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  1. Fund more specialist primary schools for physically disabled children

    43 signatures

  2. Investigate allegations of bias in media reporting on Israel-Palestine conflict

    130 signatures

  3. Ban the production of pumpkins for Halloween decorations

    13 signatures

  4. Provide compensation to energy customers who have had prepayment meters

    64 signatures

  5. Review how Home Office deals with applications for ILR due to domestic violence

    45 signatures

  6. Make calling for Jihad a specific terrorist offence

    2,340 signatures

  7. Mandatory qualified counsellors in all secondary schools in England.

    133 signatures

  8. Prohibit all protests and political marches on Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday

    104 signatures

  9. Require companies to report annually on age diversity

    34 signatures

  10. Make it an offence to release fireworks within 300 yards of livestock/horses

    281 signatures

  11. Do not restrict the use of tents by homeless people

    106 signatures

  12. Ensure GCSE students have equation sheets for maths and science exams

    376 signatures

  13. Link all personal tax allowances, reliefs and thresholds with inflation

    32 signatures

  14. Increase sentences for possession of sexual videos or images of minors

    37 signatures

  15. Fund continued access to modulators drugs for Cystic Fibrosis patients

    58,647 signatures

  16. Roll out a Right to Buy scheme for all housing association tenants

    155 signatures

  17. Introduce New Mandatory Food Standards for Schools

    523 signatures

  18. Add Drama to the National Curriculum for Secondary Schools

    73 signatures

  19. Increase the taxes on fireworks

    18 signatures

  20. Require staff in any educational setting to be trained on mental health

    117 signatures

  21. Make it a specific offence for motorists to hit a cat

    23 signatures

  22. Ban the use of aerosol cans on public transport

    19 signatures

  23. Full ban on use of AI applications in the United Kingdom

    16 signatures

  24. Require all new-builds to have 4KW solar panel system and 8KWh battery

    47 signatures

  25. Ban Gelatin capsules as a delivery mechanism for medication

    420 signatures

  26. Only allow fireworks on the dates of traditional celebratory events

    58 signatures

  27. Reform the honours system, so that knighthoods can be awarded posthumously

    11 signatures

  28. Revoke citizenship/benefits from anyone who supports or has supported terrorism

    8,201 signatures

  29. Ban television advertisements promoting gambling

    309 signatures

  30. Allow civilians a vote of no confidence in the government or a minister

    65 signatures

  31. Scrap the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill 2022-23

    20 signatures

  32. Impose caps on annual rent rises and additional taxes on vacant properties

    30 signatures

  33. To ban the use of fireworks after 10pm

    24 signatures

  34. A law prohibiting the placement of illegal migrants within 3 miles of a school

    1,316 signatures

  35. Review Civil Servants Pay, creating consistency across departments

    15 signatures

  36. Require impact assessments and approval of MPs for all emergency legislation

    66 signatures

  37. Increase Universal Credit for families with disabled children

    35 signatures

  38. Reform e-petitions - referendum at 500k, no word limits, immediate publication

    67 signatures

  39. Require all public-facing roles to DBS check all employees

    12 signatures

  40. Seek to join the Schengen Zone

    24 signatures

  41. Fund vocational educational courses for people with learning difficulties

    121 signatures

  42. Commission an anthem for England for events such as sport

    56 signatures

  43. Allow Close Protection Operatives to carry firearms in the UK

    75 signatures

  44. Require roundabouts to have colour-coded lanes

    18 signatures

  45. Ensure people who use surrogates are automatically put on the birth certificate

    99 signatures

  46. Only allow sale and use of fireworks on 5 November and New Year's Eve

    34 signatures

  47. Ban the use of herbicides that contain glyphosate

    19 signatures

  48. Require licences for owners of XL Bully dogs instead of a ban/muzzles/neutering

    224 signatures

  49. Push for immediate, ambitious and binding targets at COP28

    545 signatures

  50. Require speed cameras be visible with road markings showing the area covered

    26 signatures

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