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  1. Allow schools that have become academies to return to Local Authority governance

    3,096 signatures

  2. Take action to tackle gender inequality in pensions.

    3,088 signatures

  3. Convert fossil fuel subsidies into subsidies for renewable energy

    3,047 signatures

  4. Automatic removal of parental responsibility if convicted of a serious crime.

    3,011 signatures

  5. Prohibit building on green belt land if there are empty residential properties.

    2,993 signatures

  6. Ban the incubating and hatching of chicks in school classrooms

    2,971 signatures

  7. Scrap Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for overseas doctors and their families

    2,938 signatures

  8. Stop the DVLA sharing personal data with non govermental organisations.

    2,892 signatures

  9. Publish All Dates For Hunting With Hounds On Forestry Commission Land

    2,845 signatures

  10. Appoint an Ombudsman/Regulator for the Veterinary Profession in the UK.

    2,831 signatures

  11. Brexit article 50 must not be withdrawn

    2,831 signatures

  12. Prevent MPs convicted of criminality from voting during their custodial sentence

    2,780 signatures

  13. Ban the use of commercial sunbeds in the UK.

    2,776 signatures

  14. Review Motorhome Driving Licence for Parkinson’s sufferers and over 70s

    2,769 signatures

  15. Make cctv compulsory in special needs schools and residential care homes.

    2,724 signatures

  16. Introduce evidence based Registered Nurse to patient safe staffing legislation.

    2,698 signatures

  17. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens

    2,676 signatures

  18. Introduce ID cards for all citizens

    2,571 signatures

  19. Review the referral pathway for girls with a query of Autism.

    2,567 signatures

  20. Introduce a Rolling road tax exemption for vehicles over 30 years old.

    2,563 signatures

  21. Honour the BEF's role in France in 1939/1940 with a clasp to the 1939-45 Star.

    2,533 signatures

  22. Remove Autism from the definition of Mental Disorder in the Mental Health Act

    2,525 signatures

  23. Legislate for the creation of an independent regulator for football

    2,463 signatures

  24. Expedite the passage of the Physician Associate (Regulations) Bill 2017-19.

    2,432 signatures

  25. Increased Statuory Maternity/paternity pay for all multiple births

    2,402 signatures

  26. Consent of next of kin or patient for the administering of end of life drugs

    2,361 signatures

  27. Ensure that any Brexit deal cannot permanently tie us to the EU.

    2,357 signatures

  28. Ban the sale of artificial grass as it's a plastic pollutant destroying wildlife

    2,335 signatures

  29. Reduced retirement age for cabin crew and considered as a hazardous Profession

    2,297 signatures

  30. Allow PSV license holders automatic right to class 2 lorry license

    2,291 signatures

  31. Repeal the hunting act

    2,284 signatures

  32. Extend the student council tax exemption to graduation for final year students

    2,266 signatures

  33. Make St George’s day a national holiday in England

    2,250 signatures

  34. Stop dumping of nuclear waste in the ground/off shore off Cymru

    2,198 signatures

  35. Open an urgent enquiry into NHS transgender-related healthcare

    2,196 signatures

  36. Introduce paid leave for Special Guardians

    2,193 signatures

  37. Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products

    2,172 signatures

  38. Free prescriptions for those with Cystic Fibrosis

    2,167 signatures

  39. Restore language support for UK driving test candidates

    2,162 signatures

  40. Scrap the CAA Drone Registration Scheme

    2,155 signatures

  41. Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been living in UK for 10 years

    2,091 signatures

  42. Refuse any new permission to extract oil and gas from the Wessex Basin, Dorset.

    2,081 signatures

  43. Option for farm sanctuary animals to be microchipped instead of wearing ear tags

    2,062 signatures

  44. Fund an A&E facility in Wellingborough

    2,043 signatures

  45. Ban plastic bottled water

    2,041 signatures

  46. Stop Theresa May from bringing back her deal to Parliament for a 4th time.

    2,012 signatures

  47. Allow employees the necessary time off work to donate stem cells or bone marrow

    2,009 signatures

  48. Ensure all 6 Nations games continue to be broadcast live on free to air TV

    1,997 signatures

  49. Provide subsidised childcare costs for UK Armed Forces personnel.

    1,987 signatures

  50. Provide funding to make all railway stations disabled accessible, access to all

    1,949 signatures

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