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  1. Rebuild the economy out of lockdown with a Green New Deal

    26,489 signatures

  2. Change the Sexual Offences Act so women can be charged with rape against males

    24,190 signatures

  3. Hold a referendum to scrap the UK's policy of Net Zero CO2 by 2050

    7,350 signatures

  4. Ban adverts for and sale of Asian elephant tours that do not meet set standards

    6,747 signatures

  5. Make Ecocide a criminal offence in the UK

    6,259 signatures

  6. Ban the sale of artificial grass

    5,088 signatures

  7. Decline any requests for bailouts from the airline industry

    5,048 signatures

  8. Take action to end factory farming and reduce meat and dairy consumption

    4,491 signatures

  9. Support making ECOCIDE an international crime

    3,052 signatures

  10. Ban the use of peat in gardening and horticulture

    2,924 signatures

  11. Ban the sale of disposable barbecues.

    2,575 signatures

  12. Publish new carbon budgets linked to the Paris Agreement and Climate Change Act

    2,076 signatures

  13. Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for our UK hedgehogs, mammals & birds

    1,657 signatures

  14. Ban the Advertising of Meat Products

    1,649 signatures

  15. Protect the Environment – support carbon neutral energy alternatives

    1,572 signatures

  16. Encourage banks to delay 40% bank overdraft charges during the corona pandemic

    1,426 signatures

  17. Corrections and clarifications in UK media to be as prominent as original story

    1,100 signatures

  18. Make it compulsory for food products to have environmental impact traffic lights

    1,057 signatures

  19. Add Environmental Conservation to the national curriculum for all schools

    977 signatures

  20. Make it an offence to create & distribute fakenews for political/financial gain

    695 signatures

  21. Make it law for all new builds to include green energy solutions.

    571 signatures

  22. Ban the burning of woodland/forest derived biomass for electricity generation

    469 signatures

  23. Include gardening in the National Curriculum

    388 signatures

  24. Covid bail outs for companies in exchange for carbon-reducing commitments.

    381 signatures

  25. Make it a legal requirement for ALL cyclists to wear a helmet.

    333 signatures

  26. Extend family visitor visa for immediate elderly and vulnerable family members.

    283 signatures

  27. Run a Public Awareness Campaign about the Climate and Ecological Emergency

    228 signatures

  28. Introduce a Climate Change subject to the National School Curriculum

    136 signatures

  29. Implement in full the recommendations made by the UK Committee on Climate Change

    131 signatures

  30. Protect Bumblebees and support increased bumblebee numbers

    116 signatures

  31. Reverse the decision to merge DFID with the FCO

    105 signatures

  32. Create charge for use of non-biodegradable material

    103 signatures

  33. Ban trade deals with countries that deny climate change or not meeting targets.

    67 signatures

  34. All infrastructure projects be tested against the Net Zero Emissions 2050 Law

    64 signatures

  35. Change the law on airport slots to favour ecological practices

    57 signatures

  36. Increase funding for coastal defence and compensate owners for lost properties

    55 signatures

  37. Form an emergency cross-party Government to handle the climate emergency

    52 signatures

  38. Abolish (or raise threshold on) luxury car tax for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

    49 signatures

  39. Remove citizenship fees for people born in the UK and from long term residents.

    46 signatures

  40. Refuse Dairy Industry Bailouts: Transition to a Plant-Based Food System

    38 signatures

  41. Climate Change. Promote 50mph speed limit on all but electric vehicles/ coaches.

    34 signatures

  42. Reduce interest rate for Help to Buy scheme.

    32 signatures

  43. Ban plastic bags in supermarkets, and other retail shops.

    31 signatures

  44. Require businesses to turn off lighting in empty offices during Covid-19

    26 signatures

  45. Support Hospices and Wildlife rescue during COVID-19 pandemic

    22 signatures

  46. Allow us to change our outdoor seating time from the current time of 6pm to 8pm.


  47. Repeal the laws making face coverings in shops / public transport compulsory.


  48. Make it law to recognise hidden disabilities help be accepted everywhere in UK


  49. Allow Year 12 and Year 10 students to have extra credit for their exams.


  50. Make teaching of Black & POC UK histories compulsory in the English curriculum


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