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  1. Require any driver with points on their licence to have Black Box Car Insurance

    660 signatures

  2. 'Method of Slaughter' to be displayed on fresh/frozen meat and poultry.

    658 signatures

  3. Financial support &employment support/protection for women with endometriosis

    653 signatures

  4. Extend to UK citizens the family rights guaranteed for EU citizens in the UK.

    642 signatures

  5. Bring carers allowance into line with jobseekers allowance.

    636 signatures

  6. Limit the number of breeding bitches a breeder can be licensed for to 20.

    630 signatures

  7. Create a change to the law on home invasions, to further protect residents.

    627 signatures

  8. Start the Gender Reform Act reformation process

    622 signatures

  9. Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services.

    622 signatures

  10. Extend gender pay gap reporting rules to cover ethnicity pay gap

    612 signatures

  11. Make substance testing facilities mandatory at music festivals

    605 signatures

  12. Support the curry industry by reviewing immigration policy

    602 signatures

  13. The UK must NOT adopt any new EU legislation during the "transition period".

    599 signatures

  14. Annul the 2016 EU referendum result due to the overspend by Leave.EU.

    597 signatures

  15. Raise a Brain Aneurysm Awareness campaign

    597 signatures

  16. Stop the pothole pandemic ravaging communities through out the UK.

    594 signatures

  17. Introduce the Housing First policy into the UK so everyone has a home.

    592 signatures

  18. Decriminalise, legalise and regulate cannabis for medicinal and recreational use

    587 signatures

  19. Make breaching Child Arrangement Orders a criminal offence enforceable by police

    586 signatures

  20. Supervise people's mental health issues when they are prescribed dangerous drugs

    581 signatures

  21. Make it a fineable offence to cross tidal roads outside of safe crossing times.

    577 signatures

  22. Enact a Gaelic Languages Act; equal status for Irish, Scottish Gaelic & Welsh

    577 signatures

  23. The Government should publish all its analysis on the economic impact of Brexit

    576 signatures

  24. Make it compulsory for all new homes in England and Wales to have solar panels

    575 signatures

  25. Make it a criminal offence to wrongly describe food as gluten free

    574 signatures

  26. Call for James Brokenshire to revoke planning permission to mine in Pont Valley

    573 signatures

  27. Stop Network Rail's programme to fell millions of trees

    573 signatures

  28. Provide a linked network of traffic-free horse riding & carriage driving routes.

    571 signatures

  29. PIP assessment for Mental health carried out by a doctor or mental health nurse

    571 signatures

  30. We urge the UK Government to recognise the State of Palestine.

    566 signatures

  31. Ensure all button batteries (lithium) sold in UK have a quantum coat

    558 signatures

  32. GPs & other professionals to be given training on pulmonary fibrosis

    557 signatures

  33. Reduce the school days to just four days a week.

    555 signatures

  34. Launch the Sharia-compliant student finance for University fee funding.

    548 signatures

  35. A Public Inquiry into Carillion plc & the awarding of HS2 contracts

    532 signatures

  36. Reconsider the Sugar Tax

    525 signatures

  37. Bring in and legalise hand signals for riders to ask drivers to slow and stop

    524 signatures

  38. change the law for people who commit animal cruelty to be sentenced up to 5yrs

    522 signatures

  39. Ban the making and receiving of all phone calls whilst driving.

    522 signatures

  40. End the 'hostile environment' for immigration & revoke the 2014 immigration act

    516 signatures

  41. Rebury remains of WW2 Royal Navy sailors dug up by metal scavengers in Indonesia

    513 signatures

  42. House of Lords party appointments would be tied to General Election results.

    512 signatures

  43. Keep the iconic burgundy British passport

    512 signatures

  44. Fund PTSD recovery centres for ex-armed forces and emergency services personnel

    511 signatures

  45. Abolish all subsidies for shotgun and firearms licences

    508 signatures

  46. Make Alcoholic Drinks Carry A Health Warning.

    505 signatures

  47. Make it a criminal offence for anyone to cover their face in public places

    504 signatures

  48. anybody caught carrying a knife/gun serve a mandatory life with 10 year minimum

    502 signatures

  49. Create a Minister for Men that operates separately from the Minister for Women

    498 signatures

  50. Make NHS England declare by law the value of contracts awarded to private bodies

    491 signatures

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