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  1. Class diverticulitis disease as a disability

  2. Require the pub name 'The Red Lion' to be changed to 'The Lion'

  3. I’m writing this petition because the new gcses is ridiculously hard !!!

  4. KEEP the train service from Stranraer to Ayr running.

  5. Make the UK secondary schools allow the phones at break and lunch time

  6. Reduce backbench MP salaries to £44,000.

  7. Introduce a safe crossing for the children of Steeple Claydon

  8. Give Carl cox a knighthood

  9. Regulate/ Reduce the price of train tickets across the country (£ per mile/km)

  10. Lowering bus and train prices for students

  11. Change law to require airlines operating in the UK to allow small pets in cabin

  12. Give students free bus travel

  13. Limit the phone usage to 1 and a half hours a day

  14. Stop the use of full face covering helmets to stop moped gang terrorists.

  15. Get Mina to start a YouTube channel

  16. Introduce the driver awareness course in Scotland for speeding fines

  17. The UK should require a Vignette for non-UK registered vehicles to use UK roads

  18. No MP or their family may have private health insurance.

  19. Scrap congestion charge on private hire drivers in London and say no to it.

  20. Prosecute women whom lie to courts to alienate their children's father's

  21. Decriminalize Cannabis.

  22. Get a parliament to discuss Muslims in Chinese concentration camps

  23. Karen Bradley to Resign as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

  24. The resignation of T.May & S.Javid over their handling of Brexit & our country

  25. Kelloggs to produce cocoa krispies cereal straws again

  26. Investigate Highways England, Bus Gate scheme at Moor Farm (A19), Cramlington.

  27. Stop the closure of London Overground Ticket Offices.


  29. Make self defence part of the physical education programme

  30. Reintroduce full mortgage interest relief

  31. UK Government to Coordinate with the Citizens Advice Spain and British Expats.

  32. Provide mandatory education on consent in all primary and secondary schools

  33. Make £10ph the minimum starting wage for sia staff across the uk

  34. Reverse cuts to respite care for children with severe disabilities at Glenlaw

  35. Change the laws of mobility scooters so people need training and license to use

  36. Shorten summer holidays and extend Christmas holidays

  37. Give the UK people the choice betweeen meat and halal meat

  38. Travel Cost / Season Ticket Loans should be a Tax Free allowance

  39. Clean up litter on Manchester’s streets and keep a regular litter pick routine.

  40. To let Chris brown into the UK to do a tour. He was banned in 2009

  41. Make TFL & gov traffic bodies legally required to contact people by e-mail

  42. Give fathers equal rights to their children.

  43. Create a pride event in Southport

  44. Change to the old A B C GCSE grades instead of 1-9

  45. UK Councils & Highways: Fix all the potholes across the UK.

  46. We the people no longer have confidence in the Government's handling of Brexit.

  47. Gender parity:50/50(women/men)in parliament/government,public institutions.

  48. Install a speed camera/traffic calming measure on the Beith Road, Johnstone.

  49. Raise the Mp's retirement age in line with normal working tax payers retirement.

  50. Lower the price of school uniform in secondary schools and academy schools

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