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  1. Put pressure on the Chinese Government over the treatment of Uyghur Muslims

    2,357 signatures

  2. Make lymph sparing liposuction for lipedema available on the NHS

    2,331 signatures

  3. Conduct a full enquiry into the finacial failure of NCC and those responsible

    2,311 signatures

  4. Train Education Workers on School Refusal (condition) & Stop Attendance Fines

    2,227 signatures

  5. Stop Ticket Touting and selling tickets above face value

    2,227 signatures

  6. Change the Law, to stop authorities euthanising animals before an assessment.

    2,227 signatures

  7. Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft.

    2,193 signatures

  8. Allow people to grow the Cannabis plant without a license!

    2,141 signatures

  9. Introduce MPs to represent the interests of British citizens living abroad.

    2,107 signatures

  10. Do not ban the use and sale of E-Collars.

    2,093 signatures

  11. Abolish 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid spending Spend OUR money at home

    2,081 signatures

  12. Ban hatching projects in schools

    2,072 signatures

  13. Make it possible for any baby to have a birth and death certificate after labour

    2,067 signatures

  14. Statutory periodic vision screening for all drivers during their driving life

    2,055 signatures

  15. Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to "Hate Speech" laws

    2,051 signatures

  16. Make our NHS hospital wards and waiting rooms across the UK infertile friendly.

    2,034 signatures

  17. Release the 'Implementation Unit Report on Shale Gas' (2016) immediately.

    2,034 signatures

  18. UK Government to raise the case of Jonathan Nash with the Qatari Government.

    2,019 signatures

  19. Provide funds to reopen main road (A422) between Banbury and Brackley

    1,988 signatures

  20. Make boxing safer/ Save lives

    1,971 signatures

  21. Legal requierment for A/C to be working correctly on Public Service Vehicles

    1,958 signatures

  22. Petition calling for a review of Nottingham City Councils Selective Licensing.

    1,944 signatures

  23. Require drivers to report a cat hit on the road

    1,928 signatures

  24. Get independant panel research into vaccine damage in dogs and review protocol.

    1,921 signatures

  25. Give a mandatory lifetime driving ban for causing death by dangerous driving

    1,906 signatures

  26. Make it compulsory that new borns have a heart scan before leaving hospital

    1,884 signatures

  27. Introduce seller identity check and records of item for cash for gold shops

    1,880 signatures

  28. Formally request the EU allow UK citizens to request EU citizenship after Brexit

    1,876 signatures

  29. Abolish ASPA Section 24, the secrecy clause for animals used in UK laboratories

    1,814 signatures

  30. Bring forward the implementation of 2% BIK for electric vehicles to April 2019

    1,771 signatures

  31. Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon: make it happen.

    1,732 signatures

  32. Ban MMA nail products from the nail industry.

    1,728 signatures

  33. Make Legal Aid available for applicants forced to prove immigration status in UK

    1,726 signatures

  34. Implement a statutory body to address animal abuse and prosecutions

    1,723 signatures

  35. To make labeling commercial food as vegetarian and/or vegan a legal requirement

    1,717 signatures

  36. Add Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis to NHS exemption fee list

    1,711 signatures

  37. Stop Southeastern Trains (Govia) from being awarded franchise renewal.

    1,703 signatures

  38. Preserve the rights of EU citizens to stand and vote in local elections.

    1,692 signatures

  39. Stop HS2 Developers Demolishing the *Wet Woodland* area at Denham Country Park

    1,639 signatures

  40. Immediately Review the Pubs Code

    1,634 signatures

  41. Routinely test pregnant women for infections such as Group B Strep and more.

    1,625 signatures

  42. Low cost path to CITIZENSHIP for all EU Citizens with PERMANENT RESIDENCY status

    1,624 signatures

  43. Launch an independent inquiry into the 5g Health & Safety risks

    1,612 signatures

  44. Extend gender pay gap reporting rules to cover ethnicity pay gap

    1,552 signatures

  45. Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected upper chamber

    1,547 signatures

  46. Condemn the Faroe Islands for allowing the slaughter of endangered Cetaceans.

    1,544 signatures

  47. Once the Brexit process is finished give the public the final say on the deal

    1,521 signatures

  48. Prime Minister to establish Windrush Day as a national day celebrating migration

    1,506 signatures

  49. Legislation ensuring airlines must seat vulnerable people with their guardians

    1,480 signatures

  50. Leave the EU now

    1,459 signatures

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