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  1. Review healthcare provision for people moved into temporary accommodation

    10 signatures

  2. Inquiry into the pet food industry and its relationship with the vet profession

    8 signatures

  3. Ensure GCSE students have support materials for maths and science exams in 2025

    9 signatures

  4. Require increased and more secure provision of HGV parking at motorway services

    7 signatures

  5. Hold a General Election if 5% of the voting population ask for it

    9 signatures

  6. Make it compulsory for all dogs to be on leads on public land.

    16 signatures

  7. Require "New Recipe" labels on food products when new ingredients are added

    10 signatures

  8. Put an engine size cap for all new drivers for 3 years

    12 signatures

  9. Review foreign policy in respect of Israel

    11 signatures

  10. Create a Sikh regiment in the British army

    34 signatures

  11. Ensure tenants can't be evicted for owning an exempted XL Bully dog

    499 signatures

  12. Ban fireworks in residential areas and only allow in remote areas by licence

    14 signatures

  13. Set up a specialist housing court and a statutory housing conciliation service

    25 signatures

  14. Keep the couples Administrative Earnings Threshold for parents

    16 signatures

  15. Introduce a statutory requirement for schools to have a staff wellbeing policy

    50 signatures

  16. Allow schools to teach BSL instead of a modern foreign language

    29 signatures

  17. Exempt all state pensions and benefits from income tax

    35 signatures

  18. Stop schools selling or giving students single-use plastic water bottles

    10 signatures

  19. Reform planning regulations regarding telecommunications installations

    151 signatures

  20. Ban from public sale certain fireworks for garden use

    32 signatures

  21. Introduce a Government ‘Commitments & Improvements Register’

    20 signatures

  22. Extend free school meals to all primary and secondary children in England

    13 signatures

  23. Stricter penalties for car theft and fraudulent claims to help cut car insurance

    9 signatures

  24. Increase financial support for children in care and care leavers

    15 signatures

  25. Introduce social media requirements on promoting realistic beauty standards

    27 signatures

  26. DVLA to amend rules on registration of historic cars with certain modifications

    12 signatures

  27. Ban employers suspending employees for more than 10 weeks

    14 signatures

  28. Cease migrations onto Universal Credit for those who are clinically vulnerable

    9 signatures

  29. Hold the next General Election on 2nd May 2024

    14 signatures

  30. Allow Zimbabwe to Lay a Wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day

    32 signatures

  31. Reinstate the death penalty for child sexual offences

    17 signatures

  32. Require AI chatbots to identify themselves as not human

    20 signatures

  33. Reduce VAT for veterans

    22 signatures

  34. Change The Law On State Pensions For Those Facing Terminal Illnesses

    14 signatures

  35. Invest more funds to discover new antibiotics.

    220 signatures

  36. Restrict sale of vapes to 21 year olds with valid identification

    22 signatures

  37. Introduce mandatory regulation for non-medic aesthetic practitioners

    389 signatures

  38. Make all subjects optional at GCSE level

    10 signatures

  39. Make it illegal to use a parent parking space without a child

    12 signatures

  40. Extend school day to 5.30pm, with two hours of PE from 3.30-5.30pm

    14 signatures

  41. Remove restrictions on promotional deals and discounts for baby formula

    30 signatures

  42. Support the establishment of new democratic government in Gaza and the West Bank

    29 signatures

  43. Enhance consumer protection for holiday caravan owners

    12,120 signatures

  44. Exempt Blue Badge drivers from Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

    95 signatures

  45. Do not double charge road tax for vehicles put on & taken off SORN in same month

    13 signatures

  46. Government to apologise for UK role in Israel-Palestine conflict

    150 signatures

  47. Extend the Parents' Learning Allowance to include part-time students

    21 signatures

  48. Require Secretaries of State to be members of the House of Commons

    36 signatures

  49. Create a Government Scheme to incentivise Driving Instructors to be examiners

    8 signatures

  50. Review rights of succession for social housing tenancies

    46 signatures

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