen Service and give the savings to youth services

    598 signatures

  4. I am wanting the government to STOP councils from using bailiffs

    595 signatures

  5. Invite international observers to be present at all UK elections and referendum

    594 signatures

  6. Make developers sow wildflowers on Brownfield until redevelopment. Help bees!

    592 signatures

  7. Reduce the period parking companies have to chase tickets from 6 to 1 year.

    590 signatures

  8. Revoke legislation which obligates maximising economic recovery of UK oil & gas.

    590 signatures

  9. Ban the sale & use of all pesticides and insecticides by 2025

    589 signatures

  10. Debate the impact of lack of qualified communication support for all D/deaf ppl

    580 signatures

  11. Ensure that product labeling specifies the country of origin and production

    576 signatures

  12. Claim your state pension if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    573 signatures

  13. Pass the bill for increase sentences for animal cruelty

    571 signatures

  14. Make it compulsory for local councils to plant three trees for every one felled.

    555 signatures

  15. Remove new powers granted to HMRC over the last 3 years

    552 signatures

  16. Leasehold Reforms Must Apply To Shared Ownership. We want Commonhold.

    552 signatures

  17. Ask DVLA and DfT to publish up to date motor caravan V5 guidance.

    545 signatures

  18. Make it compulsory for restaurants & manufacturers to supply carbohydrate values

    541 signatures

  19. Ban the sale of live plucked goose and duck down pillows in British shops.

    536 signatures

  20. Change law on speed the assist cuts out on ebikes in Uk from 15.6mph to 20mph.

    535 signatures

  21. Ban the Sale & the Use of Dog-Prong-Collars in the UK

    525 signatures

  22. Provide diagnosis and support for sufferers of electrosensitivity

    524 signatures

  23. Ban the sale and use of Glyphosate

    519 signatures

  24. Ban all wipes packaging that says flushable

    512 signatures

  25. Stop unrestricted fishing for cuttlefish, so the population has time to breed.

    511 signatures

  26. Make Government provide ringfenced funding for library services

    506 signatures

  27. Lower retirement age for prison officers working on the wings.67 is to old.

    500 signatures

  28. Completely Overhaul the Universal Credit system or return to old system

    500 signatures

  29. Review if London Northwestern Railway is fulfilling its contractual obligations

    492 signatures

  30. Implement a register for domestic violence, stalking and harassment perpetrators

    490 signatures

  31. Introduce funding to help families of home-schooled children pay for GCSE exams

    489 signatures

  32. Reconsider and accept MPs' proposals to clean up the fashion industry

    481 signatures

  33. Investigate concerns about “infrasound” health issues from Wind Turbines

    479 signatures

  34. All paedophiles to be sentenced to life in prison with no parole

    473 signatures

  35. Make IVF free to couples whose partner has a child from Aprevious relationship

    471 signatures

  36. restaurant and fastfood,super markets should all have braille on the products

    464 signatures

  37. Put a flyover at five ways roundabout, Barton mill, Suffolk

    463 signatures

  38. Government funded campaign to raise awareness of vestibular disorders.

    458 signatures

  39. Commit to smear testing for abnormal cells and HPV regardless of HPV result

    455 signatures

  40. Require breeders to take preventative measures against diseases in cats

    453 signatures

  41. Set up a Public Inquiry into Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

    453 signatures

  42. Allow individuals on tier 5 C+S visas (Coach only) to play in amateur leagues.

    450 signatures

  43. Make bees a protected species and make damaging hives a criminal offence

    442 signatures

  44. Make airlines have to record and report how many mobility aides they damage.

    440 signatures

  45. Call a Border Poll on Irish unity

    438 signatures

  46. Removing extra £310 vehicle tax on cars over £40000.

    428 signatures

  47. Make Dental Care and Eye Care free for everyone on the NHS

    425 signatures

  48. Legal Ban on Conversion Therapy

    421 signatures

  49. Raise awareness of Stephens-Johnson Syndrome & Toxic epidermal necrolysis

    418 signatures

  50. Custodial sentences for causing serious injury by careless driving

    415 signatures

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