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  1. Rescind Donald Trump's state visit invitation.

    1,458 signatures

  2. Ban the sale of live small animals in pet shops and garden centres in the UK

    1,422 signatures

  3. That Parliament should not agree to the UK being part of an EU defence force.

    1,420 signatures

  4. Make General Practice recognised as a specialism in the UK

    1,396 signatures

  5. Stop The Genocide In Myanmar - UK Government Please Help!

    1,389 signatures

  6. Proscribe Britain First

    1,374 signatures

  7. Change law and tax rules to ensure equal pay for equal work for agency workers

    1,367 signatures

  8. Mandate that patients are told if their NHS referral is to a private provider.

    1,344 signatures

  9. Build a new A&E Hospital CENTRAL to St Albans, Watford and Dacorum.

    1,297 signatures

  10. Change the law so that rape can be classed as a terrorist offence

    1,295 signatures

  11. Debate: The EU referendum is now invalid due to demographic changes over time.

    1,245 signatures

  12. Reduce student loan interest to an affordable 1% over base rate.

    1,231 signatures

  13. The MCA must send launch request to RNLI when fishing boats are reported overdue

    1,209 signatures

  14. Negotiate with the EU the possibility of direct EU citizenship for UK nationals

    1,185 signatures

  15. Make the maximum wait for CAMHS assesments no more than 6 months.

    1,169 signatures

  16. Make the teaching of Sexual consent compulsory In schools

    1,148 signatures

  17. Put Stonehenge into special measures Remove Stonehenge from EH Management

    1,139 signatures

  18. Raise Statutory Sick Pay for Cancer suffers to minimal wage& extend to 52 weeks.

    1,136 signatures

  19. Ban the sale of White poppies alongside the British Legion red poppy campaign.

    1,134 signatures

  20. Introduce interim “pub cap” and a full review of the business rate system

    1,123 signatures

  21. Regulate land management companies: cap charges and increase transparency

    1,100 signatures

  22. Allow parents to legally withdraw their child from SATs (NC tests).

    1,093 signatures

  23. Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) Scheme for Housing Associations - Update Needed

    1,091 signatures

  24. Stop The Closure Of Darlington A&E

    1,089 signatures

  25. End the Help to Buy scheme and instead direct this funding into social housing

    1,088 signatures

  26. Change the law to get justice for unborn babies killed in the womb during RTA's

    1,050 signatures

  27. Repeal the April 2017 changes to Bereavement Support

    1,046 signatures

  28. Full labelling on ALL goods regarding animal ingredients or use in production

    1,042 signatures

  29. Allow Scotland to host a second referendum for Scottish Independence.

    1,027 signatures

  30. End the United Kingdom's trading of weapons to Saudi Arabia

    1,013 signatures

  31. Universal Credit applicants to receive adequate payments throughout assessment.

    1,001 signatures

  32. Insist all supermarkets sell plastic free alternatives for all products sold

    994 signatures

  33. Amend PIP rules so that mentally disabled adults can get a Blue Parking Badge.

    993 signatures

  34. Reject HS2 Phase 2a proposed scheme to save Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

    992 signatures

  35. Use Foreign Aid budget for the NHS, Adult Social care and the elderly.

    990 signatures

  36. Pressure Donald Trump to not move the US embassy for Israel to Jerusalem.

    988 signatures

  37. Impose a mandatory life sentence for acid attacks

    976 signatures

  38. Cyclists must take a road test, be Licensed and Insured to be on the road.

    975 signatures

  39. Protect vulnerable debtors in enforceable Taking Control of Goods ​Regulations

    970 signatures

  40. Allow carers to study more than 21 hours a week and claim Carers Allowance

    964 signatures

  41. Remove rip-off compound interest from student loans

    961 signatures

  42. Having knocked over a cat, the driver must legally stop to help/trace the owner

    946 signatures

  43. Change CICA policy that states children age 12+ can “consent in fact” to sex

    922 signatures

  44. Introduce an unconditional, Universal Basic Income

    922 signatures

  45. Repeal the 1939 Cancer Act so that doctors can offer alternatives to chemo

    906 signatures

  46. I want our country to increase our defence budget to 5% GDP to protect us better

    899 signatures

  47. To have a second referendum on Brexit once a final agreement with the EU agreed.

    897 signatures

  48. Ban non biodegradable plastic in food/drink packaging. Switch to hemp plastic.

    892 signatures

  49. Lift the ban on hand guns and allow everyone to own any firearm.

    883 signatures

  50. We ask the Government to commit to the UK's continued participation in Erasmus

    873 signatures

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