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  1. Explore options for making NurOwn available to treat Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

    57,059 signatures

  2. Fund Kuvan (sapropterin) on the NHS for people with PKU

    19,687 signatures

  3. Stop nitrous oxide (N2O / laughing gas) abuse in our communities.

    10,932 signatures

  4. Fund Cancer Drugs Fund immunotherapy drugs to extend NICE’s 2 year limit

    1,545 signatures

  5. Allow paramedic prescribers to prescribe controlled drugs

    1,016 signatures

  6. Require Coroners to record when a death resulted from using a prescription drug

    495 signatures

  7. Ban Smacking in England

    212 signatures

  8. Make asthma prescriptions free for those in need.

    167 signatures

  9. Make the legal age for social media users to 18+

    142 signatures

  10. Give parents the right to see their child unless there is a valid reason

    135 signatures

  11. Negotiate for UK to remain part of the European Medicines Agency after 31 Dec

    105 signatures

  12. Compulsory random drug testing to protect children and vulnerable adults

    54 signatures

  13. Provide 'safe supply' of drugs to people with addiction during COVID-19 shutdown

    34 signatures

  14. Automatic life ban for drink and drug drivers at first offence

    26 signatures

  15. Enable care homes to use medication prescribed to people who have died

    23 signatures

  16. Include all NHS staff in the 2020 pay rise due to be backdated from April.


  17. Review Cannabis as a harmful ‘drug’


  18. Don't waste £900,000 on repainting the Prime Minister's private plane.


  19. A full review of cannabis as a 'drug'


  20. Give the Scottish Government devolved powers over drug misuse

    18 signatures

  21. Give Chemotherapy Nurses Surgical Masks so Cancer patients don't get Covid-19.


  22. Legalise cannabis medicinally and recreationally for adults 21years+ in private


  23. Can there be a joined-up approach with the pharma industry & care of the elderly


  24. Allow severely afflicted COVID-19 patients to take remdesivir antiviral meds


  25. Make the use of Cannabis legal for general use


  26. Total repeal of the COVID-19 lock-down and restriction measures.


  27. Stop using Africans as Guinea pigs for your vaccines/Drugs


  28. End of life care should allow doctors to hasten death after food & drink removed


  29. No conflict of interest allowed when finding a vaccine or drug for Covid-19


  30. compensate to all public houses (PUB’) as it was advisory to stay away from them


  31. Decriminalise Marijuana


  32. Ensure food quality standards are maintained in any future UK/US Trade Deal


  33. Make Chloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir available to worst cases of COVID-19


  34. The legalisation of recreational use of marijuana in the English capital.


  35. Decriminalise HEMP CBD FLOWER (0.2%thc)


  36. End the prohibition on Cannabis


  37. Make random drug and alcohol testing mandatory for all MPs and their staff


  38. Make it illegal for doctors to refuse to prescribe drugs for hard to detect NTDs


  39. Stop nurses paying an annual registration fee to register to do their job.


  40. Ensure healthcare practitioners have guidance on gambling


  41. Legalise cannabis for personal cultivation and for recreational use.


  42. I want you to increase police presence in Skegness


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