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  1. Place stoma signs on disabled toilets and add stoma changing facilities within.

    10,508 signatures, now closed

  2. Increase the sentence for failure to stop after a fatal road traffic collision

    10,495 signatures, now closed

  3. Give all British citizens living abroad the right to vote and dedicated MPs

    10,314 signatures, now closed

  4. Repeal the 1939 Cancer Act so that doctors can offer alternatives to chemo

    10,267 signatures, now closed

  5. UK Government to implement the Bercow: Ten Years On recommendations

    10,086 signatures

  6. Ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16s

    9,903 signatures

  7. The government must act to defend Jobs & Skills at Bombardier, Northern Ireland

    9,723 signatures, now closed

  8. UK Government to ban the sale of electronic training aids for dogs.

    9,525 signatures

  9. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and have only licensed displays.

    9,326 signatures, now closed

  10. To launch a public inquiry into the failings in the Poppi Worthington case

    9,167 signatures

  11. Bring in laws to protect horses being ridden on roads

    8,988 signatures

  12. PublicHoliday on Hindus special two religious occasions in a year:Diwali&Dussera

    8,981 signatures

  13. Don't give extremists homes, jobs and counselling

    8,824 signatures, now closed

  14. Fund a clinical audit of ovarian cancer to urgently improve survival rates

    8,801 signatures

  15. Replace small plastic bags for loose food products with brown paper ones

    8,670 signatures

  16. Require meat to be marked according to its slaughter method

    8,668 signatures, now closed

  17. Stop plans to cut Victoria trains from the Bexleyheath line

    8,381 signatures, now closed

  18. Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership

    8,189 signatures, now closed

  19. Ban British citizens from serving in the Israeli military

    7,988 signatures

  20. Strip all convicted terrorists with dual nationality of British Citizenship.

    7,904 signatures, now closed

  21. Protect UK Citizens' existing Freedom of Movement rights in Brexit negotiations

    7,833 signatures, now closed

  22. Reintroduce Oxford weighting tax.

    7,751 signatures

  23. Make Makaton a compulsory part of Early Years and Primary Education in the UK.

    7,739 signatures

  24. The UK should terminate the EU talks forthwith by withdrawing the Art 50 notice.

    7,645 signatures, now closed

  25. To impose an immediate two-way arms embargo between the UK and Israel

    7,429 signatures

  26. Save Otmoor from the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway

    7,387 signatures

  27. Cancel South Western Railway’s contract & to investigate their mismanagement.

    7,337 signatures, now closed

  28. Provide a website allowing schools to advertise staff vacancies for free.

    7,304 signatures

  29. Reverse the changes to allow for Textiles & Technology to be stand alone GCSEs.

    7,270 signatures

  30. Stop Classic modified vehicles losing their original registration number

    7,138 signatures, now closed

  31. Introduce photo ID cards in order to vote in all Elections.

    7,063 signatures

  32. Stop the removal/reduction of enhanced and unsociable hours pay to NHS staff

    6,894 signatures, now closed

  33. Award a medal to British personnel involved in any nuclear testing program

    6,828 signatures

  34. School staff are worth 5%, children deserve properly funded schools

    6,795 signatures, now closed

  35. Ban George Soros from the United Kingdom.

    6,741 signatures

  36. British citizens should be able to appeal the refusal of a family 'visit visa'

    6,730 signatures, now closed

  37. Ban the sale of products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil in the UK

    6,685 signatures

  38. Halt the UK badger culls and provide key data on previous culls.

    6,405 signatures

  39. Reform the rules on filibustering - talking excessively to force a bill out

    6,209 signatures, now closed

  40. Introduce rules requiring coroners to respect Jewish and Muslim religious laws

    6,064 signatures

  41. Change the law on Cross Border Hire of taxis and private hire vehicles.

    5,961 signatures

  42. Change business rates for child care providers and make them zero VAT rated.

    5,853 signatures, now closed

  43. Re introduce the MenC vaccine for babies aged 12 weeks of age.

    5,850 signatures, now closed

  44. Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence

    5,705 signatures

  45. Debate in Parliament the lack of an effective policy for the treatment of M.E.

    5,705 signatures, now closed

  46. Stop unfair ILR cancellation for ECAA Agreement.

    5,588 signatures

  47. Exempt Commonwealth soldiers and veterans from paying fees for naturalization

    5,541 signatures

  48. Fairer Funding for Surrey's Roads

    5,343 signatures

  49. Cancel the smart meter roll-out

    5,312 signatures, now closed

  50. Consultants or GPs to do PIP, DLA and ESA assessments for people with IBD

    5,311 signatures

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