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  1. Allow study music to play in the background during lessons.

  2. Keep free school meals

  3. Change the 2018 FA Cup semi final venue to a neutral ground for Man Utd v Spurs.

  4. To make Leicester city Caribbean carnival free entry again and not bordered


  6. Keep free school meals and abolish free lunches for mps

  7. Reduce water rates

  8. Bring in health testing for bulldog breeds to be registered with the kennel Club

  9. Install an Independent Polygraph Testing Facility in the UK Parliament.

  10. Force companies to use the minimal amount of packaging in their products.

  11. A call for a new election as there is no confidence left in this government.

  12. Start a Public Enquiry into the practice of child grooming and exploitation.

  13. Give Fathers and Mothers 50/50 custody after Seperation or Divorce

  14. Hold a referendum to determine the will of the people regarding NHS funding.

  15. Put Stephen Hawking's picture on the new £20 note

  16. PM must be as tough on Brexit as she is to Russia on the Salisbury attack

  17. Ask Theresa May to explain to school children why only some will get lunch now.

  18. Abolish MP Expenses & the £300 per day Attendance fees for the House of Lords.

  19. Protect arts funding in schools/society from devastating cuts. Invest in future

  20. Parents & students want compensation. Cancelled tuition due to lecturers strike

  21. Make I.D. Compulsory when voting in local or general elections in the U.K.

  22. End the provision of subsidised food and alcohol in parliament and the Lords.

  23. Overturn & condemn the ban on journalist Lauren Southern entering the UK

  24. Ban the practice of event ticket touting websites, such as Viagogo.

  25. Dedicate a day in the UK calendar to the life of Professor Stephen Hawking.

  26. Call for an early general election.

  27. Rename Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park to "Officially Authorized Opinion Corner".

  28. We want you to confirm,that our government is not implementing the Kalergi Plan

  29. End the persecution of Tommy Robinson and start enquiry into his past treatment

  30. Revoke the abolition of free school meals for children by MP’s!

  31. Pass a new law banning the covering of faces at political events.

  32. Start the impeachment Process of Theresa May.

  33. Theresa May needs to step down as prime minister before she starts World War 3

  34. Introduce Black History to the all the educational curriculums

  35. Give more financial backup if needed to those who work

  36. Make the 14th of march Stephen hawking day

  37. Improve the terms and conditions of employment for general practice nurses

  38. Remove Conservatives, hold a new election, no confidence in our Prime Minister.

  39. erect a statue of prof steven hawkins outside the science museum

  40. Make Tongue-Tie checks part of the health checks for new-borns

  41. UK and its allies withdraw the armament of Turkish troops and protect Afrin

  42. Continue the current policy of Free School Meals to children on Universal Credit

  43. Stop the closure of Neo Nightclub in Yeovil

  44. Put an end to subsidised food and alcohol for MP's and Lords

  45. Teachers should have a higher pay

  46. Debate in parliament the sale of BWML by the Canal & River Trust.

  47. Remove the subsidy given to MPs for food and drink

  48. Full State funeral for Steven Hawkins

  49. To consider free prescription charges for those with IBD illnesses.

  50. Create a Free Speech Act and destroy all Hate speech legislation

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