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  1. Parking on pavements, verges or footpaths to be made an offence in England.

    519 signatures

  2. Provide and fund research into incurable PCOS and HS including the link between

    519 signatures

  3. Grant immunity from prosecution for military, whilst on Govt Duty.

    519 signatures

  4. Impose sanctions on USA for removing children from immigrant parents at borders

    513 signatures

  5. Remove shortage occupation codes and Teaching roles from Tier 2 Visa cap.

    506 signatures

  6. An Opt Out system with the Bone Marrow Register and more awareness in Education.

    505 signatures

  7. Pressure Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not to execute a female civil right activist.

    493 signatures

  8. Introduce reduced flexible working hours for breastfeeding parents

    480 signatures

  9. Cancel Parliament's Summer Recess to sort out the Brexit Deal

    478 signatures

  10. Condemn the actions of the 1970-79 Governments in taking the UK into the EEC

    478 signatures

  11. Conduct an urgent review of the Immigration Acts 2014 and 2016

    477 signatures

  12. Allow EU nationals with permanent residence to participate in a People's Vote

    471 signatures

  13. We call on Goverment to provide an extra £10M a year for Leicestershire Police.

    471 signatures

  14. Pass a law so that food labels must state exactly which ingredients they contain

    469 signatures

  15. Stop animals being used for street entertainment in order to gain money

    466 signatures

  16. Close the financial support gap for students taking a leave of absence

    464 signatures

  17. Fund more bobbies on the streets

    463 signatures

  18. To withdraw the invitation extended to Donald Trump of a state visit to the UK

    458 signatures

  19. Raise awareness of the devastating effects of Coercive Behaviour.

    440 signatures

  20. Issue statement on the draft Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market

    439 signatures

  21. Utilise Reading Prison as a Shelter for the Homeless

    433 signatures

  22. Urge the Chinese government to ban the practice of killing dogs inhumanly

    433 signatures

  23. Extend the 10-year storage limit on egg freezing

    432 signatures

  24. The House of Lords may be in need of reform, but must not be abolished.

    431 signatures

  25. Abolition of the coarse fishing closed season on rivers (16th March-16th June)

    429 signatures

  26. Prevent the MOD removing Cumbria fells from the Commons Register

    426 signatures

  27. Free prescriptions for transplant recipients

    424 signatures

  28. Aesthetic medical treatments to only be performed by Doctors, Nurses & Dentists

    420 signatures

  29. Bringing back a direct train service from London to Grimsby Return.

    418 signatures

  30. Increase the basic salary for NHS Dental Nurses

    416 signatures

  31. Remove forced adoption from Britain

    410 signatures

  32. Secretary of State for Northern Ireland should call a Border Poll on Irish unity

    410 signatures

  33. Make baby CPR compulsory in all antenatal classes within the hospitals

    401 signatures

  34. Change employee benefits/deductions calculation in relation to umbrella company

    397 signatures

  35. Give the state pension to terminally ill people at early age

    396 signatures

  36. Reinstate the old train timetable for Southern, Thameslink and Southeastern rail

    394 signatures

  37. Grant healthstores a business rates dispensation

    393 signatures

  38. Increased funding for the police for dealing with anti-social behaviour.

    390 signatures

  39. To impose stricter laws for the use of horse drawn carts, and roadside tethering

    389 signatures

  40. Safe staffing for pharmacy workers and patients.

    389 signatures

  41. Fund a permanent memorial to soldiers killed in Northern Ireland

    388 signatures

  42. Allow Sativex for Fibromyalgia, CFS & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

    381 signatures

  43. Create an independent enquiry to determine if foreign powers influenced Brexit.

    379 signatures

  44. Create a UK wide waste and recycling system.

    378 signatures

  45. We urge the Government to do more to identify PTSD in Service Veterans

    374 signatures

  46. Create a new offence of Infant Sexual Abuse with appropriate sentences

    374 signatures

  47. Mandatory annual testing of Agricultural Trailers with a capacity of 10 tonnes +

    374 signatures

  48. The Government must publish its own Brexit Impact/Risk Assessments

    371 signatures

  49. Remove the tax relief enjoyed by landlords investing in Buy-to-Let property.

    370 signatures

  50. Make employment businesses that supply electrical workers require a licence.

    363 signatures

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