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  1. Stop Clock Changing for the Sake of Animals and Mental Health

    34 signatures

  2. Require all employers offer at least four weeks of fully paid bereavement leave

    32 signatures

  3. Require schools to have lessons teaching resilience

    30 signatures

  4. Introduce mental health ambulances as an additional emergency service

    30 signatures

  5. Review and reform VAT for registered mental health service providers

    29 signatures

  6. Require Educational Welfare Officers to have relevant SEND training/experience

    27 signatures

  7. Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

    27 signatures

  8. Extend school day to 5.30pm, with two hours of PE from 3.30-5.30pm

    27 signatures

  9. Create a specific offence of 'virtual mobbing'

    27 signatures

  10. Increase funding for mental health and learning disability support in education

    26 signatures

  11. Review the use of forceps for the delivery of babies

    25 signatures

  12. Review school rules/sanctions and impact on students

    24 signatures

  13. Introduce fines for landlords that fail to tackle illegal drug use

    22 signatures

  14. Fund free prescriptions for people who take medication for their mental health

    21 signatures

  15. Conduct a review into stigma in mental health care

    21 signatures

  16. Introduce a ‘Youth training scheme’ for 16/17/18 yrs who don’t choose college

    20 signatures

  17. Exempt listening to music and the radio by staff from music licence requirements

    20 signatures

  18. Exempt people with severe mental health conditions from prescription charges

    20 signatures

  19. Require schools to offer mental health support to those engaged in bullying

    20 signatures

  20. Ban employers suspending employees for more than 10 weeks

    20 signatures

  21. Ban advertising campaigns of processed foods that are targeted at children

    19 signatures

  22. Increase alcohol tax and use revenue for improving mental health services

    19 signatures

  23. Withdraw guidance recommending ban on mobile phones in schools

    15 signatures

  24. Require employers to grant one day off a month for sporting activity

    11 signatures

  25. Provide a tax relief in the form of a tax allowance for pet owners

    10 signatures

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