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  1. Mandatory Lessons on Animal Slaughter in Schools

    3,084 signatures

  2. Automatically give all trees protection with tree preservation orders

    911 signatures

  3. Bring in legislation to end internal air flights in the UK.

    504 signatures

  4. Stop the opening of the new coal mine in Cumbria

    353 signatures

  5. Commit to and fund all schools being zero carbon by 2030

    298 signatures

  6. Extend the £2 bus fare cap indefinitely

    191 signatures

  7. Ban unsustainable palm oil products being sold in the UK.

    144 signatures

  8. New environmental requirements in law for new buildings to reduce emissions

    109 signatures

  9. Ensure that adequate shelter is provided for animals kept outside

    100 signatures

  10. Ban retailers from selling non-recyclable wrapping paper and decoratives.

    93 signatures

  11. Prohibit the Sale, Purchase, Deployment, and Use of Artificial Grass Products

    80 signatures

  12. Introduce a Well-being of Future Generations Act, like they have in Wales

    69 signatures

  13. Lower The Voting Age From 18 To 16

    69 signatures

  14. Ban the Import and Sale of badminton shuttlecocks that use feathers.

    65 signatures

  15. Stop all new gas, oil and coal extraction

    63 signatures

  16. Ban the use of plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables

    51 signatures

  17. Reopen Ringwood railway station and fund services to Brockenhurst

    34 signatures

  18. Write off student loans for NHS and state school staff after five years

    26 signatures

  19. Let asylum seekers work in Climate Change Adaptation & Regenerative Agriculture

    24 signatures

  20. Ban all aircraft that run on fossil fuels by 2025

    24 signatures

  21. Add environmental damage as a public interest intervention ground for mergers

    21 signatures

  22. Take additional action to tackle climate change and protect the environment

    17 signatures

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