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  1. Ban single-use plastic bottles in the manufacture of soft drinks for UK market

    1,054 signatures

  2. Set stricter legal targets for air quality and increase funding for research

    196 signatures

  3. Ban the words "plant", "grass" & "tree" when used to sell plastic substitutes

    143 signatures

  4. Enforce the bottle deposit (Pfand) recycling scheme in the UK

    131 signatures

  5. Ban the production of virgin (new) plastics immediately

    82 signatures

  6. Ban the use of plastic gloves at petrol stations

    41 signatures

  7. Ban plastic and foil balloon releases and fund memorial forests instead

    36 signatures

  8. Ban all disposable plastic bags.

    25 signatures

  9. Make recycling information a legal requirement on the front packaging.

    21 signatures

  10. Ban transparent plastic windows from food packaging

    17 signatures

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