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  1. Enact a Gaelic Languages Act; equal status for Irish, Scottish Gaelic & Welsh

    687 signatures

  2. Supervise people's mental health issues when they are prescribed dangerous drugs

    683 signatures

  3. Financial support &employment support/protection for women with endometriosis

    675 signatures

  4. Make it compulsory for domesticated cats and dogs to be spayed/neutered.

    665 signatures

  5. To fund free bus travel for all ESA, JSA and Universal Credit claimants

    658 signatures

  6. Ban the use and production of micro-plastic glitter!

    654 signatures

  7. The UK must NOT adopt any new EU legislation during the "transition period".

    651 signatures

  8. Stop Network Rail's programme to fell millions of trees

    646 signatures

  9. Amend the law so Chartered Legal Executives can certify Powers of Attorney

    645 signatures

  10. Create a change to the law on home invasions, to further protect residents.

    641 signatures

  11. Start the Gender Reform Act reformation process

    639 signatures

  12. Set up a public inquiry into Greater Manchester Police.

    634 signatures

  13. Make it a fineable offence to cross tidal roads outside of safe crossing times.

    625 signatures

  14. change the law for people who commit animal cruelty to be sentenced up to 5yrs

    623 signatures

  15. Change the law on smashing a car window to release a dog from a hot car.

    621 signatures

  16. Make breaching Child Arrangement Orders a criminal offence enforceable by police

    620 signatures

  17. Fund the dualling of the A120 from Hare Green to Harwich

    612 signatures

  18. Introduce state registry system for medical cannabis cards in the UK

    607 signatures

  19. Ban low letterboxes in UK on new build

    600 signatures

  20. Condemn the Faroe Islands for allowing the slaughter of endangered Cetaceans.

    597 signatures

  21. UK to refer Sri Lanka to ICC in March 2019

    587 signatures

  22. Ban the shooting of Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse for sport.

    587 signatures

  23. Call for James Brokenshire to revoke planning permission to mine in Pont Valley

    583 signatures

  24. Increase funding for the Royal Army Chaplains' Department.

    581 signatures

  25. Appoint a select committee to examine the cost of medication supplied to the NHS

    569 signatures

  26. Reduce the school days to just four days a week.

    568 signatures

  27. GPs & other professionals to be given training on pulmonary fibrosis

    559 signatures

  28. Allow Bashir Ahmadzai to stay in the UK indefinitely.

    556 signatures

  29. Make Alcoholic Drinks Carry A Health Warning.

    555 signatures

  30. Lower the maximum temperature allowed when transporting livestock after Brexit

    551 signatures

  31. Make it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet.

    547 signatures

  32. Bring Oliver Robbins before the European Scrutiny Committee.

    545 signatures

  33. Introduce Emergency Visitor Visa for families of citizens with critical illness

    544 signatures

  34. Remove the requirement to pay VAT by churches, specifically on building works.

    543 signatures

  35. Vehicle theory test to include section on motorcycle awareness on the road

    538 signatures

  36. make it a criminal offence for a parent to deny contact after a court order

    537 signatures

  37. Ban the making and receiving of all phone calls whilst driving.

    534 signatures

  38. End the 'hostile environment' for immigration & revoke the 2014 immigration act

    530 signatures

  39. Ban the use of face coverings at protests and counter protests.

    528 signatures

  40. Bring in and legalise hand signals for riders to ask drivers to slow and stop

    526 signatures

  41. Create Constituents' Charter & Independent Ombudsman re: Complaints About MPs

    525 signatures

  42. House of Lords party appointments would be tied to General Election results.

    523 signatures

  43. Change the colour of becons to red when stationery for recovery vehicles

    520 signatures

  44. Give all UK residents the right to vote in local government elections

    510 signatures

  45. Impose sanctions on USA for removing children from immigrant parents at borders

    508 signatures

  46. Grant immunity from prosecution for military, whilst on Govt Duty.

    507 signatures

  47. Remove shortage occupation codes and Teaching roles from Tier 2 Visa cap.

    505 signatures

  48. Create an independent body that holds the PHSO to account

    495 signatures

  49. Introduce statutory LGBT+ element for Initial Teacher & School Governor Training

    494 signatures

  50. Review the exclusion of alternative milks to dairy using Healthy Start Vouchers

    484 signatures

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