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  1. Reduce the VAT on reusable menstrual products "Period Pants" from 20% to 0%

    5,733 signatures

  2. Ban the sale of flying plastic rings to help protect marine wildlife

    2,885 signatures

  3. Ban the sale of disposable vapes.

    296 signatures

  4. Set stricter legal targets for air quality and increase funding for research

    170 signatures

  5. Ban the manufacture and sale of plastic bottles

    146 signatures

  6. Ban the words "plant", "grass" & "tree" when used to sell plastic substitutes

    129 signatures

  7. Ban non-compostable multi-layer material food packaging by 2030

    120 signatures

  8. Enforce the bottle deposit (Pfand) recycling scheme in the UK

    78 signatures

  9. Ban the production of virgin (new) plastics immediately

    34 signatures

  10. Prohibit the unsolicited delivery of plastic bags

    24 signatures

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