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  1. Retain bans on cat, dog, seal fur imports, and extend to ban all fur imports

    11,796 signatures

  2. Give Animal Rescue Centres a grant to offset this winters increased heating cost

    10,876 signatures

  3. Create a Cost of Living Animal Welfare Crisis Fund to protect dogs & cats

    6,830 signatures

  4. Stop vets euthanising healthy dogs when options are available to save them.

    5,544 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of small animal enclosures that do not meet specified standards

    4,676 signatures

  6. Introduce reporting requirements for euthanasia of healthy/treatable animals

    3,033 signatures

  7. Stop the sale of live animals in pet stores & require them to link with rescues.

    2,642 signatures

  8. Reduce the decibel limit on fireworks to 85 decibels, to reduce impact

    1,909 signatures

  9. Make unlawfully killing a pet a specific offence with sentences equal to murder

    1,671 signatures

  10. A Royal Commission into the scientific efficacy of animal experimentation.

    1,025 signatures

  11. Protect plants and animals from 5G Millimeter Wave ('mmWave') Radiation

    976 signatures

  12. Ban commercial donkey rides

    877 signatures

  13. Ban the advertising of animals showing signs of extreme breeding or mutilation

    864 signatures

  14. Only allow fireworks to be used for official displays on Bonfire Night and NYE

    534 signatures

  15. Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop& report accidents involving cats

    433 signatures

  16. Ban all fireworks permanently, including displays.

    395 signatures

  17. Ban the import and sale of real fur in the UK

    357 signatures

  18. Provide Financial Assistance to Non-Profit Animal Rescue Charities

    238 signatures

  19. Require drive through takeaways to print vehicle registrations on the packaging

    179 signatures

  20. Require a licence to purchase/install bird spikes and netting

    124 signatures

  21. Amend the list of needs in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Section 9(2)

    124 signatures

  22. Make licenses and third party insurance compulsory for dog owners

    108 signatures

  23. Ban the production of virgin (new) plastics immediately

    104 signatures

  24. Ban plastic and foil balloon releases and fund memorial forests instead

    102 signatures

  25. Ban the captivation of marine mammals in the UK

    85 signatures

  26. Introduce a regulator and mandatory licensing for animal groomers

    84 signatures

  27. Require alcoholic drinks to be clearly labelled as vegetarian, vegan, or not

    75 signatures

  28. Ensure that adequate shelter is provided for animals kept outside

    71 signatures

  29. Require vets to do a full health check when pets have their jabs

    71 signatures

  30. Run Eat Responsibly campaign and require labels on meat, egg and dairy products

    63 signatures

  31. Stop animal testing

    50 signatures

  32. Change the law to stop healthy animals being euthanized at the owner’s request

    50 signatures

  33. Ban the use of plastic gloves at petrol stations

    48 signatures

  34. Allow culling of black-backed gulls using a general licence

    48 signatures

  35. Restrict the sale and use of fireworks by the public to certain celebration days

    45 signatures

  36. Require scanning of cat and dog microchips by vets

    45 signatures

  37. Make mandatory for cats to be neutered and chipped before allowed to roam.

    39 signatures

  38. Ban the Use of Poison, Lethal Traps and Other Lethal Methods of Pest Control

    38 signatures

  39. Suspend VAT on pet food and pet care for 12 months, and reduce to 5% thereafter

    38 signatures

  40. Ban the use and sale of shock collars, prong collars and choke chains in the UK

    37 signatures

  41. Regulate and license equestrian livery yards

    34 signatures

  42. Provide legal recognition for assistance animals other than dogs

    30 signatures

  43. Create a register of animal abusers, with mandatory checks by breeders/shops/etc

    29 signatures

  44. Close All Abattoirs & Campaign for People to Go Vegan for World Vegan Day

    29 signatures

  45. Fund neutering of stray and feral animals by animal rescue centres

    25 signatures

  46. Ban unsustainable palm oil products being sold in the UK.

    24 signatures

  47. Remove the ‘right to roam’ status currently applicable to domesticated Cats

    24 signatures

  48. Ban Recreational Fishing

    23 signatures

  49. Introduce mandatory neutering for domestic cats and dogs.

    22 signatures

  50. Make Animal Rights Required Learning on the School Curriculum

    21 signatures

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