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  1. Provide additional funding to councils to protect Children's Centres

    2,928 signatures

  2. Declare the 2016 referendum vote null and void due to foreign interference

    2,916 signatures

  3. Bring forward the order for the Red Arrows Hawk Jets with BAE Systems

    2,903 signatures

  4. Debate effect of pumping out brine at Fleetwood on marine life and livelihoods

    2,867 signatures

  5. Guarantee the UK will not introduce Welfare Cards

    2,830 signatures

  6. Make Houses of Parliament alcohol free.

    2,827 signatures

  7. Cancel South Western Railway’s contract & to investigate their mismanagement.

    2,765 signatures

  8. Make companies legally obliged to pay mandatory breaks for professional drivers

    2,704 signatures

  9. Call for a British Government apology for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919

    2,704 signatures

  10. Provide women's health physio to all post natal woman for pelvic health advice.

    2,695 signatures

  11. Protect UK Citizens' existing Freedom of Movement rights in Brexit negotiations

    2,666 signatures

  12. Rule out UK government joining the US in future involvement against North Korea.

    2,624 signatures

  13. Stop killing badgers

    2,623 signatures

  14. Hold a General Election if the Government avoids an Opposition Day vote again.

    2,588 signatures

  15. Make diagnosis enough for children with SEN to get the help and provision needed

    2,561 signatures

  16. I would like all military veterans to receive free train travel in the UK

    2,535 signatures

  17. Make desecration of war memorials and symbols of remembrance a criminal offence.

    2,467 signatures

  18. Regulate land management companies: cap charges and increase transparency

    2,452 signatures

  19. Give all Ancient Woodland statutory legal protection.

    2,446 signatures

  20. Recognise nonbinary people in law

    2,446 signatures

  21. Enshrine in law that foreign nationals hold medical insurance before entry to UK

    2,417 signatures

  22. Ban animal testing (vivisection) in the UK completely

    2,412 signatures

  23. Review the effectiveness of the outdated Child Destruction legislation

    2,409 signatures

  24. Make Parental Alienation a Criminal act that can carry a custodial sentence.

    2,375 signatures

  25. Full labelling on ALL goods regarding animal ingredients or use in production

    2,374 signatures

  26. Enshrine in law that on 29 March 2019 at 23:00 the NHS gets an extra 350million.

    2,321 signatures

  27. Stop oversized and hazardous goods vehicles using the Dartford Tunnel

    2,321 signatures

  28. Introduce a national awareness day specifically against plastic in our seas.

    2,316 signatures

  29. Make General Dental Council (GDC) a tax-payer funded organisation.

    2,315 signatures

  30. Debate: The EU referendum is now invalid due to demographic changes over time.

    2,312 signatures

  31. Require local authorities to adopt all Public Open Space and roads on estates

    2,303 signatures

  32. Help get SDR (selective dorsal Rhizotomy) operation on the NHS

    2,280 signatures

  33. Make Helmet Therapy for Babies free on the NHS.

    2,279 signatures

  34. Rule that freeholders must cover safety related costs of their buildings

    2,194 signatures

  35. Fund a clinical audit of ovarian cancer to urgently improve survival rates

    2,088 signatures

  36. Protect vulnerable debtors in enforceable Taking Control of Goods ​Regulations

    2,080 signatures

  37. Ban greyhound racing, and all exports of dogs to any country including the eu

    2,068 signatures

  38. Support the secession of Catalonia from The Kingdom of Spain

    2,062 signatures

  39. To allow Christopher Maurice Brown (singer) to be allowed into the UK

    2,056 signatures

  40. Provide a website allowing schools to advertise staff vacancies for free.

    2,052 signatures

  41. Make it mandatory all processed meat products carry a Government health warning

    2,044 signatures

  42. Use Foreign Aid budget for the NHS, Adult Social care and the elderly.

    1,988 signatures

  43. Introduce proper effective regulation of implantable medical devices

    1,974 signatures

  44. Maximum 30 day wait for anyone needing counselling for mental health issues

    1,959 signatures

  45. Stop development on Green Belt land and prevent de-designation of Green Belt.

    1,952 signatures

  46. Anyone convicted of involvement in dog-fighting to receive a custodial sentence.

    1,935 signatures

  47. Prevent developers & land speculators from “gaming the system” in UK housing.

    1,895 signatures

  48. Make parking of ICE vehicles at EV charging points a more serious offence

    1,893 signatures

  49. Put General Practitioners on the Home Office's 'Shortage Occupation List'

    1,879 signatures

  50. The Scottish Government should be called the Scottish Executive.

    1,855 signatures

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