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  1. Include abortion rights in the Bill of Rights

    167,690 signatures

  2. Ryan's Law: Widen definition of 'death by dangerous driving'

    167,461 signatures

  3. Make suicide prevention a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

    160,688 signatures

  4. Cancel GCSE and A-levels in 2021 replace with Course Work and Teacher Assessment

    157,810 signatures

  5. Fund 30 hours free childcare from age 1 for families where both parents work

    157,591 signatures

  6. Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum

    156,086 signatures

  7. Legalise assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults

    155,803 signatures

  8. Stop work on HS2 immediately and hold a new vote to repeal the legislation

    155,253 signatures

  9. Government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19

    154,815 signatures

  10. Remain neutral in Israel-Palestine conflict and withdraw support for Israel

    151,550 signatures

  11. Extend the Stamp Duty Holiday for an additional 6 months after 31st March 2021

    151,127 signatures

  12. Keep schools closed until May

    149,470 signatures

  13. Ensure Trans people are fully protected under any conversion therapy ban

    149,167 signatures

  14. Review the decision to use previous data to calculate exam grades

    148,885 signatures

  15. Reduce curriculum content for year 10 & 12 students who will sit exams in 2021.

    148,388 signatures

  16. Require schools to make Friday a part of the school weekend

    148,136 signatures

  17. FIONA'S LAW - Women should be allowed a yearly Cervical screening

    146,637 signatures

  18. Give all key workers a 100% tax and Nat. Ins. holiday through COVID-19 crisis

    146,351 signatures

  19. Impose sanctions on China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims

    146,345 signatures

  20. Let Us Dance - Support nightclubs, dance music events and festivals

    146,188 signatures

  21. Allow teacher predicted grades for BTEC students

    145,336 signatures

  22. Trigger Article 16. We want unfettered GB-NI Trade.

    144,632 signatures

  23. Make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences.

    143,638 signatures

  24. Introduce an Independent Regulator for Football in England by December 2021

    142,931 signatures

  25. Award all Nursing Staff in the NHS a pay rise of 10% backdated to 1 April 2020

    141,772 signatures

  26. Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity in the UK

    140,768 signatures

  27. Commit to not amending the Equality Act's definition of sex

    138,886 signatures

  28. Renationalise the NHS, scrap integrated care systems, and end PFI contracts

    137,708 signatures

  29. Reform the Gender Recognition Act.

    137,271 signatures

  30. Require universities to reimburse students' tuition fees during strike action

    136,749 signatures

  31. Allow gyms and leisure centres to reopen

    136,163 signatures

  32. Provide financial help to zoos, aquariums, & rescue centres during the pandemic.

    135,481 signatures

  33. Don’t criminalise trespass

    134,933 signatures

  34. Remove Pakistan from red list for travel

    134,665 signatures

  35. Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence

    133,008 signatures

  36. Allow golf to be played with appropriate safety measures

    132,728 signatures

  37. Release the Home Office's Grooming Gang Review in full

    131,626 signatures

  38. UK Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

    131,239 signatures

  39. Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

    130,567 signatures

  40. Automatically suspend PR rights of parent guilty of murdering the other parent.

    130,179 signatures

  41. Allow Zoos and Wildlife attractions to reopen with social distancing in place

    129,292 signatures

  42. Ban the exploitative import of young puppies for sale in the UK.

    128,552 signatures

  43. Create statutory legal duty of care for students in Higher Education

    128,292 signatures

  44. Exempt dogs assessed by experts as safe from breed specific legislation

    127,508 signatures

  45. Encourage lenders, landlords and utilities to freeze payments during lockdown

    126,934 signatures

  46. Hold a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19

    126,876 signatures

  47. Take action to stop illegal immigration and rapidly remove illegal immigrants

    126,439 signatures

  48. Implement a two week school lockdown before 24 December to save Christmas

    125,227 signatures

  49. Close all universities down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID-19

    123,903 signatures

  50. Vets to scan prior to euthanasia for Rescue Back up and confirm keeper details

    121,170 signatures

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