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  1. Stop utility companies charging those with prepaid meters more for their fuel.

    437 signatures

  2. Ensure, where possible government contracts are awarded to UK companies

    437 signatures

  3. Cranial helmet treatment available to babies on the nhs

    435 signatures

  4. Request an extension to the Brexit deadline

    433 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of non-biodegradable dog poo and nappy bags from April 2020.

    433 signatures

  6. Legislate for a Judicial Register of Interests

    430 signatures

  7. Raise awareness of Stephens-Johnson Syndrome & Toxic epidermal necrolysis

    428 signatures

  8. Make domestic abuse policies mandatory in all workplaces in England

    424 signatures

  9. Create a new Public Holiday specifically for planting trees

    423 signatures

  10. Custodial sentences for causing serious injury by careless driving

    423 signatures


    418 signatures

  12. Offer Breast Cancer Screening to all women

    412 signatures

  13. Ban plastic toys from being included with children's magazines

    410 signatures

  14. Meet the needs of non-binary people by including the title "Mx" as an option.

    405 signatures

  15. UK Government should ban the use of single use plastic by the year 2022.

    404 signatures

  16. Reinstate U.K. Government Subsidies for Tidal Energy

    403 signatures

  17. Increase funding into research on non epileptic attacks

    402 signatures

  18. Provide further funding for children’s hospices and prevent future closures.

    397 signatures

  19. Fund a publicity campaign to inform the public about Community Defibrillators

    396 signatures

  20. Set up independent panel of survivors of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

    392 signatures

  21. Revoke the right of convicted sex offenders to change their name by deed poll

    389 signatures

  22. To consider a railcard for rail enthusiasts to do trainspotting at stations.

    380 signatures

  23. Increase government spending into childhood cancer research and treatment.

    379 signatures

  24. Stop SATS in primary schools!

    377 signatures

  25. Force all electric car chargers to accept credit cards

    373 signatures

  26. Exempt Forces Veterans from TV licence fee

    372 signatures

  27. Ban the sale and supply of all non-biodegradable refuse and bin bags in the UK.

    371 signatures

  28. Make Bereavement allowance available to bereaved parents.

    370 signatures

  29. Urge airlines to remove all nuts, peanuts and nut products from planes.

    367 signatures

  30. Pass a law to stop addition of Iron to food.

    361 signatures

  31. Reverse the cuts; fully fund education and children and young peoples services.

    359 signatures

  32. Urge Saudi Government abolish repeated Umrah fee of £400 for British Pilgrims.

    358 signatures

  33. Extend Maintenance Loans For Distance Learning Students Studying Enough Credits.

    358 signatures

  34. Condemn the Hong Kong and Chinese governments over the Hong Kong Protests

    356 signatures

  35. Government must issue binding guidance on building material(s)

    356 signatures

  36. Strengthen application process for Licences to Fell to protect woodlands

    355 signatures

  37. Stop Natural England revoking GL04, GL05 & GL06 licences to shoot birds

    348 signatures

  38. Ban the import, fishing, purchase and sale of Sharks and Shark Fins in the UK.

    345 signatures

  39. Help babies born after 20 weeks and give them a death certificate if they pass

    345 signatures

  40. Make Bullying in School a criminal offence

    342 signatures

  41. Provide grant assistance for electric vehicle conversions

    336 signatures

  42. Grant paid sick leave for women who experience miscarriages and abortions.

    323 signatures

  43. Make Kuvan available on the NHS

    323 signatures

  44. Ban the use of plastic gloves from petrol stations

    322 signatures

  45. Mandate environmental impact labelling on all goods sold in the UK.

    321 signatures

  46. National equipment fund for parents who home-school children

    319 signatures

  47. Make the minimum sentence for rape cases 10 years

    317 signatures

  48. Independent body to investigate Academies' handling of complaints

    311 signatures

  49. Make Pagan Handfasting a legal form of marriage in England and Wales

    309 signatures

  50. Don't deploy British troops or military strikes in Iran unless directly attacked

    309 signatures

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