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  1. Introduce reduced flexible working hours for breastfeeding parents

    485 signatures

  2. Award a campaign medal to those who fought in France & Norway between 1939-40.

    485 signatures

  3. Open Family Courts up to public scrutiny

    482 signatures

  4. Establish a national day commemorating the significance of 15th August 1945.

    469 signatures

  5. Make employment businesses that supply electrical workers require a licence.

    469 signatures

  6. Ban plastic fishing nets as they make 46% of the plastic waste in the ocean.

    459 signatures

  7. Allow Trevor Rene' A Veteran Soldier Who Served In British Army to stay in UK

    450 signatures

  8. Free prescriptions for transplant recipients

    445 signatures

  9. Make British Sign Language a GCSE option in UK Secondary Schools.

    442 signatures

  10. People found with a knife to get 10 years and using a knife 25 years in prison.

    438 signatures

  11. Fund Research to Prevent and Treat Asherman's Syndrome.

    436 signatures

  12. Make retailers that sell drinks sell at least 30% of them in non plastic.

    435 signatures

  13. Make baby CPR compulsory in all antenatal classes within the hospitals

    435 signatures

  14. Require airlines to carry small pets in aircraft cabin on flights to the UK

    433 signatures

  15. Pay all government in-house & outsourced staff the real living wage

    430 signatures

  16. Make Keeping Dogs & Domestic Animals on Allotments Sites a Criminal Offence.

    422 signatures

  17. Establish a dedicated Select Committee on Climate Change.

    421 signatures

  18. Give the state pension to terminally ill people at early age

    421 signatures

  19. Longer sentences for dangerous driving!

    409 signatures

  20. Legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use.

    407 signatures

  21. Grant healthstores a business rates dispensation

    407 signatures

  22. To impose stricter laws for the use of horse drawn carts, and roadside tethering

    407 signatures

  23. Immediately amend the future carbon budget targets

    398 signatures

  24. Enable an Emotional Support Animal to be recognised as an Assistance Dog.

    395 signatures

  25. Reinstate Pension/Income Letters at Bangkok British Embassy

    394 signatures

  26. NOT to ban the sale of fireworks to the public

    389 signatures

  27. Make it illegal to use parent-child spaces if you do not have a child with you

    389 signatures

  28. Introduce sanctions for Whaling nations if the hunting of Whales does not cease.

    386 signatures

  29. Impose trade sanctions on Japan in response to decision to leave IWC agreement.

    384 signatures

  30. Make it compulsory to learn how to pass equines safely,&include the highway code

    384 signatures

  31. The Government must publish its own Brexit Impact/Risk Assessments

    384 signatures

  32. Provide funding to Staffordshire County Council to reduce a £35 million deficit

    376 signatures

  33. Mental Health assessment and treatment, waiting times, published by October 2018

    372 signatures

  34. Increase the cycle to work scheme limit from £1000 to £2000.

    370 signatures

  35. Increase use of restorative justice for adult offenders

    366 signatures

  36. Set up a Select Committee for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

    358 signatures

  37. To make all schools and nursery’s nut free environments

    358 signatures

  38. Introduce legal standards for reporting tools on social media

    351 signatures

  39. Pass a law to prevent landlords refusing people to have pets.

    350 signatures

  40. Make it a legal requirement for all schools to be accessible to disabilities

    349 signatures

  41. Keep Pet Passports Valid post Brexit

    347 signatures

  42. Freeze rail fares across British service providers in January 2019

    346 signatures

  43. DEFRA support Farmers Transitioning to Arable Farming

    346 signatures

  44. Protect the welfare of small animals by banning their sale from retail outlets

    341 signatures

  45. Make the denial of genocide in Srebrenica illegal and subject to prosecution

    338 signatures

  46. Don't charge food businesses 20% VAT on turnover

    337 signatures

  47. Take immediate action to reduce emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030.

    336 signatures

  48. Avoid no deal Brexit

    333 signatures

  49. Make it a criminal offence in the UK not to report discovering a death

    332 signatures

  50. Make it a legal requirement to vaccinate your children

    322 signatures

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