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  1. Ban artificial grass immediately in response to the 25 Year Environmental Plan

    819 signatures

  2. Ban the practice of giving live animals as prizes

    179 signatures

  3. Ban all Balloon releasing in the UK

    151 signatures

  4. Ban non-biodegradable glitter and confetti

    111 signatures

  5. Take action to reduce plastic pollution and ban plastic bottles for drinks

    93 signatures

  6. Ban the use of single-use plastic containers by restaurants and takeaways

    76 signatures

  7. Include plastic golf tees in the 1 October 2023 single-use plastic ban

    64 signatures

  8. Ban plastic drink bottles, to use glass or cans only

    56 signatures

  9. Cafes/restaurants should have to refill reusable water bottles with tap water

    50 signatures

  10. Ban plastic netting around single food items.

    35 signatures

  11. Introduce social media requirements on promoting realistic beauty standards

    31 signatures

  12. Revoke the ban on plastic straws

    31 signatures

  13. Stop schools selling or giving students single-use plastic water bottles

    14 signatures

  14. Require businesses that sell fruit and vegetables to have washing stations

    14 signatures

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