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  1. Process all asylum seekers off-shore using foreign aid budget

    20,776 signatures

  2. Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act

    13,044 signatures, now closed

  3. Repatriate refugees when their country of origin is safe

    11,041 signatures, now closed

  4. Reform policy on Channel Crossings and create safe routes for refugees

    5,964 signatures

  5. Take action to prevent illegal attempts to enter the UK

    2,830 signatures, now closed

  6. Referendum on reducing net migration and refugee numbers

    2,562 signatures

  7. Grant rights to reside to all Afghans in the UK

    1,965 signatures

  8. Provide foreign aid and de-escalate tensions between Ethiopia and the TPLF.

    922 signatures, now closed

  9. Allowing the driving theory test in languages ​​other than English across the UK

    658 signatures, now closed

  10. Stop using army barracks/camps to house asylum seekers immediately

    530 signatures, now closed

  11. Grant work permits to asylum seekers who are trained doctors

    436 signatures, now closed

  12. Revoke HC1043 changes that try to stop refugees from finding safety in the UK

    302 signatures, now closed

  13. No reduction of the protections provided by the Human Rights Act

    271 signatures, now closed

  14. Create a path to safety for all LGBTQ+ Afghans for resettlement in the UK

    264 signatures

  15. Do not create offshore asylum centres

    245 signatures, now closed

  16. Support relocation of adults and children in Greek refugee camps due to Covid-19

    229 signatures, now closed

  17. Provide at least £3,000 instead of £300 for granted refugees.

    221 signatures, now closed

  18. Propose full world multilateral disarmament in five years at the United Nations

    203 signatures, now closed

  19. Offer all Uyghur Muslims asylum in the UK

    201 signatures, now closed

  20. Reverse decision to close legal routes for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum

    157 signatures, now closed

  21. Offer asylum to all Afghans who have worked for UK organisations

    150 signatures

  22. Provide humanitarian aid and work with Greece to resettle refugees in Lesbos

    149 signatures, now closed

  23. Increase the number of Afghan refugees the UK will welcome

    125 signatures

  24. Immediately Restart Refugee Resettlement Programmes

    122 signatures, now closed

  25. Sign the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty

    67 signatures, now closed

  26. Offer asylum to all Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan

    65 signatures

  27. Help the Rohingya refugees by pressuring Bangledeshi Government

    65 signatures, now closed

  28. Fund global climate change mitigation and give displaced people refugee status

    60 signatures, now closed

  29. Initiate a refugee program for persecuted health workers in Myanmar

    60 signatures, now closed

  30. Create fast-track Asylum process for Afghan refugees

    46 signatures

  31. Sign the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty

    38 signatures, now closed

  32. Devolve immigration policy to the Scottish Parliament

    34 signatures, now closed

  33. Take action to ensure fair distribution of Afghan, Rohingya & Syrian Refugees

    33 signatures

  34. Inform the electorate how the illegal immigration crisis is being addressed.


  35. HOUSE VETERANS FIRST Get them care & support BEFORE ANY Refugee or Asylum Seeker


  36. The UK Government to work with other countries to place Afghan refugees


  37. All Parliamentary Mp's Must Take Refugees & Asylum Seekers Into Their Homes.


  38. Urgently rescue and give safe haven to a fair proportion of Afghan refugees


  39. Support British Military Veterans (including the Ghurkas).


  40. Create an urgent UK scheme to resettle 10,000 refugees from Afghanistan. 


  41. Stop migrants crossing the Channel and using taxpayers money to house them


  42. Immediately stop illegal immigrants and refugees crossing from France.


  43. ask Priti Patel To resign


  44. Refugee status for All South Africans in need of Refuge.


  45. The UK government to resettle refugees from the destroyed Moria refugee camp


  46. Create safe routes for refugees to enter the U.K. from Calais


  47. Stop refugees being put up in hotels at tax payers expense


  48. Stop Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen and stop UK arms sale to Saudi Arabia


  49. Stop illegal immigrants coming here on boats


  50. debate on allowing refugee children in Greece to be united with UK family


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