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  1. Ensure all 6 Nations games continue to be broadcast live on free to air TV

    826 signatures

  2. Impose trade sanctions on Japan in response to decision to leave IWC agreement.

    808 signatures

  3. To ban to use of deep confinement booths in schools.

    771 signatures

  4. Government to adopt a single comprehensive measure of poverty as standard

    768 signatures

  5. Add Mental Health awareness into the school curriculum for children aged 10+.

    740 signatures

  6. Make it compulsory for cat owners to spay/Neuter their cats.

    737 signatures

  7. UK Government to ban the import of shark fins into the UK.

    734 signatures

  8. Legislate to recognise all native languages of Britain & Ireland as co-official

    731 signatures

  9. Introduce mandatory awareness sessions for drivers/escorts of autistic people.

    725 signatures

  10. Provide 24 hour concessionary travel for disabled people

    723 signatures

  11. Re-open empty Army Barracks for Homeless Ex Servicemen

    718 signatures

  12. Change the law to ban local councils from using schools as polling stations.

    714 signatures

  13. Bring the Wylfa Newydd power station project into public ownership.

    708 signatures

  14. Amend the Road Traffic Act to recognise unborn babies killed post 24 weeks old

    690 signatures

  15. Set shorter referral times for mental health treatment on the NHS

    690 signatures

  16. Fund the art form of comic books to the same level that opera is supported.

    681 signatures

  17. Make youths in further education eligible for a free bus pass

    677 signatures

  18. Stop the rebuilding of the Edmonton incinerator

    676 signatures

  19. Exempt people born and raised in the UK from deportation/revocation of leave

    676 signatures

  20. Vote on England & Wales to Leave the UK & EU. Scotland & NI to Remain in both.

    654 signatures

  21. Reverse 2016, 5 year increase in qualifying years needed for new state pension.

    648 signatures

  22. Sex offenders need to have parental rights taken away from them

    645 signatures

  23. Keep Pet Passports Valid post Brexit

    641 signatures

  24. Make politicians in any elections declare if they support Leave or Remain.

    631 signatures

  25. stop all eu low skilled migrants from entering the uk after we leave the eu

    626 signatures

  26. Change the law to ensure trusts benefit the people they were intended to

    623 signatures

  27. To offer screening & preventative treatment for babies with flat head syndrome

    616 signatures

  28. Put tariffs on EU trade after brexit

    615 signatures

  29. Introduce an English version of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015

    610 signatures

  30. Close the UK Military base in Brunei and withdraw all UK personnel.

    603 signatures

  31. Seek a meaningful delay to Brexit and allow the public a final say.

    603 signatures

  32. Update the treason laws to deal with British terrorists

    599 signatures

  33. Give Mandatory Custodial Sentences for anyone desecrating a War Memorial

    590 signatures

  34. Fund mental health recovery scheme interventions for traumatised under 16s

    589 signatures

  35. STOP Emergency Services Suicides. Provide dedicated care.

    589 signatures

  36. Make it law that gluten free food in restaurants is not contaminated by gluten.

    589 signatures

  37. Remove parliamentary privilege

    588 signatures

  38. Make the wearing of a helmet compulsory for cyclists in public areas.

    587 signatures

  39. Require all manufacturers to identify plastics used, to aid with recycling.

    586 signatures

  40. Increase funding for tinnitus research to guide the way for a cure

    586 signatures

  41. Stop rebrand of National Citizen Service and give the savings to youth services

    581 signatures

  42. Ban knife sales online

    581 signatures

  43. Carers must be included in the key worker scheme

    578 signatures

  44. Debate the impact of lack of qualified communication support for all D/deaf ppl

    577 signatures

  45. Increase funding to Staffordshire Police to protect villages from car crime.

    576 signatures

  46. Increased Statuory Maternity/paternity pay for all multiple births

    574 signatures

  47. Regulate Shift lengths and minimum rest periods for Emergency Service Workers.

    569 signatures

  48. Reject the Milton Keynes Housing Infrastructure Fund bid for forward funding

    567 signatures

  49. Review IVF Treatment in NHS England and Wales for Same Sex Male couples.

    565 signatures

  50. Ban the sale & use of all pesticides and insecticides by 2025

    555 signatures

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