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  1. To implement and legalise stringent plastic recycling plans in UK hospitals

    2,981 signatures

  2. Increase sentences for theft of motorcycles

    2,973 signatures

  3. Take diplomatic action against China for not respecting Hong Kong agreement

    2,947 signatures

  4. Ban the incubating and hatching of chicks in school classrooms

    2,930 signatures

  5. Ban the deliberate release of balloons and lanterns

    2,926 signatures

  6. Make it illegal to change a pets microchip without the existing owners consent

    2,924 signatures

  7. Revoke the BBC's royal charter.

    2,918 signatures

  8. Implement Agriculture as a compulsory subject up to YR9 and an option for GCSE.

    2,887 signatures

  9. Prohibit building on green belt land if there are empty residential properties.

    2,868 signatures

  10. Ban energy-wasting open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets

    2,811 signatures

  11. Brexit article 50 must not be withdrawn

    2,778 signatures

  12. To ban political parties from receiving donations from oil gas or coal interests

    2,760 signatures

  13. Prevent MPs convicted of criminality from voting during their custodial sentence

    2,746 signatures

  14. Make MP’s automatically lose their job if they are imprisoned.

    2,729 signatures

  15. Stop the DVLA sharing personal data with non govermental organisations.

    2,707 signatures

  16. Fund treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Spinraza

    2,702 signatures

  17. See dementia as a terminal illness so under 65’s are instantly eligible for PIP

    2,687 signatures

  18. Introduce evidence based Registered Nurse to patient safe staffing legislation.

    2,681 signatures

  19. Make cctv compulsory in special needs schools and residential care homes.

    2,670 signatures

  20. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens

    2,644 signatures

  21. Train Education Workers on School Refusal (condition) to stop the fines

    2,593 signatures

  22. Exempt bows of stringed instruments from the Ivory Act registration requirement.

    2,590 signatures

  23. Introduce a Rolling road tax exemption for vehicles over 30 years old.

    2,518 signatures

  24. Give the option for ‘None of the Above’ on the ballot paper at the next Gen Elec

    2,505 signatures

  25. Review the referral pathway for girls with a query of Autism.

    2,435 signatures

  26. Remove Autism from the definition of Mental Disorder in the Mental Health Act

    2,425 signatures

  27. Review Motorhome Driving Licence for Parkinson’s sufferers and over 70s

    2,403 signatures

  28. Ensure that any Brexit deal cannot permanently tie us to the EU.

    2,297 signatures

  29. Reduced retirement age for cabin crew and considered as a hazardous Profession

    2,290 signatures

  30. Allow PSV license holders automatic right to class 2 lorry license

    2,278 signatures

  31. Make recycling free for all schools in England.

    2,264 signatures

  32. Consent of next of kin or patient for the administering of end of life drugs

    2,248 signatures

  33. Increased Statuory Maternity/paternity pay for all multiple births

    2,215 signatures

  34. Make St George’s day a national holiday in England

    2,194 signatures

  35. Repeal the hunting act

    2,182 signatures

  36. Help domestic abuse victims and survivors to keep their children

    2,181 signatures

  37. Stop dumping of nuclear waste in the ground/off shore off Cymru

    2,180 signatures

  38. Demand a public inquiry into the serious failings of South Western Railway.

    2,179 signatures

  39. Ban plastic wrappers for individually sold greetings cards.

    2,160 signatures

  40. Make late payment after agreed terms in Construction a crime & subject to a fine

    2,129 signatures

  41. Free prescriptions for those with Cystic Fibrosis

    2,116 signatures

  42. Scrap Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for overseas doctors and their families

    2,092 signatures

  43. Scrap the CAA Drone Registration Scheme

    2,065 signatures

  44. Ensure ALL records relating to the Chinook crash in 1994 are archived at Kew

    2,056 signatures

  45. Refuse any new permission to extract oil and gas from the Wessex Basin, Dorset.

    2,053 signatures

  46. Restore language support for UK driving test candidates

    2,041 signatures

  47. Stop cross bordering licensing for Hackney and Private Hire in the UK

    2,030 signatures

  48. Make 'Environmental Awareness' a compulsory subject in the National Curriculum.

    2,019 signatures

  49. Stop Theresa May from bringing back her deal to Parliament for a 4th time.

    2,010 signatures

  50. Make ecosystem destruction an international criminal law: amend the Rome Statute

    1,965 signatures

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