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  1. Fairer road fund licence rates for motorcycles.

    621 signatures

  2. Make Changing Places mandatory in the large public places listed in BS 8300:2009

    615 signatures

  3. Pay teachers for the the time they spend on placements in schools

    608 signatures

  4. Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services.

    596 signatures

  5. Reduce The Minimum Income Requirement for Spouse Visa

    586 signatures

  6. Create a change to the law on home invasions, to further protect residents.

    585 signatures

  7. Financial support &employment support/protection for women with endometriosis

    579 signatures

  8. Introduce the Housing First policy into the UK so everyone has a home.

    571 signatures

  9. Make breaching Child Arrangement Orders a criminal offence enforceable by police

    569 signatures

  10. Make it a criminal offence to wrongly describe food as gluten free

    569 signatures

  11. Raise the Minimum Wage for under 25s and apprentices

    567 signatures

  12. Provide all student nurses and midwives with additional maintenance loan

    565 signatures

  13. Universal Credit: split payments between adults in each household

    557 signatures

  14. Raise a Brain Aneurysm Awareness campaign

    551 signatures

  15. GPs & other professionals to be given training on pulmonary fibrosis

    548 signatures

  16. PIP assessment for Mental health carried out by a doctor or mental health nurse

    544 signatures

  17. Lower the age restriction on smear tests to allow women under 25 to be eligible.

    540 signatures

  18. The UK must NOT adopt any new EU legislation during the "transition period".

    539 signatures

  19. Reduce the school days to just four days a week.

    538 signatures

  20. Enact a Gaelic Languages Act; equal status for Irish, Scottish Gaelic & Welsh

    537 signatures

  21. Secure the free movement of UK citizens currently resident in EU member states

    535 signatures

  22. Provide funding for specialist services for children with severe obesity

    534 signatures

  23. Require in law that branding/ads must show a variety of real body shapes

    533 signatures

  24. Ensure all button batteries (lithium) sold in UK have a quantum coat

    530 signatures

  25. Legalise cannabis oil for medicinal usage.

    521 signatures

  26. Drop the ban on 22lr target pistols

    507 signatures

  27. Provide adequate parking facilities for HGV Drivers

    504 signatures

  28. Secure the release of Jack Letts who is detained in northern Syria

    504 signatures

  29. Issue an RAF centenary medal to all serving RAF personnel.

    501 signatures

  30. Ban the making and receiving of all phone calls whilst driving.

    500 signatures

  31. Keep the iconic burgundy British passport

    500 signatures

  32. Rebury remains of WW2 Royal Navy sailors dug up by metal scavengers in Indonesia

    497 signatures

  33. Extend VAT exemption for elderly/disabled peoples' domestic help in their homes

    492 signatures

  34. A Public Inquiry into Carillion plc & the awarding of HS2 contracts

    488 signatures

  35. Make NHS England declare by law the value of contracts awarded to private bodies

    482 signatures

  36. Provide a linked network of traffic-free horse riding & carriage driving routes.

    481 signatures

  37. Launch the Sharia-compliant student finance for University fee funding.

    478 signatures

  38. Make cervical scans compulsory for anyone that has received cervical treatment

    477 signatures

  39. Abolish driver cpc, it's not improving driver standards, it's causing a shortage

    471 signatures

  40. Make lymph sparing liposuction for lipedema available on the NHS

    468 signatures

  41. Review the exclusion of alternative milks to dairy using Healthy Start Vouchers

    463 signatures

  42. Allow student nurses to receive the 30 hours funding for childcare

    458 signatures

  43. Amend driving licences to remove the unnecessary title from women's licences.

    458 signatures

  44. Get the transport secretary to review the C2C rail contract.

    457 signatures

  45. Enforce Vets to report Alabama Rot cases/location-fine the Vets if not.

    457 signatures

  46. Adapt the education system: lower student exam anxiety whilst saving NHS funds.

    454 signatures

  47. For All prisons in the Uk to become 'Autism friendly'

    453 signatures

  48. include The Baha'i Faith as part of the Religious Studies Syllabus in Schools.

    453 signatures

  49. Protect Hospitals with exclusion zones preventing protest outside

    450 signatures

  50. Create a Minister for Men that operates separately from the Minister for Women

    447 signatures

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