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  1. Ban MMA nail products from the nail industry.

    2,026 signatures

  2. Implement a statutory body to address animal abuse and prosecutions

    2,017 signatures

  3. Petition calling for a review of Nottingham City Councils Selective Licensing.

    1,984 signatures

  4. Establish penalties against companies for systematic late payment of invoices

    1,972 signatures

  5. Legal requierment for A/C to be working correctly on Public Service Vehicles

    1,969 signatures

  6. Prevent the MOD removing Cumbria fells from the Commons Register

    1,959 signatures

  7. Make it law to scan microchips routinely on current & new patients at the vets.

    1,953 signatures

  8. Ensure cancer patients wait for no longer than a week for scan or test results.

    1,917 signatures

  9. Make the use of single-use black plastic for food packaging illegal by 2020

    1,888 signatures

  10. Stop the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway & all associated ill-conceived development

    1,884 signatures

  11. Impose legislation to stop charity bags being delivered to homes in the UK

    1,857 signatures

  12. Ban The Sale of Live Plucked Down Products In The United Kingdom.

    1,836 signatures

  13. Advanced Clinical Practitioners to be able to sign Med 3 forms (FIT notes)

    1,822 signatures

  14. Add Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis to NHS exemption fee list

    1,802 signatures

  15. Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon: make it happen.

    1,783 signatures

  16. Move the target deadlines of the 2008 Climate Change Act from 2050 to 2035

    1,761 signatures

  17. Preserve the rights of EU citizens to stand and vote in local elections.

    1,734 signatures

  18. Commons to vote on the question "Brexit is in the UK's best interest"

    1,711 signatures

  19. Create a 26 week scan during pregnancy to reduce the risk of still births.

    1,693 signatures

  20. Stop the 3.2% increase on rail fares set for 2019 after a disastrous 2018

    1,655 signatures

  21. Condemn the Faroe Islands for allowing the slaughter of endangered Cetaceans.

    1,631 signatures

  22. We request a ban on issuing psychiatric drugs to children under 5 years old.

    1,571 signatures

  23. Stop rapists from accessing children conceived through rape

    1,566 signatures

  24. Remove the ban on Tyler, The Creator entering the UK

    1,538 signatures

  25. Fund more bobbies on the streets

    1,533 signatures

  26. make it a criminal offence for a parent to deny contact after a court order

    1,526 signatures

  27. Tax on meat and dairy products to offset the damage caused in their production.

    1,488 signatures

  28. Remove the requirement to pay VAT by churches, specifically on building works.

    1,476 signatures

  29. Launch an independent enquiry into the health and safety risks of 5G.

    1,444 signatures

  30. Amend the Official Secrets Act to prevent its use in cases of child abuse.

    1,363 signatures

  31. Allow use of Medicinal Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME on the NHS

    1,359 signatures

  32. Standardise speed limits for vehicles up to 3500kg

    1,302 signatures

  33. Address the discrepancies in widening accesss scheme payments across NHS trusts

    1,301 signatures

  34. Reopen the Woodhead Railway Line for Ro-Ro Trains to ease the A628 road.

    1,300 signatures

  35. Amend the law and reclassify the meaning of 'intentionally homeless'.

    1,289 signatures

  36. Mandatory minimum sentence for shaken baby deaths no guilty plea reduction.

    1,288 signatures

  37. Ban the sale of wet wipes that have “flushable” on the packet.

    1,234 signatures

  38. To make the Drug MDPV Monkey Dust Class A, users need support also

    1,234 signatures

  39. Reject calls to add American Bulldogs to the dangerous dog act.

    1,227 signatures

  40. Fund afamelanotide on the NHS to treat erythropoietic protoporphyria

    1,197 signatures

  41. End Forced Academisation: Repeal Section 7 (Education and Adoption Act, 2016)

    1,195 signatures

  42. Ban the use of glyphosate in the UK

    1,179 signatures

  43. To have a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU

    1,171 signatures

  44. Remove compulsory GCSE English and maths resits for 16-18 year olds students

    1,162 signatures

  45. Any parent convicted of a child sexual offence to be stripped of parental rights

    1,160 signatures

  46. The Saudi Arabian Ambassador should be expelled.

    1,145 signatures

  47. Give free fruit to Early Years Settings the same as schools

    1,139 signatures

  48. Allow the summer 2019 gcse literature exam paper to be open book. (For quotes)

    1,132 signatures

  49. Stop sex offenders being held at Hollesley Bay prison

    1,129 signatures

  50. Total ban on killing and eating of dogs and cats in uk

    1,124 signatures

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