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  1. Require local authorities in England to permit motorcycles in bus lanes

    14,710 signatures, now closed

  2. Exclude all motorcycle training and examinations from any Covid-19 restrictions

    8,256 signatures, now closed

  3. Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licence to A licence after 2 years

    6,399 signatures, now closed

  4. Extend the expiry date of CBT certificate as lockdown means they cant be renewed

    5,886 signatures, now closed

  5. Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licences after a set amount of time

    4,501 signatures, now closed

  6. Seek to end taxation on transporting privately owned motorcycles to/from the EU

    3,685 signatures, now closed

  7. A1/A2 motorcycle license to get an automatic upgrade to A license in two years

    2,933 signatures, now closed

  8. Extend CBT validity and maximum engine size to 250cc

    2,904 signatures, now closed

  9. Exclude individual motorcyclists from Coronavirus travel restrictions

    1,232 signatures, now closed

  10. Reduce the maximum legal noise limit for motorbikes.

    1,154 signatures, now closed

  11. Allow DVLA to restart Motorcycle tests

    497 signatures, now closed

  12. Introduce new requirements to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road

    373 signatures

  13. Add skid control to motorcycle tests

    231 signatures, now closed

  14. Automatically upgrade A2 licence to full unrestricted A licence after two years

    210 signatures, now closed

  15. Automatic upgrade to A2 licence after four years with CBT certificates

    185 signatures, now closed

  16. Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licence to A license after 2 years.

    175 signatures

  17. Require motorcycle riders to wear protective clothing and footwear.

    166 signatures

  18. Increase the legal noise level of motorcycles

    163 signatures, now closed

  19. Do not raise VED on Motorcycles

    138 signatures, now closed

  20. Bicycle use - Hold cross-party and stakeholder review of road sharing

    127 signatures, now closed

  21. Require moped/motorcycle users doing commercial work to have a full licence

    123 signatures, now closed

  22. Change the motorbike cc restriction for 16 year olds from 50cc to 125cc

    85 signatures, now closed

  23. Base the vehicle excise duty for motorcycles on CO2 emissions

    80 signatures, now closed

  24. Remove restrictions on motorcycle training (CBT Course) for critical workers.

    63 signatures, now closed

  25. Having one type of motorcycle licence in the UK like there is in the USA.

    53 signatures, now closed

  26. Revise guidance on fitting rooms to allow them to open in a Covid-secure way

    40 signatures, now closed

  27. Allow A1 motorcycle license holders to use motorcycles with up to 250cc engines

    39 signatures

  28. Reduce the legal driving age to 16

    37 signatures, now closed

  29. Allow motorcycle CBT holders to use a 300cc engine.

    37 signatures, now closed

  30. Reduce the age you can get a full motorcycle licence to 18

    31 signatures, now closed

  31. Make Bioptic Lenses acceptable for achieving the eyesight standard for driving.

    31 signatures, now closed

  32. Fund more secure motorcycle parking and better road maintenance

    29 signatures, now closed

  33. Require drivers of motorcycles for paid work to have full licence for type

    28 signatures

  34. Treat electric motorcycles as electric vehicles for BIK (Benefit In Kind)

    24 signatures, now closed

  35. Make bus lanes avaliable for Motorbikes and bloodbikes throughout Cornwall


  36. Reduce the maximum legal noise limit for motorbikes.


  37. Introduce UK wide laws to permit motorcycles to ride in bus lanes


  38. Reinstate the former Highway Code rules of pedestrian right of way at junctions


  39. Create a new residents permit band for electric motorcycles and mopeds in London


  40. Ensure E5 and E0 are available at most pumps for classic vehicles.


  41. had more than 3 cbt,s Upgrade restrictions on engine size to 400cc


  42. Make a law for cyclists in London to follow the road rules


  43. Allow food delivery motorcycle parking in the pavement


  44. I'd like Government to re-think their methods on Car & Motorcycle Lessons/Tests


  45. Remove the need to upgrade a motorcycle lisence from A2 to A via a full retest.


  46. Put a temporary suspension on CBT test renewals until lockdown ends.


  47. Make farmers clean mud from their vehicles when driving on public roads.


  48. Allow motorcycle riders the freedom to ride for mental and physical health


  49. Introduce private driving testing and allow booking directly of driving test


  50. Reduce motorcar and motorcycle noise and emissions.


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