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  1. Ban microplastic glitter

    29 signatures

  2. Ban the Sale of Disposable Vapes

    41 signatures

  3. Ban the sale and use of single-use plastic bottles of water by 2028.

    36 signatures

  4. Ban single-use plastic cups at music venues

    46 signatures

  5. Stop schools selling or giving students single-use plastic water bottles

    41 signatures

  6. Introduce social media requirements on promoting realistic beauty standards

    35 signatures

  7. Require businesses that sell fruit and vegetables to have washing stations

    17 signatures

  8. Ban artificial grass immediately in response to the 25 Year Environmental Plan

    932 signatures

  9. Cafes/restaurants should have to refill reusable water bottles with tap water

    54 signatures

  10. Ban plastic netting around single food items.

    47 signatures

  11. Revoke the ban on plastic straws

    35 signatures

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