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  1. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public

    49,957 signatures

  2. Make pet abduction a specific criminal offence

    45,939 signatures

  3. Ban the use of dogs for testing and research purposes in the UK

    27,989 signatures

  4. Introduce mandatory neutering of pet cats

    26,344 signatures

  5. Ban imports of hunting trophies of endangered animals

    19,377 signatures

  6. Reverse the decision not to proceed with the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill

    18,257 signatures

  7. Record and publish numbers of companion animals euthanised in England

    11,154 signatures

  8. Require police carry tranquilizer guns and ban use of police firearms on animals

    10,106 signatures

  9. Ban the sale of all non-silent fireworks

    4,852 signatures

  10. Create a pet task force to seek to reduce number of pets being put to sleep

    4,756 signatures

  11. Create independent inspection scheme for dogs held under the Dangerous Dogs Act

    901 signatures

  12. Ban animal testing for cosmetics ingredients

    633 signatures

  13. Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK

    626 signatures

  14. Ban the use of catapults

    321 signatures

  15. Make it an offence to release fireworks within 300 yards of livestock/horses

    291 signatures

  16. Create a regulator for veterinary services with powers to cap fees

    274 signatures

  17. Introduce licences, mandatory training and annual vet visits to own a dog

    259 signatures

  18. Implement a complete ban on the sale of rodenticide poison

    191 signatures

  19. Ban the practice of giving live animals as prizes

    174 signatures

  20. Make publishing images or videos of animal abuse a specific criminal offence

    160 signatures

  21. Ban all Balloon releasing in the UK

    139 signatures

  22. Ban classroom pets in schools

    125 signatures

  23. Require plants be labelled to show toxicity to companion animals

    125 signatures

  24. Make neutering compulsory for pet cats and dogs

    103 signatures

  25. Make rabbit breeding illegal in England

    96 signatures

  26. Seek to rejoin the EU pet passport scheme

    88 signatures

  27. Allow pets with UK Health Certificates to return from the EU on private boats.

    86 signatures

  28. Stop farmers from having the right to shoot dogs

    82 signatures

  29. Ban the sale and use of hamster cages under 100x50x50cm

    79 signatures

  30. Stop the live export of animals from the UK

    66 signatures

  31. Introduce national system to provide animal health certificates at a fixed cost

    64 signatures

  32. Only allow fireworks on the dates of traditional celebratory events

    58 signatures

  33. Make pet euthanasia in a last will and testament illegal

    58 signatures

  34. Introduce requirements for the provision of vegetarian and vegan meals by 2025

    56 signatures

  35. Make lead shot illegal for game hunting where meat is to be used for consumption

    45 signatures

  36. Ban putting netting on buildings to deter birds from landing

    41 signatures

  37. Make Paid Pet Bereavement Leave Compulsory in the Workplace

    41 signatures

  38. Support small and large animal rescues with grants for veterinary bills

    36 signatures

  39. Require people to complete an online course on animal care to buy a pet

    35 signatures

  40. Only allow sale and use of fireworks on 5 November and New Year's Eve

    34 signatures

  41. To ban the use of fireworks after 10pm

    26 signatures

  42. Make training your dog with an approved scheme a legal requirement

    26 signatures

  43. Make responsible pet ownership teaching mandatory in schools

    26 signatures

  44. Make it a specific offence for motorists to hit a cat

    25 signatures

  45. Ban the captivity of animals in zoos

    25 signatures

  46. Introduce new restrictions on the sale of fireworks

    24 signatures

  47. Require veterinary practices to offer customers payment plans

    24 signatures

  48. Increase the taxes on fireworks

    20 signatures

  49. Ban the use of herbicides that contain glyphosate

    20 signatures

  50. Ban fireworks in residential areas and only allow in remote areas by licence

    19 signatures

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