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  1. Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government

    48,205 signatures

  2. Ban development on agricultural land to increase food self-sufficiency

    24,647 signatures

  3. Exempt charities using IPAFFS from ban on importing animals from Eastern Europe

    18,321 signatures

  4. Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for visas

    11,232 signatures

  5. Lift ban on import of rescue animals from Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland

    11,225 signatures

  6. Referendum on whether the UK should be neutral in the Ukraine/Russia conflict

    9,186 signatures

  7. Hold a public inquiry into visa arrangements for Ukrainian refugees

    1,844 signatures

  8. Enable Ukrainian children without passports to enter UK without attending a VAC

    819 signatures

  9. Urgently review policy on Ukrainian children seeking to enter UK from Ukraine

    722 signatures

  10. Create a ‘Homes for Afghanistan’ refugee scheme

    664 signatures

  11. End military aid to Ukraine to avoid the risk of nuclear war with Russia

    458 signatures

  12. Allow unrelated children to enter UK with Ukrainian families

    443 signatures

  13. Set up a funding scheme for scientists fleeing the war in Ukraine

    383 signatures

  14. Fund free air travel to the UK for Ukrainian refugees

    369 signatures

  15. Introduce grants for home battery storage systems

    342 signatures

  16. Make using "Z" to show support for the invasion of Ukraine a criminal offence

    292 signatures

  17. Grant all Ukrainians living in the UK for 5 years Indefinite Leave to Remain

    261 signatures

  18. Extend Ukraine Family Scheme to all Ukrainians on UK work and student visas

    261 signatures

  19. Seek to replace Russia with Ukraine in the Security Council.

    223 signatures

  20. Extend the Ukraine Family Scheme to non-Ukrainian nationals fleeing Ukraine

    211 signatures

  21. Support unaccompanied children to enter UK through the Homes for Ukraine scheme

    167 signatures

  22. Hold a referendum on sending deadly weapons to Ukraine

    158 signatures

  23. Extend ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme to ALL refugees and asylum seekers

    153 signatures

  24. Return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius

    111 signatures

  25. Increase student maintenance loans in line with increased living costs

    95 signatures

  26. Temporarily limit speed limits to 55mph to help reduce reliance on Russian oil

    87 signatures

  27. Seek to suspend Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council

    83 signatures

  28. Urge the UN Security Council to seek a ceasefire and referendums across Ukraine

    76 signatures

  29. Make Ukraine War denial a criminal offence

    65 signatures

  30. Help volunteers in the UK to join the Ukraine International Legion

    58 signatures

  31. End immunity & let alleged war crime victims sue states like Russia in UK courts

    47 signatures

  32. Work internationally to provide army surplus protective clothing to Ukraine

    43 signatures

  33. Propose a summit between Russia, Ukraine, EU, US, UK to end the war in Ukraine

    39 signatures

  34. Keep sanctions until Russia has fully compensated Ukraine

    36 signatures

  35. Fund the building of communal fallout shelters across the country

    36 signatures

  36. Delay rebated fuel duty changes on Red Diesel until supply and pricing is stable

    34 signatures

  37. Require petrol stations list country of origin of fuel at the pump

    32 signatures

  38. Make a public support of Russian aggression in Ukraine a criminal offence

    30 signatures

  39. Encourage global ban on Russian oil and gas, and full ban from SWIFT

    29 signatures

  40. Reinstate Priority and Superpriority track for Family and Student Visas.

    26 signatures

  41. Support Homes for Ukraine hosts to accommodate Ukraine Family Visa holders

    25 signatures

  42. Reward and fund relocation of Russian soldiers who actively surrender in Ukraine

    25 signatures

  43. Legislate to prevent misinformation about the Ukraine conflict on social media

    25 signatures

  44. Work internationally to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt

    24 signatures

  45. Exempt UK military personnel travelling to fight for Ukraine from prosecution

    24 signatures

  46. Support a 'Kyiv Conference' to reform the UN

    22 signatures

  47. Min. 10-year sanctions on Russia if chemical/biological weapons used in Ukraine

    22 signatures

  48. Grant family visa status to Ukrainian seasonal workers

    21 signatures

  49. Urge Pakistani Government to ensure free & fair elections & protect human rights

    20 signatures

  50. Seek to suspend India's membership of the Commonwealth of Nations

    19 signatures

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