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  1. Allow Salons and Tattoo parlors to open at same time as hairdressers

    61,170 signatures

  2. Reject the proposals for Junction 10 of the A3/M25

    26,364 signatures

  3. Make Anti-Racism training mandatory in all UK workplaces

    11,906 signatures

  4. Pay bonus to all key workers

    10,689 signatures

  5. Change DfE school guidance to allow overnight educational visits.

    4,683 signatures

  6. Create an Official Racial Offenders Register/Scheme

    4,493 signatures

  7. For the sake of wildlife & forests ban the release of balloons and sky lanterns.

    3,645 signatures

  8. Ban all single use plastic

    1,999 signatures

  9. Ban the Advertising of Meat Products

    1,616 signatures

  10. Protect the Environment – support carbon neutral energy alternatives

    1,569 signatures

  11. Ban Animal Products

    914 signatures

  12. Ban counselling notes of rape survivors from being used in court

    894 signatures

  13. Ban third party sales of rabbits in England.

    760 signatures

  14. Create a new Bank Holiday in recognition of the NHS and all its amazing workers.

    636 signatures

  15. Include gardening in the National Curriculum

    386 signatures

  16. Run a Public Awareness Campaign about the Climate and Ecological Emergency

    227 signatures

  17. Ban plastic charity bags being delivered to every household

    148 signatures

  18. Heavy tax and public awareness on all 'Not Yet Recycled' plastics

    127 signatures

  19. Allow free parking for all NHS employees on NHS property or their place of work.

    124 signatures

  20. Specialist Cleaners to be added as Critical or Key Workers COVID-19 pandemic

    116 signatures

  21. Protect Bumblebees and support increased bumblebee numbers

    114 signatures

  22. Create charge for use of non-biodegradable material

    103 signatures

  23. Study impact of home working on health & the environment and act on the results

    96 signatures

  24. Require recycling systems in NHS clinical areas for plastic healthcare waste

    94 signatures

  25. Include the impact of fast fashion on the curriculum

    82 signatures

  26. All drivers to take a refresher course every 10 years.

    79 signatures

  27. Raise national speed limit to 80 mph on motorways and dual carriageways

    77 signatures

  28. Include Windrush generations in British Nationality Act Remedial Order

    71 signatures

  29. Make bikes and bicycle accessories zero-rated for VAT

    70 signatures

  30. Remove Vehicle Excise Duty and add the cost to Fuel Duty

    67 signatures

  31. Bring high percentage ethanol fuel to the UK

    63 signatures

  32. Start an All-Party Beveridge-Style ‘Futures’ Report

    59 signatures

  33. Make mental health and wellbeing checks compulsory in all levels of education

    57 signatures

  34. Place a 80% Import duty on Chinese goods

    46 signatures

  35. Ban All Commercial Flights On Sundays

    44 signatures

  36. Give consumers a statutory right to opt out of receiving paper correspondence

    44 signatures

  37. Create a ‘Day of Rest’ in each calendar week as we come out lockdown.

    39 signatures

  38. Make the wearing of face masks mandatory in Retail and Workplace settings

    37 signatures

  39. Help protect our environment by permanently banning unnecessary travel to work

    36 signatures

  40. Make schools allow GCSE students to take study leave before & during their exams

    36 signatures

  41. Ban liquid plastic in cosmetics.

    33 signatures

  42. Action on Non Exhaust Emissions

    32 signatures

  43. Ban bonfires during daylight hours

    29 signatures

  44. Allow the sale of nicotine e-liquids in bottles greater than 10 ml.

    24 signatures

  45. Give employees the right to work from home when they can


  46. Change generic ‘may contain nuts’ on ingredients


  47. Stop forcing members of the public to wear mask or face coverings.


  48. Save our play provisions for children and early years.


  49. Have more stringent consequences for people who throw away their litter.


  50. Legalise the use of private e scooters in the UK


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