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  1. Make election manifesto legally binding if elected to government.

  2. If a second EU referendum was to occur, allow 16 year olds the vote.

  3. Vote of no onfidence in the government!

  4. Put the minimum wage of under 25s UP, we have homes & bills to pay aswell!

  5. Approve the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, to avoid a no deal exit from the EU.

  6. A re-vote for Brexit.

  7. Stop the Brexit process NOW. If you want all this nonsense to stop, sign now!

  8. Vote of no confidence in the conservative government.

  9. Hold a People's Vote on Prime Minister's Brexit Deal

  10. Remove Theresa May from office

  11. Revoke Article 50 immediately and unilaterally, keeping the UK in the EU

  12. 2nd Referendum on BREXIT / REVOKE ARTICLE 50

  13. let kids do it in there houses and let them concentrate on the lesson there want

  14. Put pressure on the Chinese Government over the treatment of Uyghur Muslims

  15. Increased sentences for those prosecuted by the Animal Welfare Act 2006

  16. Reconsider the scheduling of the proposed culvert works in Ystrad Mynach.

  17. Change the law on rape to include female to male rape

  18. End discrimination of pay based on age

  19. Help us to get a regular bus service.

  20. Shorten the 6 weeks summer holiday to 3 weeks

  21. Make it illegal to leave a pet for dead in the road

  22. Introduce the death sentence for murders

  23. Create a total ban on TV advertising of all gambling websites.

  24. To ban all trophy hunters bringing back animals from hunts.

  25. Leave the EU under WTO rules on 29 March 19 with no EU agreements.

  26. Stop the UK government signing the ‘UN Migration Pact’ on 10-11th December 2018.

  27. Revoke police cutbacks criminals are having a field day with no consequences.

  28. No clean air charge to enter Birmingham city center!

  29. Make funding for second degree medical students fairer

  30. Restoring foreign languages taste at school

  31. Fix our broken law on access to evidence so the wrongly convicted get justice

  32. No deal brexit

  33. Make Outfox The Market compensate all its customers for ignoring their queries

  34. Force companies to use the term 'palm oil' on products which contain it.

  35. Not to use tax payers money to fund renovation works at Frogmore Cottage.

  36. Stop release of triple child killer in Suffolk. Life should mean life.

  37. Make touting and reselling event tickets above face value illegal

  38. Any BREXIT referendum should be hard remain vs hard brexit

  39. Prevent the UK Parliament revoking Article 50.

  40. Change the way claims for disabled benefits, Failing and refusing us benefits

  41. Revoke Article 50, as based on misinformed propaganda and call a new Referendum

  42. We ask the Government and Parliament to Honour the 2016 EU Referendum Result

  43. Allow ward staff to park in car parks at St. John’s hospital at all times

  44. Make it that there will not be a second referendum on Brexit.

  45. Govmt & Police Forces, To be held accountable for their staff Mental Health.

  46. MPs to abide by the outcome of the referendum.

  47. Keep Stratton Hospital, Cornwall open 24 hours a day.

  48. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, should resign and a general election be called

  49. Make paternity leave longer

  50. Stop or reduce Southeastern railway fare increase for 2019

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