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  1. Give free sanitary products for girls in primary and secondary schools.

  2. Bring back the death penalty for child paedophile's and child rapists

  3. Withdraw Pres Trump's UK invitation unless human rights abuses cease immediately

  4. Withdraw Trump's invitation in light of his inhumane immigration policies

  5. Stand up to Trump's incarceration of children and reunite those families.

  6. Suspend US President Donald Trump’s visit

  7. Denounce Trump's policy of separating children from parents at the US border

  8. Call on Parliament to censure Trump for separation of families at the US border

  9. President Trump must not visit Britain while children are detained.

  10. Deny Trump access to UK whilst US still separates children from their parents.

  11. Cancel Trump's visit to the UK

  12. Allow Chris Brown to enter the UK

  13. Put Harry Kane's face on the new 20 pound note

  14. Cancel Donald Trumps visit

  15. Refuse to allow Donald Trump to enter the UK

  16. Protest the Trump administrations policy of separating immigrant families.

  17. Cancel Donald Trump's visit to UK to oppose his treatment of migrant children

  18. Make possession of cannabis for medical use legal.

  19. To be honest & truthful & to take decisions in the National interest always.

  20. Challenge America on its policy on removing children from families at the border

  21. Legislate to make all public buildings fly the Union flag.

  22. Denounce President Trump's Policy of Separating Children From Their Families.

  23. Allow Historic and Classic Cars into London and other UK Cities.

  24. Cancel President Trump's visit to protest his Separation of Families

  25. UK request the USA stop tearing migrant children from their parents immediately

  26. NO to a tax increase to pay for the NHS.

  27. Strip Sir Christopher Chope of his knighthood

  28. Make movies in america come out in uk at the same time

  29. Insist PM condemn policy & actions of US as they relate to immigration & asylum.

  30. Strip Sir Christopher Chope of his Knighthood

  31. Introduce regulations in the nail industry

  32. Make eid an official holiday for all Muslims in the UK.

  33. Pass a bill to fully legalise Cannabis.

  34. Ask the US government to end their policy of removing children of asylum seekers

  35. Introduce legalisation for Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis usage

  36. Banning Plastic bags given by shops and replacing with a paper option.


  38. Stop the Glasgow School of Art being demolished

  39. Make gingerism part of the discrimination laws

  40. Give all nationalities in army U.K. Citizenship

  41. Remove Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP from Office

  42. Ban letting off hellium balloons into the sky.

  43. Remove the luxury tax on women’s sanitary products - pads, tampons etc.

  44. Ban the import/export and sale of all products containing palm oil.

  45. Make BAME specific opportunities illegal due to racism

  46. Support an innovative Martial Arts Academy for children in London.

  47. Strip MP Christopher Chope of his knighthood

  48. Stop cars from being banned from Glasgow

  49. Reform parliamentary process to prevent blocking with objections & filibustering

  50. Tougher Sentencing for Drivers found guilty of killing cyclists

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