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  1. Reduce the VAT on reusable menstrual products "Period Pants" from 20% to 0%

    5,741 signatures

  2. We demand that the UK Government declares a Global Climate Emergency

    2,091 signatures

  3. Reject any future applications to increase passenger numbers at Luton Airport

    2,001 signatures

  4. Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government

    1,931 signatures

  5. Endorse and implement the Plant Based Treaty

    993 signatures

  6. Create new publicly owned solar energy company to address fuel & climate crisis

    758 signatures

  7. Bring the draft Bereavement Benefits Remedial Order into law.

    710 signatures

  8. Review licence fees and financial support for hydro generation

    662 signatures

  9. Repeal the Climate Change Act 2008

    358 signatures

  10. End All Government Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Companies

    199 signatures

  11. Set stricter legal targets for air quality and increase funding for research

    170 signatures

  12. Hold a referendum on the UK meeting net zero much earlier than 2050.

    131 signatures

  13. Address the Energy, Climate and Environment crisis by investing in Renewables

    105 signatures

  14. Scrap university tuition fees for Student Nurses and re-introduce full bursary.

    78 signatures

  15. Commit to not storing US nuclear weapons in the UK

    69 signatures

  16. Bring forward and strengthen Biodiversity Net Gain requirements on developments

    68 signatures

  17. Set a target for 70% of UK energy to be renewable by 2030

    63 signatures

  18. Place large environmental taxes on the use of private jets

    50 signatures

  19. Change the Energy Profits Levy (EPL) to help UK households and the climate.

    49 signatures

  20. Save UK soil: increase soil organic matter to 3% by 2045 in agricultural land.

    46 signatures

  21. Run Eat Responsibly campaign and require labels on meat, egg and dairy products

    41 signatures

  22. Make it a legal requirement that all new homes have solar energy installed.

    37 signatures

  23. Cap energy price increases for small businesses.

    36 signatures

  24. Ban the production of virgin (new) plastics immediately

    35 signatures

  25. Extend 15 hours free childcare to all 2-year old children

    32 signatures

  26. Amend the Procurement Bill to enshrine positive environmental obligations.

    28 signatures

  27. Decommission all fossil fuel power stations by 2023

    28 signatures

  28. Fund replanting of trees lost to forest fires to help combat climate change

    26 signatures

  29. Fund climate-ready updates to homes, businesses and infrastructure

    22 signatures

  30. Create a ten-year interest free loan for domestic green energy transition

    19 signatures

  31. Establish a cross-party commission to agree set UK climate goals and actions

    19 signatures

  32. Introduce taxes on aviation kerosene

    17 signatures

  33. Invest in new nuclear and renewable generation to replace fossil fuels

    16 signatures

  34. Suspend VAT on pet food and pet care for 12 months, and reduce to 5% thereafter

    13 signatures

  35. Provide financial support for schools to install air conditioning in classrooms

    11 signatures

  36. Require rainwater recovery for new builds and offer grants for older properties

    6 signatures

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