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  1. Allow furloughed charity employees to volunteer for their charity

    1,707 signatures

  2. Review how Social Services operate and bring in procedures to protect parents

    1,661 signatures

  3. Stop the planned increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge

    1,633 signatures

  4. Legalise Cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes

    1,625 signatures

  5. Sol’s Law – Create a new offence and tougher penalties for attacking animals.

    1,611 signatures

  6. Revoke IR35 Legislation that is causing significant damage to UK businesses

    1,593 signatures

  7. Hold a referendum on English independence from the UK

    1,569 signatures

  8. Ban overseas funding for religious places of worship in the UK

    1,553 signatures

  9. Stop nitrous oxide (N2O / laughing gas) abuse in our communities.

    1,533 signatures

  10. Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the U.K.

    1,480 signatures

  11. Remove the £50k earnings limit for self-employed to access government funding

    1,478 signatures

  12. Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for our UK hedgehogs, mammals & birds

    1,456 signatures

  13. Encourage banks to delay 40% bank overdraft charges during the corona pandemic

    1,393 signatures

  14. Urgently extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given Covid19

    1,368 signatures

  15. Extend maternity pay to 12 months

    1,325 signatures

  16. Make it compulsory for all leisure centres to carry out checks under Sarah's law

    1,318 signatures

  17. All halal and kosher certified products are to be prominently labelled as such.

    1,279 signatures

  18. Work with regulators and exam providers to clarify exam arrangements for 2021

    1,260 signatures

  19. Keep the UK's membership of the EU Convention on Human Rights

    1,219 signatures

  20. A motion for the introduction of a Digital Data Dividend (The DDD)

    1,207 signatures

  21. Require schools to allow children the option to retake their year next year

    1,187 signatures

  22. Coordinate rigorous world effort to end live wild animal markets

    1,179 signatures

  23. Emergency National Unity Government

    1,173 signatures

  24. Protect the Environment – support carbon neutral energy alternatives

    1,160 signatures

  25. Publish guidance for schools and workplaces on how to deal with ADHD

    1,126 signatures

  26. Abolish Homework in all schools

    1,124 signatures

  27. Ban all single use plastic

    1,122 signatures

  28. Make Covid-19 testing available for all healthcare professionals

    1,087 signatures

  29. Urge India and UN to send UN Peacekeepers to Kashmir and carry out a plebiscite

    1,043 signatures

  30. Repatriate all UK residents stranded abroad

    1,037 signatures

  31. Corrections and clarifications in UK media to be as prominent as original story

    996 signatures

  32. Independent CCTV monitoring in English abattoirs

    987 signatures

  33. Extend access to an NHS funded pension to Retail Community Pharmacists

    985 signatures

  34. Allow licensed Security with suitable training to carry a Baton and PAVA spray

    968 signatures

  35. Fair and Equal voting rights for young people across the UK

    962 signatures

  36. Ensure the NHSX Covid-19 Contact Tracing App Protects User Privacy

    954 signatures

  37. Support Taiwan's membership of the WHO to help fight Coronavirus.

    941 signatures

  38. Hold a public inquiry into the 2016 EU membership referendum

    939 signatures

  39. The Legalisation of Euthanasia in the UK

    939 signatures

  40. Enforce Moderate Social Distancing to Contain & Delay Sars-Cov-2/Coronavirus

    910 signatures

  41. Temporarily suspend certain aspects of the Package Travel Regulations.

    906 signatures

  42. Ban parking charges for trucks on motorway service areas

    894 signatures

  43. Subject the Child Maintenance Service to review and ensure it's fit for purpose

    889 signatures

  44. Make flexischooling for 1 day a week a parental right for the next academic year

    875 signatures

  45. Remove firms discretion and obligate firms to furlough employees where eligible.

    872 signatures

  46. Stop schools being closed unnecessarily over fears of coronavirus (Covid-19)

    851 signatures

  47. Legislate on the use of Vegan labelling

    847 signatures

  48. Allow certain learner drivers to drive unsupervised for a limited period

    840 signatures

  49. Ban Animal Products

    835 signatures

  50. Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020

    829 signatures

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