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  1. Reduce The Minimum Income Requirement for Spouse Visa

    508 signatures

  2. Ban the sale of live plucked goose and duck down pillows in British shops.

    497 signatures

  3. Lower retirement age for prison officers working on the wings.67 is to old.

    495 signatures

  4. Ban plastic toys from fast food restaurants’ kids meals

    491 signatures

  5. Introduce tougher penalties for commercial fly-tipping

    487 signatures

  6. Allow school absences due to diagnosed mental health issues to be ‘authorised’

    486 signatures

  7. Intruduce Commercial Dog Walking to be a licensed and inspected profession

    486 signatures

  8. Abolish Student Fees for NHS Staff

    486 signatures

  9. Introduce funding to help families of home-schooled children pay for GCSE exams

    485 signatures

  10. Ban the sale of new fossil fuel burning cars by 2025

    478 signatures

  11. Implement a register for domestic violence, stalking and harassment perpetrators

    478 signatures

  12. Investigate concerns about “infrasound” health issues from Wind Turbines

    476 signatures

  13. Establish a dedicated unit to investigate ‘historic’ domestic abuse

    475 signatures

  14. Condemn the violence by the French Police on GiletsJaunes protestors

    467 signatures

  15. Urge Russia to free British Citizen Paul Whelan from Moscow Prison

    465 signatures

  16. Change law on speed the assist cuts out on ebikes in Uk from 15.6mph to 20mph.

    463 signatures

  17. Provide diagnosis and support for sufferers of electrosensitivity

    460 signatures

  18. Include made to penetrate in the UK rape legislation

    457 signatures

  19. End harmful policies towards refugees and migrants in Libya

    452 signatures

  20. Set up a Public Inquiry into Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

    450 signatures

  21. Increase vaccine injury compensation and improve the identification of injuries.

    445 signatures

  22. Require breeders to take preventative measures against diseases in cats

    445 signatures

  23. Regulate service charges on properties

    443 signatures

  24. Legalise sale of raw hemp flowers and match THC limit of Switzerland.

    440 signatures

  25. Make IVF free to couples whose partner has a child from Aprevious relationship

    438 signatures

  26. Pass the bill for increase sentences for animal cruelty

    438 signatures

  27. Make airlines have to record and report how many mobility aides they damage.

    437 signatures

  28. All paedophiles to be sentenced to life in prison with no parole

    435 signatures

  29. Completely Overhaul the Universal Credit system or return to old system

    434 signatures

  30. Revoke all government gagging orders relating to Brexit

    431 signatures

  31. Make Government provide ringfenced funding for library services

    430 signatures

  32. Routinely test pregnant women for Group B Strep

    427 signatures

  33. Petition for Independent Inquiry in Family Court Failings

    421 signatures

  34. Make the sale and use of glue traps illegal

    406 signatures

  35. Provide adoption allowance to self-employed people

    403 signatures

  36. Stop pets being sold online.

    401 signatures

  37. Mary-Jayne's Law - New Attendance Policy in Schools for the physically impaired

    395 signatures

  38. Produce a strategy to stop Local Bank Branch Closures Nationally

    395 signatures

  39. Apology from British for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 100yr anniversary on 13/04/19

    389 signatures

  40. Ban the Sale & the Use of Dog-Prong-Collars in the UK

    379 signatures

  41. Require Parliament’s agreement to prorogation

    375 signatures

  42. Let students and other people living in multiple homes register at two GPs

    374 signatures

  43. Abandon HS2 and prioritise the funds to tackle knife crime in our communities.

    372 signatures

  44. Leasehold Reforms Must Apply To Shared Ownership. We want Commonhold.

    371 signatures

  45. Remove the EU flag from every central government building from 29 March 2019.

    370 signatures

  46. Set up independent panel of survivors of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

    369 signatures

  47. Fund Sign Language courses for Hearing Impaired/Deaf adults.

    369 signatures

  48. British Government to support the “Declaration of Freedom & Change” in Sudan

    363 signatures

  49. Provide funding for a Military Veterans Hospital in every county of England.

    360 signatures

  50. Require hounds to be muzzled when out trail or drag hunting to protect wildlife

    360 signatures

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