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  1. Set up a Public Inquiry into Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

    453 signatures

  2. Require breeders to take preventative measures against diseases in cats

    449 signatures

  3. There is a Climate Emergency, abolish planned Heathrow Expansion.

    445 signatures

  4. Make the sale and use of glue traps illegal

    441 signatures

  5. Make airlines have to record and report how many mobility aides they damage.

    438 signatures

  6. Routinely test pregnant women for Group B Strep

    436 signatures

  7. Revoke all government gagging orders relating to Brexit

    434 signatures

  8. Provide adoption allowance to self-employed people

    404 signatures

  9. Produce a strategy to stop Local Bank Branch Closures Nationally

    398 signatures

  10. Mary-Jayne's Law - New Attendance Policy in Schools for the physically impaired

    396 signatures

  11. Call a Border Poll on Irish unity

    392 signatures

  12. Apology from British for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 100yr anniversary on 13/04/19

    391 signatures

  13. Hold all UK elections and referendums on Sundays.

    390 signatures

  14. Legal Ban on Conversion Therapy

    382 signatures

  15. I am wanting the government to STOP councils from using bailiffs

    380 signatures

  16. Set up independent panel of survivors of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

    376 signatures

  17. Let students and other people living in multiple homes register at two GPs

    376 signatures

  18. Offer Breast Cancer Screening to all women

    374 signatures

  19. Make vaccinating children a legal requirement to enrol at a school.

    374 signatures

  20. Abandon HS2 and prioritise the funds to tackle knife crime in our communities.

    373 signatures

  21. Remove the EU flag from every central government building from 29 March 2019.

    371 signatures

  22. Fund Sign Language courses for Hearing Impaired/Deaf adults.

    369 signatures

  23. Increase government spending into childhood cancer research and treatment.

    364 signatures

  24. Provide funding for a Military Veterans Hospital in every county of England.

    364 signatures

  25. British Government to support the “Declaration of Freedom & Change” in Sudan

    364 signatures

  26. Urge Saudi Government abolish repeated Umrah fee of £400 for British Pilgrims.

    357 signatures

  27. Force all electric car chargers to accept credit cards

    356 signatures

  28. Grant Carrol James the right to remain on indefinite leave in the UK

    355 signatures

  29. Pass a law to stop addition of Iron to food.

    352 signatures

  30. Smoke alarms should be a legal requirement in homes with children

    352 signatures

  31. Employ IDVA's (independent domestic violence advocate) in ALL family courts

    346 signatures

  32. Extend Maintenance Loans For Distance Learning Students Studying Enough Credits.

    344 signatures

  33. Ban all wipes packaging that says flushable

    343 signatures

  34. Make mental health medication prescriptions free

    343 signatures

  35. Cut the number of Councillors proposed to sit on new Buckinghamshire Council.

    342 signatures

  36. Honour the Righteous Among the Nations at the UK Holocaust Memorial

    341 signatures

  37. Stop Natural England revoking GL04, GL05 & GL06 licences to shoot birds

    333 signatures

  38. All Ballot papers for all elections should have a box saying “none of the above”

    328 signatures

  39. Extend common assault enquires from 6 months to at least one year

    325 signatures

  40. Ban the sale and supply of all non-biodegradable refuse and bin bags in the UK.

    324 signatures

  41. Provide funding to reduce costs for local authority sports facilities

    324 signatures

  42. Provide government funded help for children bereaved by parental suicide

    324 signatures

  43. Follow France’ lead and ban all five pesticides linked to bee deaths

    321 signatures

  44. Lower the retirement age for men and women to 65

    314 signatures

  45. Commit to smear testing for abnormal cells and HPV regardless of HPV result

    314 signatures

  46. Reject any UK hard border in Ireland or down the Irish Sea.

    314 signatures

  47. Allow regular GPs to prescribe medicinal cannabis in all forms for any condition

    312 signatures

  48. Help babies born after 20 weeks and give them a death certificate if they pass

    310 signatures

  49. Parliament to repeal section 12 of the Scotland Act 2012

    310 signatures

  50. Make bees a protected species and make damaging hives a criminal offence

    308 signatures

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