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  1. Recover the anchor of HMT Empire Windrush ship as a national monument

    877 signatures

  2. Introduce an English version of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015

    867 signatures

  3. Add Mental Health awareness into the school curriculum for children aged 10+.

    863 signatures

  4. Make it compulsory for all social workers to be digitally recorded/monitored

    853 signatures

  5. Petition for Independent Inquiry in Family Court Failings

    839 signatures

  6. Make politicians in any elections declare if they support Leave or Remain.

    820 signatures

  7. Ban the rearing and shooting of game birds for sport.

    815 signatures

  8. Legislate to recognise all native languages of Britain & Ireland as co-official

    799 signatures

  9. Prevent employers changing employment contracts without agreement

    778 signatures

  10. Re-open empty Army Barracks for Homeless Ex Servicemen

    766 signatures

  11. Change the law to ban local councils from using schools as polling stations.

    755 signatures

  12. Set shorter referral times for mental health treatment on the NHS

    751 signatures

  13. Provide 24 hour concessionary travel for disabled people

    749 signatures

  14. Fully fund Highways England's proposed improvements to the M2 junction 5.

    745 signatures

  15. Make disability hate crime a specific criminal offence

    742 signatures

  16. Introduce mandatory awareness sessions for drivers/escorts of autistic people.

    733 signatures

  17. Stop the DVLA charging double road tax for the month in which a vehicle is sold.

    731 signatures

  18. Ban Corded Blinds

    731 signatures

  19. Require Parliament’s agreement to prorogation

    725 signatures

  20. Bring the Wylfa Newydd power station project into public ownership.

    718 signatures

  21. Allow people to grow cannabis for personal use within their own home

    717 signatures

  22. Fund and support an infertility and mental health awareness campaign

    706 signatures

  23. Exempt people born and raised in the UK from deportation/revocation of leave

    698 signatures

  24. Ban plastic bags

    694 signatures

  25. Provide more funding for support services for mental health in Thanet

    692 signatures

  26. Fund the art form of comic books to the same level that opera is supported.

    688 signatures

  27. Vote on England & Wales to Leave the UK & EU. Scotland & NI to Remain in both.

    688 signatures

  28. Act on the climate emergency: analyse GDP investment for net zero by 2030 & 2040

    686 signatures

  29. Sex offenders need to have parental rights taken away from them

    682 signatures

  30. Introduce a debt payoff service scheme for new NHS Nurses

    676 signatures

  31. Fund research to cure Lichen Sclerosus in the UK

    672 signatures

  32. Regulate Shift lengths and minimum rest periods for Emergency Service Workers.

    671 signatures

  33. Reverse 2016, 5 year increase in qualifying years needed for new state pension.

    671 signatures

  34. For ALL Hospitals to allow families to stay together overnight after births

    647 signatures

  35. Seek a meaningful delay to Brexit and allow the public a final say.

    631 signatures

  36. Change the law to ensure trusts benefit the people they were intended to

    630 signatures

  37. Fit all schools with solar panels within the next five years.

    625 signatures

  38. Put tariffs on EU trade after brexit

    625 signatures

  39. To offer screening & preventative treatment for babies with flat head syndrome

    625 signatures

  40. Introduce new-born screening for Adrenoleukodystrophy in hospitals across the UK

    622 signatures

  41. Extend the HM Forces Railcard scheme to include all UK Veterans

    621 signatures

  42. Increase vaccine injury compensation and improve the identification of injuries.

    621 signatures

  43. Update the treason laws to deal with British terrorists

    621 signatures

  44. Reject the Milton Keynes Housing Infrastructure Fund bid for forward funding

    617 signatures

  45. Get the 'Duty to Rescue Law' introduced into UK Law.

    613 signatures

  46. Allow electric assisted devices like hoverboards, E-skateboards and E-Scooters

    612 signatures

  47. Close the UK Military base in Brunei and withdraw all UK personnel.

    610 signatures

  48. Ban knife sales online

    607 signatures

  49. Review IVF Treatment in NHS England and Wales for Same Sex Male couples.

    606 signatures

  50. Remove parliamentary privilege

    600 signatures

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