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  1. Cancel plans to commission a new Royal Yacht

    35,007 signatures

  2. Fund and require the insulation of all social housing by 2025

    6,849 signatures

  3. Ban fossil fuel sponsorship of all UK culture, media and sport

    1,711 signatures

  4. Percentage opt out clause for taxpayers regarding animal agriculture subsidies.

    1,237 signatures

  5. Remove environmental taxes from electricity to encourage heat pump installations

    1,166 signatures

  6. Scrap RIS2 (Road Investment Strategy 2)

    709 signatures

  7. Abolish HS2 to fund a greener future for Britain

    284 signatures

  8. Make Lying In Public Office A Specific Criminal Offence

    242 signatures

  9. Change the zero carbon emission goals to 2025 instead of 2050

    226 signatures

  10. Increase funding for more Environmental Wardens and litter/waste initiatives

    186 signatures

  11. Ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2024, six years earlier than planned

    165 signatures

  12. Stop new exploration and production licenses for UK Off and Onshore oil and gas.

    159 signatures

  13. Ban domestic flights on routes that could be travelled by train in under 3 hours

    152 signatures

  14. Stop Day 2 Tests for Green List and Fully Vaccinated Amber Arrivals

    138 signatures

  15. Make it easier for people to build low impact housing

    109 signatures

  16. Cut VAT on domestic electricity to zero

    105 signatures

  17. Require all new buildings to have rainwater storage for flushing toilets

    101 signatures

  18. Seek binding agreement at COP26 to make it mandatory to teach climate change.

    86 signatures

  19. Reduce the national speed limit to 60 MPH on motorways and dual carriageways

    82 signatures

  20. Offer grants for accommodation owners to install EV charging facilities.

    67 signatures

  21. Climate awareness labels on all goods sold: CO2; habit destruction; recycled %

    67 signatures

  22. Amend the legal definition of rape so women can be charged with rape

    64 signatures

  23. Fund free solar panels for all homes

    61 signatures

  24. Join the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance and commit to its end date for fossil fuels

    58 signatures

  25. Provide urgent humanitarian aid to Southern Madagascar

    57 signatures

  26. Fund global climate change mitigation and give displaced people refugee status

    57 signatures

  27. Impose legal limits on non-essential flying for everyone

    53 signatures

  28. Increase support for nuclear power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

    48 signatures

  29. Ban drilling for fossil fuels and put more money into using renewable energy.

    45 signatures

  30. Place large environmental taxes on the use of private jets

    42 signatures

  31. Take action to tackle global deforestation

    40 signatures

  32. New planning regulations on all new houses - climate conscious energy supply.

    39 signatures

  33. Nationalise all Public Transport and make it free to all to help climate change

    39 signatures

  34. Fund initiatives to recycle PPE waste

    38 signatures

  35. Make heat pump installations mandatory on all new buildings.

    37 signatures

  36. Create laws for what can/cant be classed as sustainable to prevent greenwashing

    33 signatures

  37. Ban the use of disposable BBQs and campfires on moorland

    32 signatures

  38. Ban energy-wasting open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets

    31 signatures

  39. Ban the advertisement of plastic and non-recyclable toys to children

    27 signatures

  40. Increase road tax when more than two vehicles are registered to the same address

    27 signatures

  41. Ban carrier bags from public display in supermarkets

    25 signatures

  42. Require food items to display information relating to their carbon footprint

    21 signatures

  43. Introduce VAT on meat products and stop subsiding animal agriculture

    19 signatures

  44. Make it mandatory for companies to report all direct and indirect emissions

    19 signatures

  45. Create a Task Force to support residents displaced by environmental events

    17 signatures

  46. Make ‘Environmental Education’ a compulsory separate subject in all schools.

    16 signatures

  47. Form a National Unity government, to tackle the ongoing Climate Emergency.

    14 signatures

  48. End unnecessary requirement to post your driving license after paying an FPN

    12 signatures

  49. Establish a National Tree Planting Scheme

    11 signatures

  50. Immediately engage in constructive communication with Climate Protesters

    7 signatures

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