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  1. Make it the law for all cats to be microchipped

    2,353 signatures

  2. UK denounce South African motion to seize white owned land without compensation.

    2,350 signatures

  3. Give the Royal Forest of Dean an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)status

    2,302 signatures

  4. Take pitbulls out of the Dangerous Dogs Act

    2,293 signatures

  5. The option for farm animal sanctuaries to replace ear tags with microchips

    2,284 signatures

  6. Make it a requirement of law to label all Halal certified products as such.

    2,268 signatures

  7. Make up-skirt photography an illegal offence in the UK

    2,252 signatures

  8. Ensure all gig economy workers get holiday pay, sick pay, and minimum wage

    2,203 signatures

  9. Have a national two minute silence on May 22 at 11am for the Manchester victims

    2,157 signatures

  10. Ban the use of farrowing crates in the UK

    2,153 signatures

  11. If there is no agreement to leave the EU then brexit must be stopped

    2,148 signatures

  12. Make the wearing of cycle helmets for children law.

    2,132 signatures

  13. Stop the Iraq Fatality Investigations (IFI).

    2,123 signatures

  14. Stop the Loan Charge 2019 from being applied retrospectively

    2,085 signatures

  15. Introduce a Minister for Older People in England, as they have in Wales.

    2,070 signatures

  16. Stop Ticket Touting and selling tickets above face value

    2,069 signatures

  17. Adapt the education system: lower student exam anxiety whilst saving NHS funds.

    2,002 signatures

  18. Release the 'Implementation Unit Report on Shale Gas' (2016) immediately.

    2,001 signatures

  19. Clarify the term "Railway Land" of the Lynn and Fakenham Railway Acts 1876/81

    1,997 signatures

  20. Make access to habitable shelter a protected and inalienable human right

    1,974 signatures

  21. Government must publish a Carers' Strategy and not a Carers’ Action Plan

    1,958 signatures

  22. Licence the use of Air Rifles

    1,954 signatures

  23. Save our pets from death on the roads Don't Ban Containment Systems

    1,908 signatures

  24. Make boxing safer/ Save lives

    1,896 signatures

  25. Introduce sanctions to STOP anonymous, false & malicious complaints to Ofsted.

    1,880 signatures

  26. Reduce the minimum income requirement for UK Family Visas.

    1,878 signatures

  27. Introduce seller identity check and records of item for cash for gold shops

    1,860 signatures

  28. Make our NHS hospital wards and waiting rooms across the UK infertile friendly.

    1,851 signatures

  29. Make it compulsory that new borns have a heart scan before leaving hospital

    1,843 signatures

  30. Make it compulsory to offer a Vegan option in KS1 free school meals.

    1,841 signatures

  31. Give a mandatory lifetime driving ban for causing death by dangerous driving

    1,830 signatures

  32. Make lymph sparing liposuction for lipedema available on the NHS

    1,799 signatures

  33. Abolish ASPA Section 24, the secrecy clause for animals used in UK laboratories

    1,766 signatures

  34. Have a second referendum on leaving the EU

    1,745 signatures

  35. Ban hatching projects in schools

    1,716 signatures

  36. For 'Singing on Prescription' to be adopted by the NHS

    1,711 signatures

  37. Make Legal Aid available for applicants forced to prove immigration status in UK

    1,709 signatures

  38. Investigate the problems faced at the Financial Ombudsman Service

    1,667 signatures

  39. Do extra checks in scans during pregnancy to check for vasa previa placentas.

    1,658 signatures

  40. To make labeling commercial food as vegetarian and/or vegan a legal requirement

    1,648 signatures

  41. Introduce MPs to represent the interests of British citizens living abroad.

    1,646 signatures

  42. Make Transplant patients Exempt from paying prescription charges

    1,613 signatures

  43. Specialist provision for children/adults with Foetal Alcohol Spetrum Disorder

    1,607 signatures

  44. Immediately Review the Pubs Code

    1,606 signatures

  45. Tongue Tie to be recognised and made a compulsory check on Newborn Babies.

    1,560 signatures

  46. Change business rates for child care providers and make them zero VAT rated.

    1,491 signatures

  47. Stop Southeastern Trains (Govia) from being awarded franchise renewal.

    1,491 signatures

  48. Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected upper chamber

    1,484 signatures

  49. Prime Minister to establish Windrush Day as a national day celebrating migration

    1,465 signatures

  50. Low cost path to CITIZENSHIP for all EU Citizens with PERMANENT RESIDENCY status

    1,459 signatures

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