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  1. Provide Ukrainian refugees with settled status to enable a stable life in the UK

    36,438 signatures

  2. Create a Palestinian Family Visa Scheme for Palestinian people affected by war

    32,597 signatures

  3. Withdraw support for Israel and support Palestine in Israel-Palestine conflict

    14,227 signatures

  4. Commit more support for Ukrainian victory against Russia’s war. Ukraine must win

    3,111 signatures

  5. Donate Tranche 1 Typhoon aircraft to Ukraine instead of stripping for parts

    3,016 signatures

  6. Create a 'Homes for Palestine' scheme so Palestinians can seek safety in the UK

    2,835 signatures

  7. Referendum for UK to be neutral on Israel/Palestine and Ukraine/Russia conflicts

    1,273 signatures

  8. Pledge 0.25% of GDP to military aid for Ukraine for the next 4 years

    1,024 signatures

  9. Block further support to Ukraine until after an inquiry into use of past aid

    527 signatures

  10. Revoke British citizenship of anyone joining the armed forces of another nation

    293 signatures

  11. Public Inquiry into UK's role in Israel-Gaza conflict since 7 November

    243 signatures

  12. Require businesses trading in Russia to compensate Ukraine and warn consumers

    164 signatures

  13. Ensure boats seized for use in illegal crossings are donated where possible

    151 signatures

  14. Adopt neutrality on the conflict in Ukraine

    146 signatures

  15. Increase funding for the RAF to better support Ukraine

    123 signatures

  16. Require a public vote before the UK can become involved in a foreign conflict

    117 signatures

  17. Donate all artillery shells to Ukraine

    84 signatures

  18. Do not send British troops to Ukraine

    64 signatures

  19. Stop spending taxpayer money to support Ukraine

    55 signatures

  20. Seek to start peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

    36 signatures

  21. Create a Israeli Family Visa Scheme for Israelis affected by the war

    29 signatures

  22. Introduce a 50% reduction in council tax for Homes for Ukraine host families

    26 signatures

  23. Seek to end Turkey’s membership of NATO

    23 signatures

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