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    112,578 signatures, now closed

  2. Allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing

    112,025 signatures, now closed

  3. If there is no agreement to leave the EU then brexit must be stopped

    110,136 signatures, now closed

  4. Ban the sale of animal fur in the UK.

    109,553 signatures, now closed

  5. Halt Brexit For A Public Inquiry

    108,999 signatures

  6. NHS supply new lifesaving drugs for Cystic Fibrosis like 11 other EU countries

    108,144 signatures, now closed

  7. Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right.

    107,352 signatures, now closed

  8. Abolish the subsidy on food and drink in the Palace of Westminster restaurants.

    107,176 signatures, now closed


    107,062 signatures, now closed

  10. Restore nature on a massive scale to help stop climate breakdown

    105,575 signatures

  11. Public inquiry into the bias in the BBC

    105,422 signatures, now closed

  12. Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death

    105,362 signatures, now closed

  13. End the Cage Age: ban cages for all farmed animals.

    105,358 signatures

  14. Recognise animal sentience & require that animal welfare has full regard in law

    102,608 signatures

  15. End the export of live farm animals after Brexit.

    100,752 signatures, now closed

  16. The Prime Minister should advise Her Majesty the Queen to prorogue Parliament.

    100,687 signatures

  17. Ban the sale of products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil in the UK

    89,802 signatures, now closed

  18. Call for an end to LGBT human rights violations in Brunei.

    87,110 signatures

  19. Give working mums support to pay child care for children between birth - 3yrs

    81,327 signatures, now closed

  20. Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union.

    81,192 signatures, now closed

  21. The Government should end experiments on dogs.

    80,691 signatures, now closed

  22. Lower the recommended age for a cervical smear test to 18.

    76,245 signatures

  23. Grant legal protection to Swallow, Swift and Martin nest sites not just nests.

    73,059 signatures

  24. Increase college funding to sustainable levels - all students deserve equality!

    72,241 signatures, now closed

  25. Introduce automatic approval of visit visas for families of British Citizens

    71,178 signatures, now closed

  26. Stop the Common Fisheries Policy being adopted into UK law post-Brexit.

    67,959 signatures, now closed

  27. Leave the EU now

    66,971 signatures, now closed

  28. Mandate schools to consult parents before teaching Relationships & Sex Education

    65,778 signatures, now closed

  29. To establish a Public Inquiry into the conduct of the 2016 EU Referendum.

    63,101 signatures

  30. Re-instate nursing bursaries

    61,101 signatures, now closed

  31. Insurance should be on the car itself instead of the individuals who drive it

    60,448 signatures, now closed

  32. Make grey squirrel rescue exempt from Invasive Alien Species Order 2019

    59,354 signatures, now closed

  33. Repeal the Yvette Cooper/Oliver Letwin Act

    57,988 signatures

  34. Abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid

    55,152 signatures, now closed

  35. Change the general election voting system to one of proportional representation

    54,693 signatures

  36. British Soldiers who served in N. Ireland must have immunity from prosecution.

    54,116 signatures, now closed

  37. Public Holiday on Muslims religious occasions in the UK(Eid ul Fitr&Eid ul Adha)

    52,451 signatures, now closed

  38. Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory

    52,149 signatures, now closed

  39. Justice for Jodey Whiting. Independent inquiry into deaths linked to the DWP

    52,093 signatures

  40. Strengthen workers' rights to tackle in-work poverty.

    50,499 signatures, now closed

  41. Ban balloon and sky lantern releases.

    50,414 signatures, now closed

  42. Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

    48,177 signatures, now closed

  43. Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years

    46,592 signatures, now closed

  44. Walk away now! We voted for a No Deal Brexit

    46,560 signatures, now closed

  45. Automatic by-election if an MP resigns membership of their political party

    46,262 signatures

  46. If Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister a general election must be held.

    46,166 signatures

  47. End the animal cruelty laws exemptions given to UK halal and shechita abattoirs

    45,924 signatures, now closed

  48. Revoke permission given for beagle breeding centre in Hull for animal testing

    45,763 signatures

  49. Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disabilities in ATU’s

    45,010 signatures, now closed

  50. Impose 5% levy on the Premier League’s broadcasting rights back into grassroots

    42,844 signatures, now closed

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