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  2. Stop the identification over the age of 18 yr and under 25yr to buy alcohol.

  3. Make John Berkow a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, keep tradition alive!

  4. Give Speaker John Bercow a much deserved Peerage

  5. Make John Bercow a Member of the House of Lords

  6. Do not break with tradition on giving Speaker a knighthood.

  7. Make Deliveroo come to Ascot and Sunningdale

  8. Ban selling and using of glue traps

  9. Reinstate the offence of sedition into UK Law.

  10. Outlaw anti-Christian activities. Enshrine freedom to preach Christ everywhere.

  11. Abolish the fixed term Parliament Act


  13. This country needs a no deal brexit to be rid of the eu and there rules

  14. Put a Second Referendum before yet another Election

  15. To force MPs to hold a general election on the 12th of December 2019.

  16. Parliament must have a General Election now.


  18. We need a general election NOW!! politicians cannot decide and it’s time we do!!

  19. We request Parliament hold a general election before Jan 2020.

  20. Call a general election

  21. The British people demand a general election at the earliest convenience

  22. I demand a General Election in December 2019, I don't care what date.

  23. Make Chernobyl diaries 2

  24. We The British People Demand the Benn Act be repealed.

  25. give equal rights to open university students to get maintenance loans from sfe

  26. Lower the age for voting to 16 year olds on all elections in UK

  27. stop Boots the chemist charging for delivering vital medications

  28. All products sold in the UK must be marked with a carbon dioxide emitted label

  29. Give European citizens with permanent residency status the right to vote.

  30. Build a statue for J Bercow and B Boothroyd at Parliament Sq.

  31. Repeal the Benn Act Now!

  32. Allow everybody to have cervical screening tests done at at lowered age!

  33. Cancel MPs' Christmas recess until an agreement over Brexit can be reached

  34. Include a referendum question in the next general election ballot paper.

  35. A GE will not resolve the current political crisis - we need a People's Vote now

  36. Make it a criminal offence to knowingly kill a cat on the road.

  37. Make Overtime Pay Non-taxable

  38. Remove operation Brock

  39. Make it a legal requirement for social workers to wear body cameras for evidence

  40. Grant EU citizens with UK Settled Status the right to vote in elections

  41. All MP's that change Political Parties must stand in a By-Election.

  42. Ban Loud Fireworks to the Public. But Allow Organised and Advertised Displays.

  43. Make phone companies reveal unknown caller IDs to stop nuisance calls in UK.

  44. Ban fireworks for at home use and only allow them at scheduled controlled events

  45. Make Orkambi available on the NHS in Wales and Northern Ireland.

  46. Teach 16 year olds about political parties, then lower the age for voting to 16

  47. Only allow quiet fireworks to be sold to the public

  48. Ensure that the British Red Cross keep event first aid as a core service

  49. John Bercow should not be considered for elevation to the Lords.

  50. Ban the sale and use of fireworks to the general public.

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