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  1. Ban imports of hunting trophies of endangered animals

    23,078 signatures

  2. Ban artificial grass immediately in response to the 25 Year Environmental Plan

    951 signatures

  3. Push for immediate, ambitious and binding targets at COP28

    680 signatures

  4. Ban 'use by' dates on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads

    482 signatures

  5. Repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 and Net Zero targets

    225 signatures

  6. Don't water down UK actions promised to stop the climate catastrophe

    185 signatures

  7. Create a national climate change holiday to encourage the planting of trees

    163 signatures

  8. Legislate to protect those who buy retirement properties

    127 signatures

  9. Set more ambitious emissions reduction targets

    112 signatures

  10. Ban private jets

    90 signatures

  11. Increase investment in flood risk management and climate resilience

    84 signatures

  12. Require carbon footprint of items be printed on packaging

    83 signatures

  13. Introduce requirements for the provision of vegetarian and vegan meals by 2025

    71 signatures

  14. Require businesses to scrap zero hour contracts

    57 signatures

  15. Create an Ecocide Prevention Act for England and Wales

    55 signatures

  16. Require food producers to put CO2eq emissions per KG of food on their packaging

    55 signatures

  17. Introduce restrictions on cutting roadside verges to protect native wildflowers

    51 signatures

  18. Publish an assessment of introducing a meat tax

    41 signatures

  19. Publish a risk assessment of recent announcements to soften net zero policies

    40 signatures

  20. Set maximum and minimum temperatures work places

    40 signatures

  21. Increase funding to help tackle climate change

    39 signatures

  22. Stop any new oil and gas exploration licences being issued

    32 signatures

  23. Tax polluting raw materials

    30 signatures

  24. Add the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the school curriculum

    25 signatures

  25. Give the UK people a Referendum on Net Zero

    22 signatures

  26. Ban the production of pumpkins for Halloween decorations

    21 signatures

  27. Raise the Tax-Free Personal Allowance to £16,000 in the next tax year

    20 signatures

  28. Increase Element 2 funding that is awarded to schools to match current economy.

    13 signatures

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