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  1. Require every police force to use the Interim Exemption Scheme

    1,770 signatures

  2. Make short selling shares illegal in the UK

    1,726 signatures

  3. Fund breast screening for women aged 28-70

    1,680 signatures

  4. Appoint an independent ombudsman for the veterinary industry

    1,675 signatures

  5. Extend seafarers tax exemption rules to offshore drilling sector

    1,656 signatures

  6. No Pride in Deportation: Stop the Deportation of LGBTIQ+ People Seeking Asylum

    1,616 signatures

  7. Referendum for UK to be neutral on Israel/Palestine and Ukraine/Russia conflicts

    1,576 signatures

  8. Seek permanent Gaza ceasefire and provide urgent aid to prevent further deaths

    1,544 signatures

  9. Replace the Service Complaints process with a Military Employment Tribunal

    1,540 signatures

  10. Allow blue badge holders to use personal electric vehicles on public land

    1,501 signatures

  11. Extend cladding remediation funding to buildings under 11 metres

    1,495 signatures

  12. Give legal right of contact between grandchildren and grandparents

    1,492 signatures

  13. Legalise cannabis for medical & recreational use.

    1,458 signatures

  14. Require new minimum wages be paid from 1 April irrespective of pay period

    1,449 signatures

  15. Allow vegans to opt-out of paying taxes that subsidise animal agriculture

    1,447 signatures

  16. Require local authorities to fund school transport for disabled 16-18 year olds

    1,427 signatures

  17. Give our Engineering & Manufacturing industries a representative in Government

    1,420 signatures

  18. Fund reconstruction surgery and psychosexual therapy for FGM survivors

    1,401 signatures

  19. Require greater priority for pedestrians at pedestrian-operated traffic lights

    1,357 signatures

  20. Require separate NHS areas for people experiencing pregnancy complications/loss

    1,342 signatures

  21. Extend the eligibility criteria for the award of the new Wider Service Medal

    1,337 signatures

  22. Remove the 28-day time limit from the unduly lenient sentence scheme for murder

    1,333 signatures

  23. Give the UK people a Referendum on Net Zero

    1,302 signatures

  24. Review how to make Parliamentary debates inclusive of communication difference

    1,284 signatures

  25. Exempt Blue Badge drivers from Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

    1,282 signatures

  26. Introduce a mandatory buffer zone for all new quarry sites

    1,268 signatures

  27. Ban LED headlights from public roads

    1,261 signatures

  28. Withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights

    1,220 signatures

  29. School Minibus Safety - Remove Section 19 Exemptions for Schools

    1,195 signatures

  30. Invest more funds to discover new antibiotics.

    1,187 signatures

  31. Remove Permitted Development Rights for all additional street infrastructure

    1,171 signatures

  32. Build public bomb shelters and provide funding for people to build their own

    1,128 signatures

  33. Change Universal Credit rules for farmers

    1,125 signatures

  34. Ban all private funding for political parties and fund through taxation

    1,103 signatures

  35. Change of faith since arriving in UK not to be considered on asylum claims

    1,047 signatures

  36. Make it compulsory for all dogs to be on leads on public land.

    1,034 signatures

  37. Ban 'use by' dates on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads

    1,033 signatures

  38. Ban Greyhound Racing within 5 years

    1,018 signatures

  39. Provide dedicated funding for smaller GP surgeries

    1,013 signatures

  40. Provide funding so the NHS can prescribe wigs to all patients with Alopecia

    1,009 signatures

  41. Make bank holidays for St George's Day in England and St David's Day in Wales

    1,006 signatures

  42. Remove entitlements of people who entered the UK illegally

    1,003 signatures

  43. Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients

    986 signatures

  44. Provide funding to remove cavity wall insultation (CWI) and compensate residents

    972 signatures

  45. Provide funding for heavy lift space launch spaceport and launches

    930 signatures

  46. Ban full-face coverings in public

    917 signatures

  47. Urge UN Security Council to refer Sri Lanka to the ICC prosecutor

    907 signatures

  48. Commission a Review of Practice-based Research Evidence of Yoga

    904 signatures

  49. Ban social media influencers from promoting/advertising cosmetic surgery

    897 signatures

  50. Provide Funding for Neurodiversity Diagnostic Assessments in State Schools

    889 signatures

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